US Space Command

The horoscope for the announcement of the establishment of the US Space Command shows a powerful organisation.

Mars, the planet of war, conjoins the Sun in Virgo. This is a powerful statement of obvious intent. Also in Virgo are Venus and Mercury.

The Moon sits close to Regulus, the fixed star associated with power and worldly success, in the fire sign of Leo.

The eighth house group of Virgo planets makes a trine aspect to the ascendant, as does Uranus from the fourth house. Uranus in myth is associated with the sky god and has strong associations with shock awe and surprise.

The Sun, Mars and Venus are all disposited by Mercury, ruler of the ninth house of space travel. Mercury in Virgo is especially strong.

The Capricorn ascendant represents the organisation and is ruled by Saturn, the planet associated with control and repression, in Capricorn in the first house. This is a powerful Saturn and therefore represents a powerful organisation. Its one blemish is that it is still retrograde, although about to station direct, suggesting some initial inertia.

Saturn is also conjunct Jupiter by antiscion aspect. Jupiter is especially powerful in Sagittarius and operating behind the scenes in the twelfth house. The twelfth house has special associations with hidden subversive activity. Jupiter aspects elusive Neptune which is associated with ‘smoke and mirrors’.

It is interesting that there are no planets in air signs in this horoscope, but then, there’s no air in outer space!

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The Sun orders Jupiter to move forward

The king orders the planets

Every year the Sun aspects Jupiter by one trine, and approx 4 months later, by another trine. On each occasion Jupiter must stop in its tracks and change direction.

To use the analogy of a king and one of his subjects, when the king (the Sun) approaches one of his subjects (Jupiter), the subject must stop genuflect and reverse direction. It is as though the king has ordered his subject to change direction.

The first trine

The first trine is called a dexter trine. A dexter aspect is one which goes against the order of the zodiac signs, following the apparent diurnal movement of the Sun. On April 11 2019 the Sun in Aries trined Jupiter in Sagittarius. Jupiter was forced to stop (station) and step backwards (retrograde).

The second trine

On August 12 2019 the Sun, now in Leo, will again trine Jupiter. Jupiter will be permitted to stop retreating and move forward. This is a ‘sinister trine’ which goes with the order of the zodiac signs.

Between the trines: the opposition

Between the dexter and sinister trines the Sun opposed a retreating Jupiter on June 10 2019. When the Sun opposes the superior planets they must always retreat. It would not do to be seen moving towards the king in opposition. A superior planet is one which is beyond the orbit of the earth.

The Sun-king as the celestial representative of divinity

The analogy with the Sun as king works well. For millennia the Sun has been regarded as the celestial representative of divinity and of kings. It is after all the biggest and brightest object in our local solar system and supplies light to all the other bodies which they reflect back to us. It orders the movement of the planets, engraves the sky with the zodiac, and assigns to the planets their dignities. 


These trines from the Sun don’t have to be exact, but are generally within 15 degrees, which is the moiety (half the visible orb) of the Sun. They may sometimes ‘cross signs’. The dexter trine in April had a 4 degree orb, and the  sinister trine in August has a 5 degree orb.

The Sun also trines the other the other superior planets (those beyond the earth’s orbit) and dictates their direct and retrograde motions, just as the king directs his subjects.

The truth hides in plain sight

Astrology is based on the principle that the nature of reality is revealed by the celestial bodies. “As above so below“. If this is so then the analogy of the Sun as king has a deep and profound meaning, much more than a playful analogy. Perhaps the dominant role played by the Sun in our solar system describes the nature of reality in ways too easy to overlook. Maybe the truth, hiding in plain sight, is staring us in the face when we look to the skies.

The Sun is king. There can be only one.

Hong Kong Crisis

The horoscope for Hong Kong is based on the time of the handover to China at 00:00 am 1st July (Midnight between June 30 and July 1st 1997.

This exact time shows the Sun at 9 degrees of Cancer,the Moon at 19 Taurus, and the rising sign at 3 Aries.  Mars, ruler of the ascendant, is on the Descendant at 5  Libra.

