When will the Coronavirus end?

Graphic 1 shows the daily number of reported cases of Covid-19 in Australia until late July, with an overlay showing the period during which Saturn was in Aquarius (using the tropical zodiac).

Graphic 2 relates to the US and is taken from covidtracking.com/data/charts/us-all-key-metrics which has accumulated data up to July 25, 2020.

Graphic 3 relates to world figues and is taken from nytimes.com/interactive/2020/world/coronavirus-maps.html

Coronavirus Australia

Graphic 1: Coronavirus Australia

For each graphic the 3-month period during which Saturn was in Aquarius, using the tropical zodiac, is shown enclosed by the dotted vertical lines. The exact dates are March 23 until July 3, and for the purposes of this article are rounded out to the months April May and June 2020.

coronavirus USA

Graphic 2: Coronavirus USA









coronavirus world

Graphic 3: Coronavirus world

During the period during which Saturn was in Aquarius there is a correlation with the number of reported cases in Australia and the US, and the number of Currently Hospitalized in the US. This correlation is present but less convincing in the graph showing Daily Deaths in the US. Drilling down the data on the covidtracking.com/data/charts/ site shows variations for different regions in the US.

In the 3rd graph, which relates to world figures, the new reported cases is less convincing but does show a slight leveling of the upward trend during the Saturn in Aquarius period. However the new reported deaths graph shows a significant downswing during the Saturn in Aquarius period.


I should emphasise that statistics are always tricky and can easily be interpreted according to the author’s bias. However I am reasonably confident that this small amount of research provides some confirmation of the hypothesized correlation between the period during which Saturn was in Aquarius and a reduction in the incidence of coronavirus cases.

The economy

Since December 2019 Jupiter has been in Capricorn, the sign of its fall. In Capricorn the lofty ideals and expectations typically associated with Jupiter are parred right back to mundane economic and pragmatic considerations. Jupiter’s association with prosperity is reduced to economic malaise.
Also during 2020 Jupiter aligns with Pluto on 3 occasions. Previous alignments have correlated with stock market crashes and economic recession or depression. During 2020 economic difficulties, due to coronavirus restrictions, have made headlines around the world.

The future

If this correlation with Saturn in Aquarius and a reduction of the coronavirus cases holds true in the future we would expect to see a noticeable drop in the incidence of reported coronavirus cases beginning in mid-December 2020 when Saturn moves back into the tropical zodiac sign of Aquarius; and hopefully the elimination of the virus in 2021.

The economy in 2021

In December 2020 Jupiter moves into Aquarius, away from the sign of its fall where it is associated with economic malaise. Although this might suggest some reason for optimism on the other side of the ledger Saturn makes a series of square aspects to Uranus in 2021. Square aspects are associated with tension and stress. Saturn represents the established system and Uranus is the planet of disruption, instability, and volatility. Major disruptions to established industry and revolutionary new developments are likely to bring a world of pain to some players and extraordinary opportunities to others. Space travel and associated industries are likely to play an important role, as the influence of automation and artificial intelligence.

A new era

The December conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius heralds a new era, and has previously been associated with important shifts in civilisations and the rise and fall of empires. The previous conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, 615 years ago in 1405, coincided with the Ming government of China launching a serires of naval expeditions to establish a Chinese presence, impose imperial control over trade, and impress foreign peoples in the Indian Ocean basin. Again we are witnessing a rise in China’s ambitions. The early 1400’s also coincided with the beginning Europe’s great naval expeditions and the discoveries of the new world.


This brief article is only intended as an introduction to the hypothesis a of correlation between the reduced incidence of the coronavirus and Saturn’s stay in Aquarius. Other authors may develop the hypothesis further or even disprove it. As more accurate statistics come to light we will all be better informed.





Australia and the June 2020 Solstice Eclipse

Before I look at the June 21 2020 eclipse for Australia it is worthwhile checking the Aries Ingress Horoscope for Australia, set for the capital Canberra.

Australia Aries ingress 2020Aries ingress for Australia

The Sun is placed in the ninth house of international relations and rules the second house of finances. When viewed against the background context of Australia’s position vis à vis the emerging tensions between USA and China, the Sun’s ninth house focus makes sense.

