Overview: 6-month astrology course conducted through online lessons and webinars.
Lessons and webinars are tailored to you needs
Personal mentoring with Peter Burns
Pre-requisite: Intermediate standard or a graduate of the Astrology Foundation Certificate Course
Tutor: Peter Burns
Sessions Fortnightly webinars
Starts Whenever you are ready
Finishes Approx. 6 months from the start date


Horary is the first among the four branches of astrology: horary, natal, electional, and mundane, and lays the foundation principles upon which the other branches are based. While the same basic principles are used in all four branches they differ in the context of their application.

Horary answers questions of immediate concern and consequence. Its focus is generally the short-term future. In natal astrology these same principles are applied to a person’s life and the unfolding of the various planetary cycles over the course of that life.

Horary’s big advantage over natal astrology is that questions of immediate importance can be answered quickly and clearly. There’s no need to spend hours examining the various layers of the natal chart to answer questions such as relationships, business, employment, money, and health. Neither is there any concern about the exact time for which the chart needs to be set.

Horary astrology excels in answering everyday questions. For the astrologer who wishes to be of practical use to clients and present simple and clear answers to matters of personal concern, horary is an invaluable tool. The use of natal astrology can save the professional astrologer a lot of time and provide clarity on issues which are difficult to answer through the natal chart.


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