The lady who was never going to die

saturnDeath and political correctness

I recall about 30 years ago I was doing a reading for a lady who’d recently consulted a Vedic astrologer who told her she would die at 84 yoa. She reported it to me as a shock and was shaky and tearful. Turned out the problem wasn’t that he’d said 84. He could have said any age. The issue was that she was shocked at hearing the news that she would, at some time, die. It was inconceivable to her. This speaks volumes about the culture she was brought up in and how she’d been shielded from life’s realities.

Traditional societies

In more traditional societies such as some parts of India and other places, death is seen as a natural stage in life. People freely talk about it. Astrologers naturally include a predicted time of death in their readings, as they used to do in the West. However in recent times many see it as ethically wrong to predict death. Many won’t even mention the possibility. Why? Surely most of us are mature adults aware of the most inevitable event in life.

Political correctness

I have no problem talking about my death or anyone else’s, although I don’t generally for those living. But seriously what’s the problem? Will someone be upset? Is this another example political correctness gone mad, ignoring one of life’s basic realities? Maybe the modern mantra in astrology against mentioning death or the time of possible death needs to be reconsidered.

Our short time here

It is what it is.  Death is a reality of life that cannot be denied. And might we not be better off, perhaps even make wiser choices on our life’s journey, if we are more mindful of the bigger picture, more aware of how short our time here is on this beautiful planet?

Fear Death and the Coronavirus

We live at a time when the masses are trapped in a public fear. The sword of death hangs over us should we forsake the safety of our own home and chat with our neighbor. Some people are very anxious. Reports of the number who have died from the coronavirus are published daily. Quarantines, self-isolation, and restriction are the order of the day. All the fun stuff like sports, going to the local café, cinemas, and much more is prohibited.

If we believe the basic assumption of astrology, that what is in the heavens is reflected on earth and visa versa, then we would expect to see this grim situation reflected in the sky.

CoronavirusThe planet of fear and death

We would expect the planet that is associated with fear and death to dominate. That planet is Saturn and it is in its own sign, the place where it is very powerful, in Aquarius. It has recently been in the other sign where it is also at home: Capricorn. Any planet in one of these two signs is ruled by Saturn. Fear and death prevail.

Current situation

Currently Mars Jupiter and Pluto are in Capricorn and will all move into Aquarius over the next couple of years. Of these Mars is the quickest and leaves Saturn’s signs before the other planets. Its nature is to aggravate, infect and inflame and it will continue to do so from July through to the end of 2020. See the adjacent diagram. Towards the end of each year and the start of the next the Sun, with his two attendants Mercury and Venus, are also in Capricorn and Aquarius adding more weight to serious situation.

Mars in Aries square Capricorn

Planet of darkness and death

Saturn rules the signs opposite Leo and Cancer, which are ruled by the lights: the Sun and Moon. In astrology light is symbolic of life. Saturn represents darkness, heaviness, seriousness and responsibility. Death, the plague, cemeteries, confinement and incarceration are part of its dominion. Basically, everything we consider ‘bad’.


The grim situation we are experiencing here on earth is clearly being reflected in the heavens. The heavens indicate that it will last, albeit with ups and downs, until the new year of 2021 at least.

Prince Charles Coronavirus

Prince CharlesYesterday’s announcement that Prince Charles has contracted the Coronavirus is reflected in his natal horoscope.

Saturn, planet of death

Saturn, the planet which is associated with isolation, quarantine, and gereral hard times, is making an exact square (90 degree aspect) with his natal Moon.

This is a very serious time for Charles. Saturn rules the 8th house of death and he will need to be very careful to follow medical advice.
The Moon in astrology represents one’s emotions, and significant women such as one’s mother, wife, and daughter, should they be alive. The Moon is also the natural significator of the physical body and the aspect from Saturn suggests an important test for Charles. Saturn conjoining the Descendant, which is one of the 4 power angles, highlights the importance of this time.