The Moon

The Moon represents the people and the general flow of events. It is positioned on the cusp of the eighth and squares Venus, the planet which rules the fourth house of mining and general produce, and also the eleventh house of allies. Australia is in a fix, caught between loyalty to old allies and the need to sell its iron ore and other goods to China.

Trading partners

The  seventh house of trading partners contains 4 malefics: Mars, Jupiter in detriment, Pluto and Saturn. Our adversaries and trading partners are ruled by Saturn in its own sign, and are therefore very powerful. Compare this to the Ascendant ruler, which represents Australia. This is the Moon in Aquarius conjunct the eighth cusp which is associated with the assets of our adversaries and trading partners. We are beholden to our trading partners and adversaries. We are in ‘their pocket’.

200621 solar eclipse AustraliaJune 21 Annular Solar Eclipse

The June 21 2020 Annular Solar Eclipse horoscope for Australia falls in the  seventh house of trading partners and adversaries, repeating the general theme of the Aries Ingress Horoscope. Again we see Australia in a weak position, represented by the first house ruler Jupiter in the second house of finances in the sign of its fall and retrograde.

The eclipse Moon rules the eighth of death and loss and there is an obvious association with the Covid-19 pandemic and a possible second wave. It is the Moon which eclipses the Sun and therefore is very powerful.

Australia FederationAustralia’s Horoscope

There are a number of horoscopes for Australia. The one I prefer is when the federation was officially celebrated on the 1st January 1901 at a banquet held at the Melbourne Exhibition Building at midnight.

The Midheaven for this horoscope is only 4 degrees off the eclipse point at 4 Cancer. This is only 2 degrees off the rising degree of the Aries Ingess horoscope and 4 degrees from the eclipse point at 0 Cancer. The Midheaven represents the government and its leader. An eclipse generally represents a crisis, or some unexpected event or revelation which brings a sudden change of focus.

Eclipse duration and events

The duration of this annular solar eclipse is comparatively long: about 6 hours. Some say that every hour equals one month in terms of associated events. However I think we can event to see correlations within a month of the eclipse. Already Australia’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has been seeking new trading opportunities with India as a counter-balance with China.


Both the Aries Ingress Horoscope and the June 21 Annular Solar Eclipse horoscope indicate that Australia is going through very challenging times in regard to the need to balance our trading interests and our relationship with our allies. The eclipse suggests that the government will need to take decisive action to reserve Australia’s prosperity.

The 2020 annular Solstice Eclipse and USA

The 2019 Coronavirus Eclipse

In my January 26 2020 article The Coronavirus and Astrology, Part 1 I looked at the 2019 Boxing day eclipse and called it the Coronavirus Eclipse because its appearance echoes the coronavirus and it occurred just as the world was waking up to what was to become a pandemic.

I described an annular solar eclipse as “…when the Moon is further away from the earth than normal and does not completely cover the Sun’s disk. The result is a corona on the outside rim of the Sun’s disk. The main feature of an annular eclipse is the corona, the ‘rim of fire’, that surrounds the blackened disk of the Moon.”

usa plus 200621 eclipseJune 21 2020 Annular Solar Eclipse

On June 21 2020 we have another annular eclipse, this time opposite (within 3 degrees) the same place in the zodiac as the 2019 Boxing Day eclipse.

The 2019 eclipse was opposite USA Jupiter and Venus (Sibly chart). In the 2020 chart the eclipse is conjunct US Venus, ruler of the tenth house and within 4 degrees of Jupiter, the Ascendant ruler.

200621 annular SEEclipse Path

This eclipse begins in the Congo, passes through Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan , Northern India, China, directly through Tibet, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and is also visible in Wuhan and Beijing.

Eclipses are considered to be most potent in areas of visibility. The path of this annular eclipse is visible (cloud permitting) in a number of areas associated with conflict, crisis and tension, including Yemen, Kashmir, Tibet, Wuhan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Any one of these areas in the eclipse path have the potential to be flashpoints in regards to US foreign policy. Hong Kong and Taiwan are obvious candidates.

