January 2019 Quadruplicity (Mode) Ephemeris

January 2018 Modes

This Quadruplicity Ephemeris shows planet positions for each day in zodiacal longitude, 0 hours GMT, colour coded according to mode.
There are 3 modes, with 4 zodiac signs in each, which is why they are often referred to as the quadruplicities. Each of the 4 zodiac signs in each mode represents one the 4 elements.

The 3 modes are said to reflect the seasons.

The cardinal mode analogous to the quickening of Spring, new initiatives and movement. For this reason the cardinal signs are sometimes called movable signs.
The fixed mode reflects the fixed nature of Summer when it’s seems to be continually hot, and winter when it seems to be relentlessly cold.
The mutable mode reflects the variations experienced in Autumn (Fall). The mutable signs vacillate between the fixed energy of the previous sign and the cardinal energy of the next sign. This is a ‘coming and going’ energy. For this reason the mutable signs are sometimes called common signs.

The Modes

January 2019 Mode Ephemeris

[av_one_fourth first]Planet Tracks 2019[/av_one_fourth]

[av_one_fourth]Elements Jan 2019[/av_one_fourth]

[av_one_fourth]Aspects Jan 2019[/av_one_fourth]

[av_one_fourth]Dignities Jan 2019[/av_one_fourth]

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