There is also a special focus on Charles’ Moon this year because it rules his profected 71st year, the 12th house.

The secondary progressed Sun is also adjacent the 7th house cusp and about to be impacted by Saturn. This reinforces the seriousness of his present situation.

The Corona Eclipse

It is interesting that the Boxing Day annular solar eclipse of 2019 is coincident with the cusp of his 6th house. The 6th is assocoated with illness. This solar eclipse I call the Coronavirus Eclipse because it coincided with the onset of the coronavirus and is very similar in appearence. Prince Charles 2019 solar return

2019 Solar Return

The 2019 solar return horoscope for Prince Charles has the degree of the 2019 Boxing Day “Corona virus eclipse” on the 4th house cusp. The 4th house cusp is associated with emational foundations and family ancestry. He is rocked to his foundations. The Moon, which rules his 10th house of public office, moves to oppose Jupiter, the planet that rules the 6th house of illness. His illness is a matter of public interest.


Mars squares Charles’ Moon at the end of March. Mars is associated with inflammation, infection, and general aggravation.
Saturn returns to square his Moon at the end of June and again at Christmas time. These are likely to be very difficult times for Charles should he survive the coronavirus.
At the beginning of January 2021 Jupiter and Saturn conjoin in the skies at the Great Conjunction at 0 degrees of Aquarius. Historically these Great Conjunctions, which occur approximately every 200 years, are associated with shifts in the established order and empires.


Some of the astrological indicators discussed here suggest that Charles’ illness and its repercussions might be more serious than is presently being portrayed. By the new year 2021 the world is entering a new era. To ascertain who will be king a further study of the charts of other contenders in line for the crown is required before any prediction can be made.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto: Economic Crisis?

A number of astrologers are suggesting that the coming conjunction of Jupiter with Pluto indicates that we will get a break from our present troubles, that there’ll be a repreive from our economic crisis and other woes. Good old jolly Jupiter will deliver!


There are 3 dates in 2020 when Jupiter conjoins Pluto: April 5, June 30 (when Jupiter is retrograde) and November 13.

Jupiter Saturn keywordsJupiter in Capricorn

Yes Jupiter normally represents expansion, exaggeration, freedom. travel, sports, higher education, pushing the boundaries and jolly good times. But Jupiter in Capricorn is much less able to deleiver on these promises. He is in Saturn’s territory, restricted by the limitations of all kinds, including walls, barriers between people, self-isolation, quarantine, cancellation of sports events, travel and religious services; to name a few. Jupiter in Capricorn is said to be in his ‘fall’ for good reason. In Capricorn’s territory, high lofty and arrogent Jupiter comes crashing down to earth and is restricted to very mundane economic matters. He’s not his normal jolly self and is inclined to depression.

Economic history

  1.      1. During the 2008 GFC Jupiter conjoined Pluto at the end of Sagittarius then both planets moved into Capricorn and the economic crisis was in full swing.Dow Jones 1929
  2. The great depression of 1929 correlated with a Jupiter Pluto conjunction at 20 degrees of Cancer, opposite Jupiter’s present position at 21 Capricorn. This was also the time of Pluto’s discovery.
  3. Exactly one Saturn cycle ago in January 1991 we had the junk bond collapse with Saturn at 27-27 Capricorn, with Uranus and Neptune also in Capricorn. Jupiter was in a wide square with Pluto.

These are intended only as quick snapshots and my research has not included other dramatic falls over the last 150 years. However even this brief survey suggests economic crisis has a correlation with Jupiter-Pluto associations.

Interpreting Pluto

We hear the word ‘transformation’ blithely roll of many an astrologer’s tongue when asked what Pluto signifies. But don’t all the celestial bodies correlate with transformation in some way? The Sun obviously is the biggest contender as any planet coming close gets blinded and disappears from view, and is then reborn at its heliacal rising. The Moon correlates with transformative emotions; Mercury with new ideas, Venus with attraction; Mars with taking direct action, and so on….

