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Money and Wealth Lecture

Money gets a bad rap in some circles. Apparently, it is not very spiritual. This view is mostly adopted by those with little money. However, by itself money is neither positive nor negative. It’s only our perspective that makes it so.


The Chinese property giant Evergrande has a huge debt load and is teetering on the brink of collapse threatening to become the largest debt default by a company in Asia. Such a collapse could jolt investor confidence across markets globally. Beijing seems reluctant to bail out the company but is taking steps to limit the damage.

Evergrande was listed on the Hong Kong exchange on November 5, 2009, according to Yahoo Finance.

Clearly Evergrande is in huge trouble and there’s little credit for making dire astrological predictions about its future.

However, it is interesting to examine the IPO horoscope and look at the schedule of transits for November 2021.

Company horoscope

Evergrande IPOThe standout planet in the horoscope is Saturn sitting on the Midheaven. Saturn is exalted in Libra and rules the 2nd house of finance and the 3rd house of communications. Until recent times the company has done exceptionally well from a financial perspective, driven by a successful sales approach. Exaltation also carries a sense of exaggeration and now we find that its assets are overvalued, and its prospects were over-hyped. Saturn makes a close square with Pluto in the 1st house, emphasising the company’s power and behind-the-scenes management.

Jupiter rules the 1st house and therefore represents the company, and is disposited by a high-flying Saturn (an oxymoron!).

Some important transit dates for November 2021.

  • 4 Nov New Moon conjunct the Sun
  • 5 Nov Uranus opposes the Sun. Solar return
  • 16 Nov 2021 Jupiter conjunct Neptune
  • 18 Nov 2021 Mars conjunct Sun
  • 19 Nov 2021 The lunar eclipse conjunct the 12/6 axis
  • 30 November 2021 Saturn opposite Mars.

New Moon

The new Moon, often called ‘the dark Moon’,  on November 4 on the company’s Sun suggests dark forces operating behind the scenes. New Moons are associated with new beginnings or the ‘planting of new seeds’.

The solar return

The following day, the transiting Sun conjoins the company’s Sun in what’s called a ‘solar return’, the birthday for the listed company.


And the same day transiting Uranus opposes the company’s sun. This happens approx. every 84 years. On this occasion there is a cycle of 3 hits due to Uranus’ retrograde and direct motion, in July and November 2021, an May 2022.

Uranus is associated with breakups, sudden changes, shock and surprise, and we can expect something similar to manifest to Evergrande during this Uranus opposition to the Sun cycle.

Mars and the lunar eclipse

Evergrande IPO and Mars conjunct SunOn November 18-19 Mars conjoins the company’s Sun a day before a lunar eclipse on the 12-6 house axis of the horoscope. In the company’s chart Mars and the Sun an in square aspect and in mutual reception. Although square aspects are generally difficult the mutual reception adds a positive dynamic note, which might be reflected in Mars’ conjunction to the company’s sun.

But the lunar eclipse across the axis normally associated with incarceration and ill-health is much less positive. At its maximum this lunar eclipse is visible just below the horizon in Hong Kong, the location of the exchange where the company is listed.


In late November and into December Saturn aspects first natal Mars then the natal Sun. Saturn is also known as ‘the grim reaper’ and perhaps will reap his harvest at this time.

Evergrande’s founder Xu Jiayin

Xu Jiayin - founder of EvergrandeThe birth time for Evergrande’s founder, Xu Jiayin, is unknown. Consequently, no houses are shown in this horoscope, the Part of Fortune has been deleted, and the Moon’s position is shown for its range of movement through Leo and Virgo.

Transiting Saturn is aspecting Jupiter Neptune and Venus. Saturn is associated with challenging times, debt failure and destruction. Xu Jiayin is not in a good position atm.

The sun conjunct Mars 2021

On October 8 2021 the Sun conjoins Mars.

Mars Cycles.2020 and 2021Mars Invisible

During the solar conjunctions Mars is always invisible. The Sun is much too bright for Mars to be seen. The diagram shows Mars’ present and next period of invisibility (when it is combust).

