2021 December Stellar Calendar

The various ephemerides and graphical depictions of celestial phenomena are offered free to the astrological community to use and distribute. My only request is that you credit the source. I have no commercial interest in publishing these graphics and only do so because I enjoy the publishing journey and the final result.

Each monthly calendar includes the element of each planet, lunar phases, retrograde planets and transits. 

The total solar eclipse on the 4th December 2021 at 12.22 Sagittarius is viewable mainly from the Antarctica and the southern tips of South Africa and South America.  
If you have important planets at 12 degrees of the mutable signs (Sagittarius Pisces Gemini or Virgo) or the fire element (Aries Leo or Sagittarius), this may be an important time for you.

On December 14 there is a significant shift with Mercury, moving out of Sagittarius where it struggles to be itself, into Capricorn where its capacity for detail finds a constructive outlet. 

On the same day Mars moves from a place of strength in Scorpio into Sagittarius where its wilder side can be more adventurous, and perhaps create more havoc. 

On Christmas eve Saturn completes its last aspect with Uranus, signalling stressful times in which the old must give way to something different. According to this aspect, we live in unstable times. 

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