Yes Pluto has a special intensity not shared by the other planets. Like a boy with a magnifying glass burning patterns into wood, he focuses the light of the Sun into the depths of whatever part of the horoscope Pluto connects with and dredges up what has been hidden, whether deliberately or unintentionally, for example the personal unconscious. Most often the result is crisis.

In mythology Pluto is also the god of the underworld and is associated with hidden wealth. In political terminology the word ‘plutocracy’ means rule by the weathy, which imo, is a reasonable description of how many countries are governed today.

Jupiter and Pluto

Both planets have an association with financial matters. Jupiter is associated with prosperity and Pluto with hidden wealth. On the negative Jupiter exaggerates and is associated with excess, while Pluto is associated with hidden agendas and exposing cover-ups.

Jupiter meets Pluto in Saturn’s sign

The planet of exaggeration and excess with a special focus on mundane economic matters meets the planet associated with exposing what has been hidden, with crisis. The obvious result is an economic crisis. Matters get exaggerated and exposed at a time when most of the superior planets are ruled by Saturn, the planet of serious consequences and restriction. While Jupiter normally represents prosperity, Saturn rules privation and depression. And it is Saturn who is in charge.

The future

The obvious conclusion in relation to the coming 3 Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions discussed above is that the economic outlook for the remainder of 2020 is one of crisis. Not positive.

Last night when the Moon conjoined Jupiter there was a pause in the downhill slide, brief though it was, so perhaps there is some cause for hope. Maybe Jupiter in Capricorn is not as negative as I have described above. Maybe, but I wouldn’t hang my hat on it.

Personally I don’t tolerate big losses. I took my superannuation momey out of exposure to the share market months ago when I saw the present crisis looming. I hope you did the same. I won’t consider getting back into the market until the new year of 2021. That’s just a personal perspective and is not intended as financial advice in any sense.

Astrology and the Coronavirus Part 1

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Astrology and the Coronavirus Part 4


Coronavirus and Astrology: Part 4: The end of the Virus Crisis

At the time of writing travel restrictions are being applied by various countries around the world. Trump has just announced a 30 day ban on travellers from the European mainland. India is going to stop issuing visas.

In Astrology and the Coronavirus Part 3: Saturn I identified Saturn as the common link between most horoscopes relevant to the corona virus. Saturn rules walls blocks and restrictions of all kinds, including quarantine and isolation, whether voluntary or involuntary. While there is a case for including Jupiter and Pluto as ‘the culprit’, it is Saturn which rules all these planets.

Jupiter crashes down to reality

I think one planet that has been overlooked in discussions is Jupiter, the planet of travel, freedom and liberty. It moved into the sign of Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn, in early December 2019, just as the first cases of the virus were being reported, and soon after Chinese government imposed restrictions in and out of Wuhan. In Capricorn Jupiter is at its lowest point, with its viewpoint restricted to the most mundane of realities. In Capricorn it no longer has access to unfettered idealism, lofty philosophy, or freedom of movement.

Jupiter’s entry in Capricorn has coincided with travel restrictions around the world as well as restrictions on educational institutions and large social gatherings. Because these restrictions are imposed to prevent the spread of the pandemic, I am looking to when Jupiter moves out of the sign of its fall to signal the beginning of the end of the virus crisis.

Jupiter and the lungs

It is interesting that Jupiter, normally a warm moist planet, represents the lungs, which are also warm and moist. During this time when Jupiter is in its fall the world is is reeling from a pandemic disease associated with the lungs.

element ephemeris Corona Virus

An overview of planets in the elements

The ephemeris on the left lists planet positions for the 1st of every month for a period of just over two years, color coded for the elements. Pink is for fire signs, green for earth, yellow for air and blue for water. At a glance a dominance of a particular element is evident.

My focus here is on planets in Capricorn, which is an earth sign (green). Notice the period between Dec 2019 and December 2020. During that time there are 3 planets in Capricorn, sometimes 4 and sometimes 5. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, he’s powerfully placed in his own sign. Saturn is not much fun. These are ‘heavy’ times where bad news abounds.