While there have been previous protests, the first significant protest against the Extradition Bill took place on March 31st 2019 (1). Other astrological articles cite the June 9 protests which were also very significant.

Solar square and Saturn square

On March 31 2019 there was a solar square to the natal Sun, which suggests  some basic disturbance. Saturn was square natal Saturn, which suggests a reckoning with reality, a confrontation with the status quo. This Saturn transit takes place approx every 7 years. Saturn was also trine natal Moon, which suggest that the people were being galvanised. Saturn usually represents some reality check. At a different level, in mundane (political) astrology it represents repression and control.


On July 2nd there was a solar eclipse conjunct the natal Sun. In national charts solar eclipses to the Sun suggest a major transition in relation to matters associated with authority and the exercise of power.

Two weeks later on July 16 there was a lunar eclipse to the progressed Midheaven. The Midheaven represents the reputation of the country and its status. The lunar eclipse suggests a big shift.

Pluto to the Midheaven

The other important transit is Pluto to the progressed Mideaven at 23 Capricorn. Pluto is associated with upheaval and crisis, and also with bringing hidden issues to the surface. Pluto reaches this point every 248 years and this is a rare event. The Midheaven also has associations with the rulers, the boss. The Chief Executive is Carrie Lam (born 13 May 1957 (2)). She answers to the Chinese government. From an astrological perspective these are very unusual and significant times. Deep crisis and great danger.
Saturn crosses the progressed Midheaven, moving in direct motion, in February 2020.  Pluto is back on Hong Kong’s progressed Midheaven in February / March 2020.

Sun progresses into Leo

Perhaps the most important astrological indicator for the present crisis is the ingress of the progressed Sun into Leo at 9:45 pm on August 19, 2019.

The progressed Sun moves into a new sign approx every 30 years.  It is associated with major transition. The Sun represents leadership and power. We can expect a transition in the way power is exercised in Hong Kong around this time. Although it is unlikely to be at this precise time, because there are other transits that need to be taken into account (it’s complicated!), we can anticipate that we are already in the transition phase to a new era for Hong Kong.

The Sun in Cancer is more gentle, understanding, willing to go with the flow.
The Sun in Leo is much more authoritarian, more fixed and demanding of allegiance. It is difficult to see the protesters coming out of this well.

The Lunar Eclipse and Nic Natanui

Since ancient times eclipses have been associated with events that are life changing and/or disruptive.

The effect of an eclipse is to block light from one of the luminaries: the Sun or the Moon.

A solar eclipse occurs at a new or dark Moon when the Moon crosses between the Earth and the Sun, blocking the Sun’s light from reaching some parts of the earth.

A lunar eclipse occurs at a full Moon when it enters the Earth’s shadow,  and falls into darkness. At this time the Earth sits between the Sun and the Moon, blocking the Sun’s light from reaching the Moon.

Both solar and lunar eclipses are associated with sudden abrupt changes that may involve a disconnect with the familiar, forcing us to realign our priorities.

How they effect one’s life depends on the unique alignment of the lights and planets in one’s natal horoscope.

Eclipses impact people from all walks of life and no-one is exempt. In the news in Australia is Nic Natanui, an AFL football star of prodigious talent, ruckman for the 2018 premiers, the West Coast Eagles. He has only recently returned to play after a year off recovering from a knee injury. Now he has suddenly been sidelined with an angle injury. It must be very disappointing for him.

In hi natal chart Nic Natanui has Saturn the 25 degrees of Capricorn, just one degree from the lunar eclipse point at 24 degrees of Capricorn. Saturn in Capricorn gives toughness and control. In Capricorn Saturn is said to be dignified. However from the Earth’s perspective it appears to be stationing before going backwards in retrograde motion. This retrograde station reduces it’s strength which may contribute to issues with the bones and knees.

