The essential dignities & receptions

The essential dignities & receptions


The concept of receptions is related to the idea of welcoming a visitor to one’s home, as in when one planet visits the home (domicile) of another planet. It’s about the relationship between the host and the guest and what sort of reception the guest receives.

Dignity is like a measure of a celestial body’s power, especially its power to act according to its essential nature, to be itself.

Reception is major consideration associated with essential dignity and underpins the meaning of the aspects. When there is reception between planets in aspect the meaning of the aspect can be completely overturned. But although it is sometimes talked about, many students are mystified by reception and how to use it.

Structure: 7 lessons with associated quizzes plus four 1-hour Zoom sessions with other students

Standard: Beginners-intermediate.

Requirements: Completion of the Astrology Foundation Certificate Course or equivalent knowledge

Tutor: Peter Burns

Zoom sessions 1 hour. 2 pm ADST

Starts: Whenever you are ready



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