USA and 200621 eclipse

The eclipse of the Sun

In a very basic sense the Sun represents reason, clarity and truth; while the Moon represents the rise and fall of emotions. In mundane (political) horoscopes the Moon also represents the people.  A groundswell of pent-up feelings is likely to surface.

The bi-wheel shows the eclipse in the  seventh house of open enemies and trading partners.

The ruler of the seventh house is Mercury conjoining the Sun in the USA Sibly horoscope.  Issues concerning trading partners and opposing forces dominate thinking.

Tariffs and oil

The Sun, which is being partially (mostly) eclipsed, rules the ninth house in the USA Sibly horoscope, suggesting a crisis in foreign policy.

The Moon, ruler of the eighth house, represents the resources of trading partners and open enemies,and eclipses the Sun, suggesting issues of supply, tariffs, and perhaps oil.

BLM and wealth disparity

Looking at the eclipse on its own, set for Washington DC, we see Uranus on the Ascendant, pointing to protests, insurrection and rebellion.

In the context of the BLM movement and the recent aspects of the Sun and Mars to the US Ascendant axis, Uranus on the US Ascendant is an obvious warning of potential trouble.

With the Ascendant ruler Venus on the second house cusp of money and finances, wealth disparity is a driver for discontent. In Gemini Venus shows a split, a polarity which will need to be reconciled. Venus is stationing retrograde and we would expect matters to move forward as it begins to move to the US Descendant.

Jupiter and Pluto conjunct the Midheaven

Another stand-out in the eclipse horoscope is Jupiter- Pluto conjoining the Midheaven. These planets are conjunct by longitude and also in parallel aspect, and we would therefore expect that Jupiter is obscuring Pluto’s light, and is the dominant influence. Both are problematic for US leadership and administration. Pluto represents crisis and has the capacity to dredge up and exposé toxic material, while Jupiter in Capricorn is very depressive, especially in a financial sense.


The Sun in mundane astrology symbolises the nation’s leader and it is being eclipsed. Before we rush into dire predictions regarding Trump we must remember that this eclipse applies to leaders the world over and does not especially highlight Trump. Except of course that in the present context he is already under great pressure.

And the Jupiter- Pluto conjunction with the Midheaven points to serious issues. However a contra-indication is the Midheaven ruler Saturn, very powerful in Aquarius, in a different sign to the one on the Midheaven. This suggests that in some way Trump is separate or protected from the crisis represented by the Jupiter- Pluto conjunction.

There is not the space here to do a thorough astrological analysis of Trump’s prospects. There is much to consider including his derived charts such as his solar return horoscope, his profected horoscope, his progressions, solar arcs and transits.


Issues concerning the US are very complex and a comprehensive astrological coverage is not possible in a single article. The Aries ingress horoscope, for example, should also be analysed. I leave that to other commentators.

I will next focus on issues associated with the eclipse for Australia.



USA and the Mighty Sun

USA Sibly

Sun square Mars

Violent protests, manifest outrage. The USA and mighty Sun embrace.

In my June 1st post: USA Sun square Mars, I discussed the Sun’s conjunction with the Asc axis of the US Sibly horoscope, and the simultaneous Mars square to this axis. The Sun was square Mars.

Sun conjunct Mars square Neptune

Now as the transiting Sun separates from its square to Mars the violent outrage and expression of anger that swept the US late May early June has shifted to a focus on Confederate statues as the Sun squares Neptune. While violence still lingers, its extensive outpouring coincided with the Sun square Mars transit.

Neptune images

Over the next couple of days the Sun squares transiting Neptune and conjoins Mars in the Sibly chart, which itself hosts a Mars square Neptune aspect, doubling up on the Mars-Neptune theme. Neptune has associations with images, portrayal, as well as deception, and glamour. Mars represents the anger directed at these images.

The Mighty Sun

The mighty Sun is the most powerful body from an astronomical and astrological perspective and its transits are often overlooked and underestimated. After all it gives us its light and life, directs the motions of the planets, creates the aspects and the dignities and provides the underlying structure of the horoscope.