It is during this period when Jupiter is in Capricorn that I think travel restrictions will be most severe, and these restrictions will be in place because the virus is still thought to be active.

Mars – infection 2020 Mars transits

Mars has traditional associations with inflammation infection and disease.

The table of the right shows that there are 2 periods during 2020 when Mars is especially active: March – April, and August – October. These periods of Martian activity suggest trouble and heighened viral activity. Aggravation may also find expression in other ways, such as in financial markets and in violence or warfare.

Some astrologers also use Neptune to represent infection, especially when it’s on an angle in a cardinal ingress chart. For example Lee Lehman in her study of cardinal ingress charts for Wuhan in relation to the coronavirus.

Planets in Aquarius

Consulting the Element Ephemeris above we see that between April and July 2020 Saturn moves into Aquarius, a sign it also rules. During April and May Mars is also in Aquarius. Because Aquarius is an air sign, associated with the generation of ideas, the internet is likely to become especially important at a time when many people are forced to stay at home because of enforced isolation. Mars gives activity and aggravation, and Saturn is powerful as the over-arching regulator. There is the danger that this regulation (Saturn) might become too repressive.

Then during most of 2021 Jupiter is in Aquarius, another sign ruled by restrictive Saturn. But, importantly, Jupiter is no longer in the sign of its fall. My guess is that travel and other restictions will be loosened, although still carefully regulated.

During 2021 both Jupiter and Saturn are in Aquarius, during which time I suspect the internet and online communities will assume unprecedented importance. This suggests we are at the dawning of a new era.


I would expect travel and associated restrictions to be lessened by 2021, and lifted by 2022 when Jupiter moves into its own sign of Pisces. This is the signal that the coronavirus has been tamed. If the connection made here between Jupiter in Capricorn and travel and other restrictions is incorrect, then this timing for the end of the coronavirus crisis will also be incorrect. As it stands I am expecting the crisis to wane beginning 2021 and to fade out in 2022.

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Astrology and the Economic Crisis

Oil, Corona Virus, and economic crisis

In my article on The Coronavirus and Astrology, Part 1 I described the uncanny resemblence of the 2019 Boxing Day  Annular Solar Eclipse with the corona virus. Both are surrounded by a corona. This eclipse took place as public awareness of the virus began to dominate the media.
In the Corona Virus and Astrology, Part 2 I described how Moslem pilgrimages to the holy cities in Iran were identified as potential agencies for the spread of the disease to neighbouring countries, and the correlation with the beginning point of the eclipse’s path of visibility. The eclipse path is shown above. There was a second eclipse on January 10 followed the next day by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, whose synodic cycle is approx 35 years. Some astrology authors correlate the virus with this conjunction.
In Astrology and the Corona Virus Part 3: Saturn I identified Saturn as the common link between most horoscopes relevant to the corona virus.

Oil and economic meltdown

At the full Moon of March 10 2020 there are media reports of a second crisis emerging in Saudi Arabia that has the potential to cause major disruption to the world markets. This event follows closely the devasting impact of the corona virus on the world economy.

The Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia launched tit-for tat price war with Russia over the price of oil, ordering steep price cuts and flooding the market, rocking a global economy already at risk of falling into recession as the corona virus transitions into a world wide pandemic.

In hindsight it is easy to see the significance of  Saudi Arabia in this ongoing complex drama. Saudi Arabia is the exact beginning point of the eclipse which is very close to the Hormuz Strait, just to the north of which sits Iran.

In the horoscope on the left for Saudi Arabia, supplied by Astro-Deinst, we see a Capricorn ascendant with the Sun Saturn and Jupiter all on the ascendant. It reflects the reality of a kingdom marked by conservatism, hierarchy and repressive rule.

