Australia and the June 2020 Solstice Eclipse

Before I look at the June 21 2020 eclipse for Australia it is worthwhile checking the Aries Ingress Horoscope for Australia, set for the capital Canberra.

Australia Aries ingress 2020Aries ingress for Australia

The Sun is placed in the ninth house of international relations and rules the second house of finances. When viewed against the background context of Australia’s position vis à vis the emerging tensions between USA and China, the Sun‘s ninth house focus makes sense.

The Moon

The Moon represents the people and the general flow of events. It is positioned on the cusp of the eighth and squares Venus, the planet which rules the fourth house of mining and general produce, and also the eleventh house of allies. Australia is in a fix, caught between loyalty to old allies and the need to sell its iron ore and other goods to China.

Trading partners

The  seventh house of trading partners contains 4 malefics: Mars, Jupiter in detriment, Pluto and Saturn. Our adversaries and trading partners are ruled by Saturn in its own sign, and are therefore very powerful. Compare this to the Ascendant ruler, which represents Australia. This is the Moon in Aquarius conjunct the eighth cusp which is associated with the assets of our adversaries and trading partners. We are beholden to our trading partners and adversaries. We are in ‘their pocket’.

200621 solar eclipse AustraliaJune 21 Annular Solar Eclipse

The June 21 2020 Annular Solar Eclipse horoscope for Australia falls in the  seventh house of trading partners and adversaries, repeating the general theme of the Aries Ingress Horoscope. Again we see Australia in a weak position, represented by the first house ruler Jupiter in the second house of finances in the sign of its fall and retrograde.

The eclipse Moon rules the eighth of death and loss and there is an obvious association with the Covid-19 pandemic and a possible second wave. It is the Moon which eclipses the Sun and therefore is very powerful.

Australia FederationAustralia’s Horoscope

There are a number of horoscopes for Australia. The one I prefer is when the federation was officially celebrated on the 1st January 1901 at a banquet held at the Melbourne Exhibition Building at midnight.

The Midheaven for this horoscope is only 4 degrees off the eclipse point at 4 Cancer. This is only 2 degrees off the rising degree of the Aries Ingess horoscope and 4 degrees from the eclipse point at 0 Cancer. The Midheaven represents the government and its leader. An eclipse generally represents a crisis, or some unexpected event or revelation which brings a sudden change of focus.

Eclipse duration and events

The duration of this annular solar eclipse is comparatively long: about 6 hours. Some say that every hour equals one month in terms of associated events. However I think we can event to see correlations within a month of the eclipse. Already Australia’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has been seeking new trading opportunities with India as a counter-balance with China.


Both the Aries Ingress Horoscope and the June 21 Annular Solar Eclipse horoscope indicate that Australia is going through very challenging times in regard to the need to balance our trading interests and our relationship with our allies. The eclipse suggests that the government will need to take decisive action to reserve Australia’s prosperity.

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  1. The first event was a relatively minor penumbral lunar eclipse on June 5. After Sunday’s solar eclipse, another minor lunar eclipse will occur overnight on July 4 and 5.

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