The Pluto grind

However in modern astrology the Sun is usually relegated to the status of a ‘personal planet’ and consequently regarded as less important. Most attention is focused on the outer planets which grind away at the same degree area for months on end. For example Pluto’s average yearly motion is about 2 degrees. Yes Pluto transits coincide with intense times and often major change.

However if the Sun hovered over the same 2 degree area for a year we would witness total burn-out, combustion and utter destruction. Could Pluto’s apparent power may be simply a function of its long focus on the same degree area, rather than any natural power of its own? Have mainstream astrologers got it wrong all this time?

USA eclipsed

Following the red hot Sun square Mars aspect which aligned with the USA Ascendant in the Sibly horoscope, is the June 5 2020 lunar eclipse at 15.34 Sagittarius. This lunar eclipse is within 3 degrees of the US Ascendanrt. The USA is ‘eclipsed’.

We are at the beginning of the 2020 mid-year eclipse season. In June – July 2020 there are 3 eclipses which dramatically impact the USA Sibly chart and consequently Donald Trump.

In the previous post I looked at the Sun square Mars aspect and its connection to the Ascendant of the USA Sibly chart. Trump has since spoken of calling out the troops to quell violent protests. It’s been an ugly look for America.

eclipses usaTomorrow’s lunar eclipse, within 3 degrees of the Sibly Ascendant, activates the most powerful point in the nation’s horoscope.

It is of course the Moon which is eclipsed. The Moon represents the people, and they are in strife.

The Sun, shining bright from the seventh house of adversaries and open enemies, is the source of this eclipse. It represent enemies within (racists) and without (China, Iran etc.) .

The Sun’s meaning

The Sun’s essential meaning is associated with truth and clarity (shining  the light of truth), power and leadership, and boundless energy. The Sun in the seventh house gives the perception that enemies within and without have great power and are feared. The nation and its people are eclipsed. Trump has since spoken of calling out the troops to quell violent protests.

Sun square Mars

This backdrop of this eclipse is a nation raging against injustice and bigotry, and gathering support from those opposing abuse of power by the élite. The astrological signature for this eruption is the tranisting Sun square transiting Mars, with the Sun conjoining the Descendant of the Sibly horoscope. As the eclipse hits tomorrow the fires are already raging. The people are not happy.

The  seventh house

In a mundane (political/economic) horoscope the seventh house represents the nation’s adversaries, as well as its trading partners. The complex difficult and contentious issues with China make it the obvious candidate. Iran is another open enemy.

Donald Trump

In Donald Trump’s horoscope the eclipse falls in his fourth house, sextiling his natal Jupiter and opposing natal Uranus. The aspect to Jupiter is likely to be more important as it the more visible planet, and the situation may play into his hands. The opposition to Uranus is represents the shock and surprise element.

In Trump’s progressed horoscope the eclipse squares his Moon, emphasing the emotional challenges the situation has presented him. His progressed Moon rules the ninth house in his progressed chart, pointing to issues abroad.

The eclipse also trines his progressed Mercury-Pluto conjunction, showing his capacity to manipulate the situation.

Will Trump survive?

Trump has Regulus, a powerful fixed star conjunct his Acsendant. It is perhaps the most powerful fixed star and promises power and material success. It will take a lot to bring Trump down.

And Trump was born on an lunar eclipse and is naturally comfortable with the dramatic energy shifts associated with eclipses.

He survived an attempt at impeachment at a time when many astrologers incorrectly predicted his downfall. Their bias colored their judgement. They thought that Pluto opposite his natal Saturn would destroy him. What they didn’t recognise was that Saturn in his chart represents his enemies, not Trump himself.


In the next article I will focus on the second of the mid-year 2020 eclipses,  the solar eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer. This is powerful eclipse has special importance for the US and also for its handling of the pandemic.


USA Sun square Mars

 The current square aspect between the Sun and Mars goes a long way to describing the present inflamatory situation in the USA.

The Sun

Of all the heavenly bodies in our solar system the Sun is the most potent by a very long way. Not only does it give us our light and life, which is not within tthe capacity of any of the other heavenly bodies, but it also underpins the foundations of astrology itself. Examples include the angles of the horoscope, and the fact that it gives the aspects their meaning, it gives us the dignities of the planets, controls the speed and the motions of the planets, and much more.