Nic Natanui’s natal chart is shown above. Because his birth time is unknown neither houses or Fortuna are shown. The Moon’s degrees are the daily range. The planetary aspects in his horoscope show a lot of promise, including the Sun-Pluto opposition, and the Mars – Jupiter trine. Unfortunately Nic Naitanui is going through tough times.

Mundane astrology

As the name implies , mundane astrology studies the mundane world. This branches studies subjects such as civilizations, human trends, politics, economics, wars, social movements, etc. – essentially, all of the phenomena affecting humanity  as a collective. On the other hand this branch of astrology is also concerned with natural phenomena, such as earthquakes, storms, and droughts, and is also knnown as natural astrology.” From On the heavenly Spheres, A Treatise on Traditional Astrology by Helena Arelar & Luis Ribero.

Mundane astrology is the branch of astrology dealing with influences affecting nations, collective experiences, weather, political leaders, historical trends and world events. Also known as political astrology.” From Deborah Houlding’s site

According to Robert Hand Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos (Circa 150 C.E.) deals with “universal” or “mundane” astrology, the study of events that affect countries, cities, or large groups of people..”

Astrology as a symbolic language

Some astrologers have referred to astrology as a symbolic language. While all human languages are symbolic this description implies that astrology symbols refer to abstract notions and somehow their use shows a disconnect from real life. describes a symbolic language as one that is specialized and dependent on symbols for the purpose of exactitude.

With the widespread use of the 12 Letter Alphabet, devised by Zipporah Dobyns in the 1970’s, astrology symbols are merged and are subsumed into various archetypes. Planets signs and houses are grouped together into 12 archetypes. For example the first archetype comprises the first house which is linked to Aries and its planetary ruler Mars.

An archetype is defined by as

The original pattern or model from which all things of the same kind are copied or on which they are based; a model or first form; prototype.

The problem is that that houses signs and planets are not things of the same kind. Any notion that they are betrays a misunderstanding of the basics of astrology. Equating things of a different nature leads to a merging and confusion of the symbolism.

The 12 Letter Alphabet system incorporates a basic disconnect and self-validates the claim that astrology is merely a symbolic language.

The merging of its symbolism also self-validates claims by its users that some things cannot be determined from the horoscope. No surprise there! It also explains why its users are averse to prediction. The vague symbolism used in the 12 Letter Alphabet, where meanings are flexible and indeterminate, leaves them impotent in this regard.


Eighth house confusions

Not intimacy or sex

Followers of the flawed ABC system of astrology who associate Scorpio with the 8th house and suggest that the 8th house therefore represents intimacy. This is not correct. The 8th house is not naturally associated with Scorpio (or Pluto). The 8th house does not represent intimacy.

Neither does the 8th house represent the mysteries of the creation of life as one astrologer claimed on another Facebook site. While death itself can seem mysterious, to understand the mysteries concerning the creation of life we need to look to the 9th house, the house of higher knowledge. It is here that the Sun, the ancient symbol of divinity, has its joy.

Buying and selling property

The people

The querent (the person asking the question) is represented by the first house and Lord 1 (Lord 1 is an abbreviation for the lord or ruler of the first house).
The opposite house, the seventh house and Lord 7, represents the other party.

The people’s money

The querent’s money or financial worth is shown by the second house and Lord 2. Look at its essential dignities and house location. If for example Lord 2 is Saturn in Capricorn and located in the twelfth house the querent has plenty of money (Saturn is in the sign of its rulership) but has difficulty accessing it because the twelfth house represents matters which are hidden from us or in some sense inaccessible.

The other party’s money is represented by the eighth house and their financial wellbeing is shown by the condition of Lord 8. Lord 8’s condition is shown by its essential dignities, its house placement, and aspects to benefics and malefics.

The property

The property is represented by the fourth house and Lord 4. Its condition is shown by its essential dignities (or debilities).

High or low price? Planet major dignities

The price of the property is described by the tenth house and Lord 10.

To assess whether the price is high or low compared to the condition of the property compare the essential dignities of Lord 10 with those of Lord 4. This comparison will tell you if the price is high or low considering the condition of the property.