The March 10 full Moon at 19 Pisces sits close to the 27 Pisces Moon of the Saudi chart and links by sextile to its ruling planet Saturn. While there are various charts for Saudi Arabia, this chart, which shows a Saturn and Jupiter return with transiting Saturn also on the natal Sun, suggests that the kingdom is going through south node important historical turning point. Transiting Pluto also conjoins Sun Saturn and Jupiter as well as the ascendant. Pluto is associated with power plays, covert activities and crisis. Reports in the news media correlate well with what shows in this horoscope.

The perfect storm

As financial markets look increasingly fragile with precipitous falls we find strong planetary correlations. The outlook is less than positive for the coming months. Jupiter is regarded in astrology as the planet of prosperity. In the sign of Capricorn it is said to be ‘in its fall’ and struggles to deliver on it’s promise of good times. During the GFC Jupiter was also in Capricorn. Jupiter will remain in Capricorn until mid 2020 when it moves into another Saturn ruled sign. However it is no longer in the sign of its fall.

At the moment we have the twin effects of the corona virus and the oil price war amplifying fear in the global markets.


Astrology and the Corona Virus Part 3: Saturn

Saturn's wallAt the moment Mars Jupiter Saturn and Pluto are all in the tropical zodiac sign of Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn, and Mercury has also entered a Saturn ruled sign: Aquarius.

Saturn rules wall, barriers, enforcement, entrapment, seclusion, isolation and restrictions of all kinds including quatantines.

As a result of efforts to contain the corona virus walls and restrictions are going up in many places around the world. Travel barriers are being placed between countries and around huge cities in China. Schools and events associated with public gatherings are being closed down. Many factories and places where people work together have been closed with the result that many goods and spare parts are in short supply. Various economies are suffering and the financial markets have gone down.

Saturn also rules fear and people are living in a state of fear with various reports of stockpilling of consumables and supermarket shelves being emptied. The wearing of gloves and face masks are also ruled by Saturn as they are a way of establishing barriers between people. As is self-isolation.

Saturn also rules plagues and the corona virus is a disease of plague-like proportions.

Mars and Saturn will move in Aquarius over the coming months. Aquarius is the second zodiac sign ruled by Saturn. It is a warm moist sign associated with the generation of ideas and mental activity. Restriction of the internet and attempts to control the flow of information are likely to be in the news.

In is no mistake that events such as those above are happening at the moment just as Saturn is so dominant in the heavens. Astrology operates on the foundation of “As above so below, as below so above. ” What we see in the heavens in mirrored on earth and visa versa. The two move in tandem like dancers, both resonating to the same tune.

While various astrological markers such as the Aries ingress chart for Wuhan, the December 26 2019 annular solar eclipse and the Saturn Pluto conjunction in January 2020 have been associated with the corona virus, the player that is common to all these astrological events in Saturn. It’s association with walls and barriers, rejection, privation, fear and the plague fits the current scenario perfectly. The corona virus is represented by Saturn, sometimes called ‘the old devil’.

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annular eclipse

Corona Virus and Astrology Part 2

On January 26 I explored some astrological indicators for the Corona Virus and its celestial corrleations.

My focus was on the December 26 2019 solar eclipse which was an annular eclipse. Annular eclipses occur when the Moon is further away from the earth than normal and the darkened Moon features a solar corona around its edge. It is similar in appearence to the corona-virus, which also features a corona around its edge.

On the subject of celestial correlations other authors cite the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in early January 2020.

In recent days stories have emerged about outbreaks in Iran as a result of infected people on pilgrimages to the holy city of Qom spreading the virus unchecked. These outbreaks were hushed by the governement until national celebrations for the founding of the Republic were finished.

What is very interesting is that Iran is exceptionally close to the beginning point of the eclipse visibility path. 

The current theory put out by the media is that the virus began in China and spread to Iran. Perhaps the corona-virus began in Iran and spread to China.

Shown on the left is the eclipse chart for Qom in Iran.
It paints a grim picture. Notice the packed twelfth house.

