As the name implies , mundane astrology studies the mundane world. This branches studies subjects such as civilizations, human trends, politics, economics, wars, social movements, etc. – essentially, all of the phenomena affecting humanity  as a collective. On the other hand this branch of astrology is also concerned with natural phenomena, such as earthquakes, storms, and droughts, and is also knnown as natural astrology.” From On the heavenly Spheres, A Treatise on Traditional Astrology by Helena Arelar & Luis Ribero.

Mundane astrology is the branch of astrology dealing with influences affecting nations, collective experiences, weather, political leaders, historical trends and world events. Also known as political astrology.” From Deborah Houlding’s site

According to Robert Hand Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos (Circa 150 C.E.) deals with “universal” or “mundane” astrology, the study of events that affect countries, cities, or large groups of people..”