For example if Lord 10 is Venus in Libra and Lord 4 is Mars in Taurus then the price is high (Venus is in the sign of its rulership and therefore has strong essential dignity), and the condition of the property is poor (Mars in Taurus is in the sign of its detriment). High price vs poor condition = this is not a ‘good buy’.

If Lord 10 is retrograde the price can come down.

The Deal

A deal between the 2 parties to buy or sell is represented by a meeting of the planets which represent the buyer and seller.

Aspect which indicate a deal include an aspect between Lord 1 and Lord 7, or Lord 7 and the Moon, or an aspect between Lord 7 and the first house cusp or Lord 1 and the seventh house cusp.

Only use the primary aspects: the trine square opposition and sextile, and the conjunction. A weaker indication that a deal might be done would be an aspect between Lord 8 and the first or second house cusp. Inconjunct and semi-sextiles indicate that the people represented by the planets cannot ‘see each other’ and therefore don’t meet and cannot make a deal. The word ‘aspect’ means ‘to see’ or ‘regard’.

There can be other indications of a deal being signed such as the Moon or a fast planet transferring light between Lord 1 and Lord 7 or a heavier planet collecting the light between these 2 planets.

Keep it simple

Essential Dignities
Usually I keep it simple and just use the major essential dignities (rulership and exaltation, peregrine and occasionally triplicity). If you find yourself using the minor dignities you are probably overthinking the question or maybe trying to force a result.

The houses
Identifying the correct house is everything in horary astrology. In real estate questions the 4 angular houses: 1 10 7 and 4 are the most important to consider. No need to look elsewhere in most cases. The 2nd and 8th represent the money of the buyer and seller and are also important.


I have used this system many times with very good results. It is sourced from John Frawley, and before him, Lilly and Bonatti. The application of this system will vary according to circumstances but the underlying principles always stay the same. This is only a brief outline and I intend to provide more detail in future posts.

Bitter Greens

GreensThe headline of the front page article in The Age of February 03 2019 reads: Bitter greens: lawyers called in amid walkouts.

The first paragraph summarises the sad saga: The crisis engulfing the Victorian Greens has deepened, with former Batman candidate Alex Bluthal calling in her lawyers and dozens of members planning to resign in protest at her treatment.  For Greens supporters the article is heavy reading as it details accusations of bullying and a 30% drop in membership in Victoria.

Are these events reflected in the horoscope for the Australian Greens? You bet they are.

The first clue is the Sun applying to a conjunction with Saturn. Saturn is the planet of restrictions, resignations, trouble and defeat. This solar conjunction highlights Saturn’s qualities. Of course this conjunction takes place every year around the start of February for the Australian Greens, and we don’t normally see troubles on this scale.

However when the backdrop of Pluto’s trine to natal tenth house Jupiter from the first house, and first house transiting Saturn applying to conjunct Neptune is taken into account, it becomes clearer why the Sun’s conjunction to Saturn is especially important at this time. Repressive Saturn smothers the high ideals represented by Neptune in the first house, and offers a serious reality check.

Saturn goes retrograde at the end of April, just before it aligns with Jupiter, so perhaps there’s a reprieve.

Also by the end of April Pluto has begun its retrograde phase at 23 degrees of Capricorn, very close to a trine aspect with the Midheaven of the Australian Greens horoscope. Pluto is famous for its transformative qualities, dredging up and exposing dirt that has been hidden, deliberately or otherwise. In a year’s time in Feb 2020 Pluto makes an exact trine to this natal Midheaven, at which point we should see a significant upheaval and transformation of the Greens public image.

This is an interesting horoscope and its resonance with events suggests it is accurately timed. With Uranus close to the ascendant the Australian Greens are never likely to be a boring party. The two benefics, Venus and Jupiter, sitting astride the Midheaven, show great hope, but their lack of essential dignity suggests that these hopes may not be totally fulfilled.