The first house, which represents the country, is ruled by Saturn in the house of his joy, the twelfth house, where his mischief is given full licence.

The media focus on Iran became particlarly intense as Saturn crossed the ascendant of the eclipse chart.

Astrology and the Coronavirus Part 1

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The Coronavirus and Astrology, Part 1

At the very foundation of astrology lies the age-old principle, first articulated by the legendary Hermes Trismegistus:

As above so below. As below so above.

At the moment, 26th January 2020,  the media is awash with news of the Coronavirus. What we would expect to see, given the premise of astrology mentioned above, is that the Coronavirus will be shown in the heavens and on earth at the same time.

According to Wikipedia (

The first suspected cases were notified to the WHO on 31 December 2019, with the first instances of symptomatic illness appearing just over three weeks earlier on 8 December 2019.

annular eclipse So what significant events were taking place in the heavens between these dates?
There was an annular solar eclipse on Boxing Day, December 26 2019.

An annular solar eclipse is when the Moon is further away from the earth than normal and does not completely cover the Sun’s disk. The result is a corona on the outside rim of the Sun’s disk.

The main feature of an annular eclipse is the corona, the ‘rim of fire’, that surrounds the blackened disk of the Moon.

On the right is an image of the coronavirus cell. Notice any similarity? Yes they are different but what they have in common is the outer corona rim.

This similarity is an extraordinary reflection of the “As above so below. As below so above.” foundation principle of astrology mentioned above. It’s literal, obvious, and striking.

The centre of the coronavirus epidemic began in Wuhan China, where the annular solar eclipse was partially visible.

The chart for the eclipse set for Wuhan China shows Saturn, the greater malefic, very close to the MC. The lights conjoin Jupiter, the greater benefic in one of his more debilitated states.
Just 2 weeks later, on the 12th January 2020, Saturn conjoined Pluto. Their synodic cycle is approximately 35 years. annuyalr solar eclipse Wuhan China

So does this mean that the eclipse caused the coronavirus to appear?

No. Such a presumption suggests a cause-and-effect scenario, where the celestial bodies make things happen on earth. Those new to astrology would be excusued from thinking this way because many astrologers talk about the ‘influence’ of the planets. This way of speaking, while good for attracting dramatic attention and creating a funnel for sales, is quite misleading.

However no such influence between the celestial bodies and events on earth has been proven, with the exception of the Sun Moon and Jupiter. What this coincidence does imply is that both the celestial bodies and life on earth resonate together to something which is more fundamental and more powerful than we can behold.

Astrology and the Coronavirus Part 2

Astrology and the Coronavirus Part 3

Astrology and the Coronavirus Part 4

Astrology and the Economic Crisis


Vale Robert Zoller

Reports are circulating that Robert Zoller passed away on January 24 2020.

Robert Zoller was my first traditional astrology teacher. He was hugely important in bringing an awareness of traditional methods to the modern astrological world.

Along with Robert Hand and Robert Schmidt, Robert Zoller was a contributor to Project Hindsight which was seminal in re-invigoratimg astrology in the contemporary era.

Robert Zoller was versed in Latin, and was a Medieval Scholar and Astrologer. To quote from his web site: Robert Zoller was one of the world’s leading proponents of Western Predictive Astrology, also known as Medieval Astrology.

A graduate of both the Latin Institute of the City University of New York and the Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies of the City College New York. He has studied and taught astrology for near thirty years and produced what are now widely regarded as seminal works on astrology. In 2002, he was awarded the internationally acclaimed Regulus Award for excellence in astrological research and innovation.

It is claimed that he predicted the 9/11 attack on America in the month of September 2001 and that it would be instigated by Muslim radicals.

On the day of his reported death the dark Moon at 4 Aquarius was exactly conjoining his natal Sun, which closely opposed Saturn; and his ascendant ruler Jupiter was in antision conjunction with Venus, the ruler of the eighth house of death.

Vale Robert Zoller