The Sun as transformer

When the Sun conjoins Mars it invigorates it. It is as though Mars first dies to our vision, is then seeded by the sun, and is reborn when it again becomes visible. The Sun is the great transformer. No other body can ‘hold a candle’ to its extraordinary creative and transformative power. This cycle of death and rebirth is repeated approx every 25 months, usually in the next sign, occasionally skipping signs.

During the solar conjunction Mars can only be in direct motion, just as it can only be in retrograde motion when the Sun opposes Mars.


It is important to note that the apparent speed of the Sun as it appears to orbit the earth is twice the speed of Mars. The Sun moves about 1° each day and Mars averages about ½° each day. Mars’ speed varies because of its elliptical orbit and during its retrograde or direct stations.

Period of invisibility

Because of the Sun’s brilliance Mars is always invisible during the solar conjunction. It becomes invisible to our eyes when the Sun approaches within 15°, and after the conjunction it becomes visible when the Sun has separated than 15° from Mars. It will be next visible in late November 2021 when it is Scorpio.

Mars retrograde periods

The attached diagram also shows the Mars last and next retrograde periods. I have discussed in previous posts how the retrograde periods of the superior planets are triggered by trines from the Sun. First the dexter trine forces Mars to retrograde, then the sinister trine gives Mars permission to move forward in direct motion. It is the Sun which controls what happens.

The signs in which Mars are retrograde are generally opposite those where it is invisible.

October-November 2021

The conjunction of the Sun with Mars occurs shortly after the new Moon in Libra and within weeks of other planets turning direct. And Venus moves out of Scorpio where it is exile into Sagittarius. Put together these various planetary events suggest that October-November 2021 is an important turning point.

Astrology, statistical research and AI

AI people

A significant challenge faced by astrologers using statistical research and AI (artificial intelligence) to correlate planetary patterns with events is that results are not repeatable. Astrology is unique amongst the arts and sciences because it studies nature of time, the quality of time, as it varies from moment to moment. Time is like a landscape in that each moment has unique characteristics, just as each landscape vista is unique.

For example we might get one result from a medical research project that says xyz has shown a 79% correlation with Sun-Jupiter conjunctions over a 30-year period. At first glance this result might sound impressive. Research such as this is common in financial astrology circles where aspectal relationships between planets are correlated with the rise and fall of markets.

The odds

However, the chances of the celestial bodies being in the same signs and in the same angular relationship are millions to one. It takes hundreds of thousands of years for the exact same pattern to be repeated. For example, if research shows that applying Venus-Saturn square aspects have had a 75% correlation with a rise in the financial markets over the last 5 years, over the next 5 years the patterns of the planets do not repeat. The experiment cannot be repeated over the same conditions.

So while, in the above mentioned research, the results sound impressive, they can only be replicated in a relatively short period of time, and even then there will be differences as the Moon will have changed its zodiacal position. The Moon changes sign very quickly, and the movements of the more distant bodies provide a different backdrop on a regular and predictable basis.

Pluto and shorter sub-cycles

It is true that within a 250-year time frame Pluto’s sign placement remains the same. But this interval is divided up into sub-periods described by the shorter cycles of Uranus and Neptune, and these sub-periods are further divided by the interweaving cycles of Jupiter and Saturn, Mars and the Sun, and so on..

planet cycles

It is fundamental to astrology that the landscape of time varies from moment to moment, and that each moment is especially unique. Therefore, involving astrology with statistical research and estimating probabilities based on past results has limited value. Statistical research assumes that each moment is the same and attempts to validate results based on the assumption that conditions are the same and can be replicated. But astrology says that conditions are never the same because the quality of time varies from moment to moment. No two moments can be replicated.

Looking at the bigger picture It is questionable whether astrologers need to validate their findings according to the dictates of empirical and statistical research. While it is understandable that astrologers feel a need to be accepted and validated by the wider community, especially by the scientific community which is held in the highest esteem in the present era, it may not be possible to find acceptance.

A different perspective

A different approach would be re-access astrology’s place in the world relative to the prevailing culture where science is held as the final arbiter of truth. History suggests that astrology was ‘the mother of all sciences’ because ancient stargazers developed many of mathematical principles which made today’s achievements possible.

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