So when this immense and powerful body aspects (aligns with) Mars, in a stressful manner, we are very likely to witness events on earth which reflect this celestial event.

The Sun is the ultimate power source and has immense influence. Mars represents fire, aggravation, anger, battles and explosive destruction. When one body unites with the other and connects with the power points of a national horoscope we can expect to witness events which correspond to this alignment. Such is the case in the USA at the moment.

USA Sun square Mars 2020USA Sibly horoscope

The Ascendant in the USA Sibly chart is 12 Sagittarius. Mars is currently around 13 Pisces and the Sun is 11 Gemini, both squaring the Ascendant-Descendant axis of the USA Sibly horoscope.

There can be little surprise then at the explosive anger that has been engulfing cities in the USA.

And yes there have been previous transits of the Sun to Mars which have not coincided with such outpourings of anger that we are currently witnessing. The difference is that they were not in such close alignment with with the Ascendant axis of the USA Sibly horoscope. And neither was the background context so conducive to the present expression of anger.

Other transits

To analyse this further we can examine the transiting rulers of the Sun and Mars.  For example Mars is ruled by a fallen Jupiter in Capricorn, and in the Sibly chart Jupiter rules the Ascendant. Jupiter’s present condition (in its fall in Capricorn) represents the dire state of the nation. And there are currently many other transits in the process of applying and separating that add to the picture. But the basic aspects, in this case the alignment of the Sun with Mars, clearly describe current events. We don’t need to add other aspects or planets.

Basic astrology

This is an example of minimalistic basic astrology. Sun square Mars. Yes there are many other aspects in play which add meaningful insights. But none so basic as the Sun square Mars. And there are supporters of other charts for the USA, each of which have their own merits. I do not mean to invalidate any of them.

The Sun is fundamental to understanding astrology and how the patterns of the heavenly bodies coincide with events on Earth. By following basic principles and adopting a minimalistic approach we can find deep insights.


Coronavirus and Astrology: Part 4: The end of the Virus Crisis

At the time of writing travel restrictions are being applied by various countries around the world. Trump has just announced a 30 day ban on travellers from the European mainland. India is going to stop issuing visas.

In Astrology and the Coronavirus Part 3: Saturn I identified Saturn as the common link between most horoscopes relevant to the corona virus. Saturn rules walls blocks and restrictions of all kinds, including quarantine and isolation, whether voluntary or involuntary. While there is a case for including Jupiter and Pluto as ‘the culprit’, it is Saturn which rules all these planets.

Jupiter crashes down to reality

I think one planet that has been overlooked in discussions is Jupiter, the planet of travel, freedom and liberty. It moved into the sign of Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn, in early December 2019, just as the first cases of the virus were being reported, and soon after Chinese government imposed restrictions in and out of Wuhan. In Capricorn Jupiter is at its lowest point, with its viewpoint restricted to the most mundane of realities. In Capricorn it no longer has access to unfettered idealism, lofty philosophy, or freedom of movement.

Jupiter’s entry in Capricorn has coincided with travel restrictions around the world as well as restrictions on educational institutions and large social gatherings. Because these restrictions are imposed to prevent the spread of the pandemic, I am looking to when Jupiter moves out of the sign of its fall to signal the beginning of the end of the virus crisis.

Jupiter and the lungs

It is interesting that Jupiter, normally a warm moist planet, represents the lungs, which are also warm and moist. During this time when Jupiter is in its fall the world is is reeling from a pandemic disease associated with the lungs.

element ephemeris Corona Virus

An overview of planets in the elements

The ephemeris on the left lists planet positions for the 1st of every month for a period of just over two years, color coded for the elements. Pink is for fire signs, green for earth, yellow for air and blue for water. At a glance a dominance of a particular element is evident.

My focus here is on planets in Capricorn, which is an earth sign (green). Notice the period between Dec 2019 and December 2020. During that time there are 3 planets in Capricorn, sometimes 4 and sometimes 5. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, he’s powerfully placed in his own sign. Saturn is not much fun. These are ‘heavy’ times where bad news abounds.

