USA and the Mighty Sun

USA Sibly

Sun square Mars

Violent protests, manifest outrage. The USA and mighty Sun embrace.

In my June 1st post: USA Sun square Mars, I discussed the Sun’s conjunction with the Asc axis of the US Sibly horoscope, and the simultaneous Mars square to this axis. The Sun was square Mars.

Sun conjunct Mars square Neptune

Now as the transiting Sun separates from its square to Mars the violent outrage and expression of anger that swept the US late May early June has shifted to a focus on Confederate statues as the Sun squares Neptune. While violence still lingers, its extensive outpouring coincided with the Sun square Mars transit.

Neptune images

Over the next couple of days the Sun squares transiting Neptune and conjoins Mars in the Sibly chart, which itself hosts a Mars square Neptune aspect, doubling up on the Mars-Neptune theme. Neptune has associations with images, portrayal, as well as deception, and glamour. Mars represents the anger directed at these images.

The Mighty Sun

The mighty Sun is the most powerful body from an astronomical and astrological perspective and its transits are often overlooked and underestimated. After all it gives us its light and life, directs the motions of the planets, creates the aspects and the dignities and provides the underlying structure of the horoscope.

The Pluto grind

However in modern astrology the Sun is usually relegated to the status of a ‘personal planet’ and consequently regarded as less important. Most attention is focused on the outer planets which grind away at the same degree area for months on end. For example Pluto’s average yearly motion is about 2 degrees. Yes Pluto transits coincide with intense times and often major change.

However if the Sun hovered over the same 2 degree area for a year we would witness total burn-out, combustion and utter destruction. Could Pluto’s apparent power may be simply a function of its long focus on the same degree area, rather than any natural power of its own? Have mainstream astrologers got it wrong all this time?

Hormonal Glands and the Planets

Classical Medical AstrologyThis quote is from page 54 of Classical Medical Astrology – Healing with the Elements by Oscar Hofman, published by Wessex Astrologer 2009.

“There is a remarkable parallel between the planets as the seven dynamic forces of creation and the seven most important glands in the body. Glands are pre-eminantly the contact points between the psyche and the body and they have an important overall function in the human body/mind system. The seven planetary forces are expressed in these glands, and they are the points at which the planets clearly touch the human organism. In top-down order these important glands are: pineal gland, pituitary gland, thyroid gland, thymus, pancreas, adrenal glands and sexual glands.”

Oscar goes on to explain how this top-down order corresponds with the top-down order of the planets, beginning with Saturn and following the Chaldean order down to the Moon.

This is one of the best and easiest to read books on medical astrology that I have encountered.

Malefic and benefic – the real meaning

Astrology: The real meaning of benefics maleficsInitial reactions

If you find yourself reacting to the words ‘malefic’ and ‘benefic’ there is a good chance that nobody has taken to the time to explain to you what they really mean. Many people immediately associate these words with bad and good, something very judgmental and moralistic. While this association is very understandable it can have negative consequences for your astrological education.

You may be surprised to learn that these words provide you with a big advantage when their intended meaning is understood. So first a little background:

Agricultural heritage

These terms are derived from a more ancient context that reflects our agricultural heritage. In previous generations when the majority of people lived off the land the astrologer needed to assess whether planetary indications were life supporting, fertile and promoted growth, or whether they were associated with deprivation, barrenness, decline and ultimately death.

Underpinning the astrologer’s assessment was an understanding of the primary qualities which are the foundation blocks on which astrology is constructed.

Life challenging

The basic principle is that planets which generate or promote life are referred to as ‘benefics’ and those which are life challenging and destructive are referred to as ‘malefics’.

In agricultural terms planets which support life and promote fertile environments are the warm and moist planets: Venus and Jupiter. They are associated with moderation, growth and prosperity. Because Jupiter is the slower planet its beneficial effects last longer and it is therefore referred to as ‘the major benefic’.

Mars (burning heat and drought) and Saturn (ice and frost) are associated with harsh conditions, too hot or too cold to support life. Because Saturn is the slower planet its destructive effects last longer and it is therefore referred to as ‘the major malefic’.

Most astrologers who use the terms malefic and benefic are usually referring to Mars and Saturn (minor and major malefics) or Venus and Jupiter (minor and major benefics).

Although the terms benefic and malefic can be also applied to the other planets there is not the space here to go into that detail.

In the transition from agricultural to mostly urban life and the development of modern sensitivities concerning anything suggestive of negative judgement the use of the term malefic is an unfortunate turn off.


