2021 November Stellar Calendar

The various ephemerides and graphical depictions of celestial phenomena are offered free to the astrological community to use and distribute. My only request is that you credit the source. I have no commercial interest in publishing these graphics and only do so because I enjoy the publishing journey and the final result.

Each monthly calendar includes the element of each planet, lunar phases, retrograde planets and transits. 


The lunar eclipse on the 19th November 2021 at 27 Taurus is significant. It occurs the day after Mars conjoins the Sun of the Evergrande IPO chart. The ongoing disaster that is Evergrande already having huge repercussions in China and sending waves of fear through international markets. The Mars conjunction to the the natal Sun is likely to be a turning point in this debacle. The lunar eclipse will be just below the horizon in Hong Kong when it is at its maximum. I will publish a separate article on this chart.
if you have important planets at 27 degrees of the fixed signs or the earth element, this may be an I’m time for you.
Mercury and Venus both change signs on November 5. Mercury will be deposited by a very strong Mars in Scorpio, and Venus by a powerful Saturn in Aquarius. 

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