It is during this period when Jupiter is in Capricorn that I think travel restrictions will be most severe, and these restrictions will be in place because the virus is still thought to be active.

Mars – infection 2020 Mars transits

Mars has traditional associations with inflammation infection and disease.

The table of the right shows that there are 2 periods during 2020 when Mars is especially active: March – April, and August – October. These periods of Martian activity suggest trouble and heighened viral activity. Aggravation may also find expression in other ways, such as in financial markets and in violence or warfare.

Some astrologers also use Neptune to represent infection, especially when it’s on an angle in a cardinal ingress chart. For example Lee Lehman in her study of cardinal ingress charts for Wuhan in relation to the coronavirus.

Planets in Aquarius

Consulting the Element Ephemeris above we see that between April and July 2020 Saturn moves into Aquarius, a sign it also rules. During April and May Mars is also in Aquarius. Because Aquarius is an air sign, associated with the generation of ideas, the internet is likely to become especially important at a time when many people are forced to stay at home because of enforced isolation. Mars gives activity and aggravation, and Saturn is powerful as the over-arching regulator. There is the danger that this regulation (Saturn) might become too repressive.

Then during most of 2021 Jupiter is in Aquarius, another sign ruled by restrictive Saturn. But, importantly, Jupiter is no longer in the sign of its fall. My guess is that travel and other restictions will be loosened, although still carefully regulated.

During 2021 both Jupiter and Saturn are in Aquarius, during which time I suspect the internet and online communities will assume unprecedented importance. This suggests we are at the dawning of a new era.


I would expect travel and associated restrictions to be lessened by 2021, and lifted by 2022 when Jupiter moves into its own sign of Pisces. This is the signal that the coronavirus has been tamed. If the connection made here between Jupiter in Capricorn and travel and other restrictions is incorrect, then this timing for the end of the coronavirus crisis will also be incorrect. As it stands I am expecting the crisis to wane beginning 2021 and to fade out in 2022.

Astrology and the Coronavirus Part 1

Astrology and the Coronavirus Part 2

Astrology and the Coronavirus Part 3

Astrology and the Economic Crisis

Who will be President after the 2020 election?

Notice the title doesn’t include any suggestion that the election must be fair or without interference. The only criteria is the result.

MethodUSA 2020 ingress

I use the Aries Ingress chart before the election. This is the moment when the Sun, on its northward journey, crosses the equator at the vernal Equinox. Aries Ingress charts have been used for hundreds of years to predict the fortunes of nations and city states.

Significators & guidimg principles

The government is represented by the tenth house and its ruler. The government’s assets and resources, including their supporter base, are represented by the second house from the tenth house, which is the radical eleventh house.

The opposition is represented by the house opposite the tenth house,  the fourth house. Their assets and supporter base are represented by the fifth house and its ruler.

The country as a whole is represented by the first house and its ruler. Unless it represents one of the aforementioned houses, the Moon represents the mood of the public and its next applying aspect is often a pointer to the outcome of the election.

Planets in any of these houses are also included in this assessment. A primary consideration for all planets is their condition in terms of essential and accidental dignity, and their relationship with other planets, which includes their receptions and aspects.

The Government (Republicans)

With Virgo on the tenth house cusp Mercury represents the government. It is in detriment in Pisces just outside the fourth house cusp. It’s position on the fourth house cusp shows the government, represented by the Republicans, have control/power over the opposition.

Compare this to the Aries ingress horoscope preceding the 2016 election where the planet representing the Republicans, who were then in opposition, was Jupiter sitting on the outside of the tenth house cusp. Again the planet representing the Republicans was in a controlling position.

In the 2020 chart Mercury has just gone into direct motion and is moving about half its normal speed, suggesting proggress is slow. Mercury’s next aspect is to Uranus which shows unpredictability.

The government’s assets are shown by the ruler of the eleventh house: Venus. Venus is powerful in Taurus and has moderate accidental strength in the derived ninth house.