In the modern world the term malefic can be applied to something inconvenient or which upsets our comfortable existence. In the extreme it also applies to more serious planetary correlations such as terror, death, destruction, violence war……

‘Inconvenient’ is a word which does some justice to the term malefic although it does fail to convey the more extreme negative scenarios.

Inconvenient: we don’t like to be delayed, have our house burnt down, aggravation, violence, discord, or be rejected, controlled, trapped, depressed or repressed. Even if these inconveniences make our life better in the long run or in some sense make us better people, we rarely appreciate it at the time. Although no planet is inherently evil their effects can be very inconvenient!

Used in predictive and psychological astrology

So next time you hear the terms benefic and malefic please recall their origin and their intended meaning.  This understanding will provide access to other concepts and techniques which are very useful in predictive and psychological astrology.

Peter Dutton for PM?

The horoscope for Peter Dutton shows the Sun Jupiter and Venus in Scorpio.


At the time of writing he has just thrown his hat into the ring for leadership of the Liberal party, and came up short, and resigned from the ministry. However it is generally reported by the media that another challenge is inevitable, and the fate of the prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, is doomed.

Peter Dutton’s Birth chart

So will Peter Dutton be successful at a second (or third) challenge, and if so, when? I have no accurate birth time for his natal horoscope, so no houses or the Part of Fortune are shown. The Moon sits somewhere between 17-30 Cancer. The Thema Mundi horoscope layout is used so as not to suggest house placements.

Outstanding features

There are a number of outstanding features of this horoscope. One is the Jupiter Sun conjunction, generally an indicator of success and a fortunate life. The Moon trines the Sun by sign, showing that ‘the lights’ are in harmony, which is another positive indicator. A third important planetary indicator is the Jupiter Saturn opposition, showing an internal struggle about when to expand and when to retreat and consolidate. However strong connections between these two planets have often been observed in the horoscopes of successful business people. Peter Dutton’s worth is reported to exceed 200 million.


At the time of the challenge transiting Jupiter was at the midpoint of his natal benefics, Venus and Jupiter. Pluto was trining natal Saturn and squaring natal Mars. The latter aspect shows the difficult diplomacy at play, while Pluto’s trine to Saturn adds power and control. Transiting Jupiter is generally an indicator of success.

Early September

During the first two weeks of September Jupiter will conjoin Jupiter. This is called the Jupiter return and takes place every twelve years. Depending on the context of one’s life it can indicate a new phase of expansion and optimistic outreach. The Jupiter return period would be an ideal time for Peter Dutton to make a second challenge.

Mid October

Transiting Jupiter conjoins the natal Sun around mid October 2018. This aspect is also considered to be very fortunate. The lead up to this conjunction in mid October is a very positive time for Peter Dutton.

Will he win the leadership vote if he makes another challenge? You bet he will! Unless of course someone with a better horoscope comes along.

Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison (born 13 May 1968) is rumoured to be considering a tilt at the PM’s job, but Pluto is making a square aspect to his natal Saturn, which is an indication of serious and intense challenges; rarely seen as positive. However his natal Sun is at 22 Taurus, receiving a trine from Pluto and soon a sextile from Jupiter. These are both positive indicators to counter-balance the negative Pluto transit to Pluto.

Julie Bishop

Julie Bishop (born 17 July 1956) has the Sun at 24 Cancer trine Saturn at 26 Scorpio. These planets benefit from the same Jupiter aspects that are working for Peter Dutton.  She is also in a positive phase and may somehow benefit from the political machinations going on behind the scenes. At the time of writing she is backing Turnbull so perhaps there are unexpected developments ahead. Alternatively she may seek an escape from politics. Escapism and freedom-seeking are alternative interpretations for Jupiter transits.

Malcolm Turnbull and timing

Malcolm Turnbull (born 24 October 1954) has natal Jupiter at 28 Scorpio, and will be having a Jupiter trine around the end of October / start of November. Often Jupiter aspects are associated with a holiday; having a good time, which in the present circumstances, may be his best option should he lose a leadership challenge. This point also brings us back to Peter Dutton. It is possible that he won’t challenge again and simply go away on a holiday. Possible but not likely. However if he doesn’t challenge before mid October and leaves it to the end of October, Malcolm Turnbull’s positive Jupiter transits at that time might yet see him prevail.

And the winner is…..

Without accurate birth times the astrologer is challenged. However unless something very unusual takes place, it looks like Peter Dutton is about to become the 30th Prime Minister of Australia. However watch for Julie Bishop; she also has excellent transits, as does Scott Morrison. Will the media forecast be correct?




