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The yellow vests movement ….. is a protest movement which began with demonstrations in France on Saturday, 17 November 2018 and subsequently spread to nearby countries (e.g. Italy , Belgium and the Netherlands. Galvanized by rising fuel prices, the high cost of living, and claims that a disproportionate burden of the government’s tax reforms were falling on the working and middle classes[15][16][17] (especially those in rural and peri-urban areas),[18][19] protesters called for the end of such changes and the resignation of the President of FranceEmmanuel Macron.

The movement has been very visible in French cities, but has also had a wider than usual echo as rural areas have been unusually mobilized in this protest. The “yellow vest” was chosen as a symbol because all motorists had been required by law—since 2008—to have high-visibility vests in their vehicles when driving. As a result, reflective vests have become widely available, inexpensive, and symbolic.[6]”

Horoscope parameters

Because the horoscope shown here has no exact time no houses or the Part of Fortune are shown and the Moon‘s range is set for daylight hours. The protests most likely began in the morning or early afternoon at the latest.

The lights

The Sun in Scorpio suggests deeply held and intense feelings.

The Moon in Pisces, another water sign, builds on this picture of a strong emotional reaction. While I don’t have an exact time of birth, it is likely that the Moon is conjunct Neptune, the planet of confusion, deception and disillusionment, and in square aspect with Mercury, the planet of communication and transport. The movement has no recognized leader although it initially began as a truck driver protest organised on Facebook.

Other astrological indicators

Mars in Pisces rules the Sun and dominates the picture with a square aspect to a very strong Jupiter in Sagittarius. The Mars-Jupiter connection tends to exaggerate anger and in Pisces Mars is in protest against feeling victimized. Jupiter in Sagittarius provides a ready vehicle to promote the message far and wide.

Venus in Libra is strong in its own sign and opposes Uranus, the planet associated with protest and rebellion. Venus in Libra represents a preference for peace and agreement, but the opposition to Uranus makes diplomatic solutions very difficult and creates a boil-over situation.

The Sun and Saturn, the two planets representing leadership and authority, are un-aspected, reflecting the amorphous nature of the Yellow Vests Movement.

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