The opposition (Democrats)

The Democrats are ruled by Jupiter in its detriment in Capricorn, a sign where Jupiter’s lofty ideals are debased to financial and political realities. Jupiter is applying to a conjunction with Pluto, suggesting crisis. Mars is making a exact conjunction with Jupiter, pushing on with pragmatic practicalities and maybe frustration. However Mars represents the Democrat’s supporters suggesting a strong push. Jupiter is beseiged between two malefics, Mars and Pluto.

With four planets in its derived eleventh house of allies, three of them malefics, life looks tough for the Democrats. Neptune in the fourth house suggests confusion and deception. Although the Sun is in the fourth house, it is in a different sign to the one on the fourth house cusp, reducing its influence.

One plus for the Democrats is that Mars, which represents its supporters and assets, is very strong in Capricorn.

The public

The mood of the people is represented by the Moon in Aquarius. The Moon is governed by a powerful Saturn, on the cusp of entering Aquarius, where it is no longer in the sign of the Moon’s detriment. The Moon’s next aspect is a square to a strong Venus in Taurus, which represents the gov’t’s supporters. Perhaps public sentiment shifts to the Republicans.

Trump’s horoscope

It is interesting that Mars Jupiter and Saturn all oppose Trump’s Saturn Venus conjunction, and also trine his Midheaven. I am not offering a full analysis of Trump’s chart here and my intention is to use the Aries Ingress chart as a stand-alone assessment.

Aries Ingress assessment

On balance this interpretation of the Aries Ingress chart suggests that the Republications will retain office with Trump as president.


Adam Bandt assumes leadership of the Australia Greens

Adam BandtAdam Bandt was today elected leader of the Australian Greens political party at approx 10 am in Canberra.

His chart is on to the left. No known birth time and planet positions are set for 12 rounded out to the nearest degree. Because there is no known time of birth no houses or Part of Fortune are shown.

The Moon is likely trining Mars and the Sun sextiles Mars, suggesting determination and persistance.

Yellow Vest Movement

Yellow Vests MovementQuote from Wikipedia

The yellow vests movement ….. is a protest movement which began with demonstrations in France on Saturday, 17 November 2018 and subsequently spread to nearby countries (e.g. Italy , Belgium and the Netherlands. Galvanized by rising fuel prices, the high cost of living, and claims that a disproportionate burden of the government’s tax reforms were falling on the working and middle classes[15][16][17] (especially those in rural and peri-urban areas),[18][19] protesters called for the end of such changes and the resignation of the President of FranceEmmanuel Macron.

The movement has been very visible in French cities, but has also had a wider than usual echo as rural areas have been unusually mobilized in this protest. The “yellow vest” was chosen as a symbol because all motorists had been required by law—since 2008—to have high-visibility vests in their vehicles when driving. As a result, reflective vests have become widely available, inexpensive, and symbolic.[6]”

Horoscope parameters

Because the horoscope shown here has no exact time no houses or the Part of Fortune are shown and the Moon’s range is set for daylight hours. The protests most likely began in the morning or early afternoon at the latest.

The lights

The Sun in Scorpio suggests deeply held and intense feelings.

The Moon in Pisces, another water sign, builds on this picture of a strong emotional reaction. While I don’t have an exact time of birth, it is likely that the Moon is conjunct Neptune, the planet of confusion, deception and disillusionment, and in square aspect with Mercury, the planet of communication and transport. The movement has no recognized leader although it initially began as a truck driver protest organised on Facebook.

Other astrological indicators

Mars in Pisces rules the Sun and dominates the picture with a square aspect to a very strong Jupiter in Sagittarius. The Mars-Jupiter connection tends to exaggerate anger and in Pisces Mars is in protest against feeling victimized. Jupiter in Sagittarius provides a ready vehicle to promote the message far and wide.

Venus in Libra is strong in its own sign and opposes Uranus, the planet associated with protest and rebellion. Venus in Libra represents a preference for peace and agreement, but the opposition to Uranus makes diplomatic solutions very difficult and creates a boil-over situation.

The Sun and Saturn, the two planets representing leadership and authority, are un-aspected, reflecting the amorphous nature of the Yellow Vests Movement.