Is the dark Moon the new Moon?

The syzygy

In contemporary astrology the New Moon is when the Sun and Moon are aligned, with the Sun and Earth on opposite sides of the Moon. At this time the New Moon is invisible from Earth.

new Moon The alignment of the Sun and earth with the Moon in between means that the side of the Moon that faces Earth in completely dark. Technically, this is called a conjunction or syzygy.

The dark Moon

The darkened Moon rises and sets close to the Sun,  making it impossible to see due to the Sun’s glare.

In horary astrology we would say that the Moon is combust, and whatever or whoever is represented by the Moon in a horoscope is hidden or blinded.

The new Moon

About a day after the dark Moon conjunction, the Moon becomes visible again as a waxing crescent Moon. The new Moon is the appearance of the thinnest sliver of the crescent Moon. In the Islamic calendar this is the new Moon which defines the beginning of the month. dark Moon

Observation and the visibility

Astrology is based on observation and the visibility of light. It really doesn’t make sense that the dark Moon is the new Moon. There’s nothing new about the dark Moon, nothing to see.

This is not the time when something has been given birth. Just as a baby is only born when it leaves its mother and becomes visible in our world, so the Moon can only be new when she first becomes visible.

Astrology has to make sense, otherwise it’s nonsense.

Reflections on our life cycle

The lunar cycle reflects the cycle of our lives. The first sliver shows the infant, the first quarter burgeoning youth, the full Moon the high of our powers, the third quarter our middle years, and the waning Moon our decline into old age and death. At the dark phase the Moon is hidden, conjoined with the Sun in private. Then the new Moon is born again and the cycle repeats.

Have astrologers been getting it wrong all this time?

Well not all astrologers all of the time. In ancient times the new Moon was taken to be when the first sliver appeared, as Robert Zoller mentioned in his lessons.

However in my experience the vast majority of astrologers call the dark Moon the new Moon. I was taught this when I began astrology and I don’t know many astrologers who use the appearance of the first sliver as the new Moon.

When does the new Moon occur?

About a day after the dark Moon is the answer. Astronomical observation is used to time the months in the Islamic calendar. A new month can only begin after a waxing crescent Moon is observed shortly after sunset. We can take this as one day , or 24 hours, after the dark Moon.

Since the Moon moves approximately 13 degrees in 24 hours, it’s an easy adjustment. In the 1980’s I was taught that the house where the new Moon falls in one’s horoscope shows the nature of new beginnings for that month. In many cases this will be the same house as the dark Moon, and in others it will be the next house.

Making an adjustment

The writers of many astrological web sites and publications confuse the dark Moon with the new Moon,  and I expect considerable push-back to the suggestion that their prognostications for the coming month are based on an incorrect time and degree of the Moon. This is more likely to be the case when there are perceived financial implications or reflections on one’s status or expertise.

However were are all in this together and I’m sure the more open minded, and perhaps younger astrologers, will make an adjustment when new evidence suggests there is a better approach. These are the astrologers who I believe deserve real respect.


Bitcoin Horoscope

Bitcoin Horoscope This is the Bitcoin horoscope , set for Japan at the time stated in the  following references:

Some astrological notes

The ascendant ruler is the Sun in Capricorn. Therefore the Sun represents Bitcoin.

The Sun’s zodiacal position is exactly opposite the Sun in the horoscope for the USA (using the Sibly chart), suggesting that it may oppose US interests.

The Sun first aspects Uranus, suggesting a volatile nature, and then Saturn, which suggests the opposite: a conservative and predictable nature.

The Sun is conjunct the fixed star Ascella. This conjunction is associated with good fortune and lasting happiness. [Robson, p.141.], and is of the nature of Jupiter and Mercury.

Jupiter is debilitated in this horoscope, in it’s detriment.

However Mercury is especially powerful as it sits astride the seventh house cusp. The seventh house represents the people who use Bitcoin.

There are three planets at 29 degrees: the Moon, Venus and Jupiter. Venus, ruler of the eleventh house and the fourth house, is at the midpoint of the Moon and Jupiter.


Researching history for investment evaluation

For the purpose of prediction to assist those considering investing in Bitcoin, the history of Bitcoin is well documented and this chart can be correlated with Bitcoin events. I have not had time to do this research and look forward to hearing from anyone who has time to research this project.
One event worth considering is when SegWit was activated problems on August 24th, 2017, which has been described as a huge day for the Bitcoin and blockchain industry.


