Money & Wealth Reading


Does your horoscope show indications of winning the lottery?
Does it show any of the classic indicators of wealth?
After 20 years researching traditional and modern works Peter Burns has come up with a list of 19 astrological indicators associated with wealth (10 traditional and 9 modern).
If you would like to know whether your personal horoscope includes any of these astrological indicators associated with wealth and good luck, Peter presents a technical analysis
He also checks for indications of winning the lottery and good luck.
For those whose charts don’t promise great wealth, Peter Burns identifies your strongest planet with the idea of using its attributes to maximise your potential and become more prosperous and successful.

Peter Burns examines your horoscope and discusses each indicator separately. The zoom session is recorded and emailed to you.

Length: 30 minute (approx.) reading via zoom.

Required: An accurate time of birth.
Please email your birth details: Date, time (including AM or PM) and place of birth to:




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