Jupiter rules all that is expansive, exaggerated, large, inflated, magnanimous, generous, prolific, religious, pious, ethical, faithful, honourable, prosperity and plenty. Rain and mercy. Gurus. Feasting.

Its action is to expand and inflate, to push the boundaries.

Jupiter is particularly associated with fertility and abundance. It is often referred to a ‘the great benefic’ because of its association with luck and good fortune.

It is also associated with the upper class (Saturn is associated with the lower class and those living on the edge of society).

Dignities: Jupiter rules Pisces and Sagittarius, is in detriment in the opposite signs of JupiterVirgo and Gemini, is exalted in Cancer, and in its fall in Capricorn.

Nature: Hot and moist, sanguine, diurnal, masculine. Jupiter is the greater benefic.

Day: Thursday.

When negative: Wasteful, ignorant, arrogent, careless, gross, drunk, flooding.

Physical appearance: Big and fleshy (especially in water signs); oval or long visage which is fleshy, big belly, strong thighs and legs, long feet.

Occupations: Judges, politicians, priests, bishops, aristocrats, scholars, teachers, lawyers, celebrities.

Animals: Big animals that benefit humankind, especially those which are mild and gentle, sheep, oxen, elephants, dolphins and whales.

Birds: Pheasant, peacock because of its magnificent plumage.

Minerals and Jewellery: Tin; amethyst, sapphire, topaz, marble

Places: Alters, churches, wardrobes, courts of justice

Anatomical: The liver, lungs, semen, blood, the left ear.

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