Mars in Scorpio

Mars enters Scorpio

Mars in Scorpio As Mars enters Scorpio expect more action. The ingress of Mars into Scorpio from Libra represents an important shift.

The essential dignities indicate that in Libra Mars is hobbled by diplomacy. Its natural urge to take the offensive and express aggressive is restricted in the Venus ruled sign of Libra.

Venus is about enjoying the pleasures of life, being nice and diplomatic with each other, forming bonds and alliances. Venus is often associated with young women, beauty and having fun. Mars in his natural state will have none of this. He wants to get out of there, get rugged and mix it up with his enemies.

Mundane (political) astrology

As Mars enters Scorpio he leaves Venus’ bed and goes to work. In the sign of Scorpio he is very comfortable plotting revenge and working behind the scenes to destroy his enemies. In Aries we see Mars in open attack. In Scorpio he works ‘behind the enemy lines’, undermining and sabotaging. Aries is his ‘day’ sign and Scorpio is his ‘night’ sign.

Where there has been hedging and indecision expect action. We may not hear of it immediately but black ops have more scope for action. In charts of countries or leaders that resonate with Mars in Scorpio expect action.

Horary astrology

horary astrology In horary astrology the ingress of Mars into one of the signs he rules is seen as a very big deal. Moving out of detriment into rulership is a big step up. Whatever Mars represents in the horoscope goes from weakness to power and strength.

In the adjacent chart the question was twofold:

1. Will our internet access be restored?

2. When will the modem arrive?

The background story is that we were switching internet providers and the new provider had switched off access to the internet before they had delivered the modem. We needed the new modem to regain internet access and it was five days overdue.

The third house rules messages, the internet, email and associated equipment. Here it is ruled by Mars at the end of Libra and about to enter Scorpio. In Libra Mars is very weak, reflected by the fact that we had no internet. However Mars is about to enter Scorpio, one of the signs it rules.

So the answer to the first question is yes: internet access will be restored and it will work very well.

The answer to the second question is interesting. When I first saw it I discarded it as being unrealistic. If you would like to comment for attempt an answer to this second question please do so on Facebook and include your astro-logic.


Astrology calendar

Astrology Calendar December 2017

Astrology calendar

This astrology calendar is in 3 versions. In order: Canberra Australia, Greenwich, England, and Washington USA.

Scroll down to view your preference.

It shows planet ingresses, planet to planet transits, planet stations, Moon phases, VOC (void-of-course) Moon start (VCS) and endings (VCE) and out-of-orb (oob) planets.

1. Canberra Australia

astrology calendar

2. Greenwich England

December 2017 Calendar

3. Washington USA

Astrology calendar

planet dignities

December 2017 planet dignities

Below is an ephemeris listing for the essential dignities of the 2 lights and the 5 classical planets for December 2017.

The essential dignities for key to chart interpretation, receptions and aspects between the planets. 


Relationship astrology

Mars trine MoonRelationship planet

Astrology can reveal relationship events in unusual ways. This morning my partner Alison caught her little finger in the orange juice squeezer. There was blood and pain. Fortunately nothing serious.

Although I was in the house I wasn’t there when it happened. This is a very important point because in my horoscope (see attached partial image) Mars was applying to trine my Moon in 25′ of arc.. A very close applying aspect. But the injury didn’t happen to me and I played no part in the unfortunate accident.

One important interpretation for the Moon in a man’s chart is that it represents his female partner (wife, girlfriend…..). Other interpretations would include the man’s mother, his emotions and automatic responses, and the meaning of the house in rules.

In case you are new to astrology Mars represents cuts, injuries, upsets, fights, violence, things splitting apart (and therefore divorce and separation), blood outside the body…

What I have found over the years is that when a transiting planet aspects my Moon something happens in Alison’s life that resonates with this transit. It has happened a lot and we have often remarked on it. Alison is also an astrologer so she understands. And, before you ask, there were no transits this morning to her chart that suggested an accident or injury or a Mars type expression.

I have only found mention of this phenomenon in a couple of astrology books. I can’t recall anything in the traditional works.

But seriously does this happen? How does the cosmos know that she is my partner and direct the planetary energy towards her? Using palmistry and astrology I have consulted over 18,000 people in the last 30 years, mainly horary astrology in recent times, and I am rarely surprised as I understand that astrology describes the fabric of our lives with uncanny accuracy. But nevertheless when something like this happens I am still impressed.

Over the years I have heard my theories about why astrology works and I have my own theory but the truth is that no-one really knows. Not really. But the word ‘awesome’ in the sense of its original meaning, is the one that I would use to describe astrology.