About Peter Burns

Peter Burns with James

In 1984 Peter Burns began consulting and teaching palmistry and in the late 1980’s took up the study of astrology. He has since consulted hundreds of people, lectured in Australia and the US and run courses.

Peter took up astrology in the 1980’s, received his Astrology Diploma (FAA) in 1997; and successfully completed The Apprenticeship in Horary Astrology in February 2008 and was recognised as a Horary Craftsman; .was president of the Victorian Astrology Association 2006-2008; national editor of the Federation of Australian Astrologers Journal 2000-2015; guest speaker on ABC radio in Western Australia and 3RRR in Melbourne; published The Palmistry Textbook in 2011, has lectured in Australia and USA.

Peter is dedicated to integrating the wisdom gained from modern astrology with traditional astrology and establishing a bridge of open-mindedness between the two points of view. Peter is a dedicated astrologer, lecturer, writer, and teacher.

Peter runs online courses in horary astrology and hand analysis.

Peter’s goal is to provide astrologers with a solid foundation in the ‘first principles’ of astrology,.

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