Who will be President after the 2020 election?

Notice the title doesn’t include any suggestion that the election must be fair or without interference. The only criteria is the result.

MethodUSA 2020 ingress

I use the Aries Ingress chart before the election. This is the moment when the Sun, on its northward journey, crosses the equator at the vernal Equinox. Aries Ingress charts have been used for hundreds of years to predict the fortunes of nations and city states.

Significators & guidimg principles

The government is represented by the tenth house and its ruler. The government’s assets and resources, including their supporter base, are represented by the second house from the tenth house, which is the radical eleventh house.

The opposition is represented by the house opposite the tenth house,  the fourth house. Their assets and supporter base are represented by the fifth house and its ruler.

The country as a whole is represented by the first house and its ruler. Unless it represents one of the aforementioned houses, the Moon represents the mood of the public and its next applying aspect is often a pointer to the outcome of the election.

Planets in any of these houses are also included in this assessment. A primary consideration for all planets is their condition in terms of essential and accidental dignity, and their relationship with other planets, which includes their receptions and aspects.

The Government (Republicans)

With Virgo on the tenth house cusp Mercury represents the government. It is in detriment in Pisces just outside the fourth house cusp. It’s position on the fourth house cusp shows the government, represented by the Republicans, have control/power over the opposition.

Compare this to the Aries ingress horoscope preceding the 2016 election where the planet representing the Republicans, who were then in opposition, was Jupiter sitting on the outside of the tenth house cusp. Again the planet representing the Republicans was in a controlling position.

In the 2020 chart Mercury has just gone into direct motion and is moving about half its normal speed, suggesting proggress is slow. Mercury‘s next aspect is to Uranus which shows unpredictability.

The government’s assets are shown by the ruler of the eleventh house: Venus. Venus is powerful in Taurus and has moderate accidental strength in the derived ninth house.

The opposition (Democrats)

The Democrats are ruled by Jupiter in its detriment in Capricorn, a sign where Jupiter’s lofty ideals are debased to financial and political realities. Jupiter is applying to a conjunction with Pluto, suggesting crisis. Mars is making a exact conjunction with Jupiter, pushing on with pragmatic practicalities and maybe frustration. However Mars represents the Democrat’s supporters suggesting a strong push. Jupiter is beseiged between two malefics, Mars and Pluto.

With four planets in its derived eleventh house of allies, three of them malefics, life looks tough for the Democrats. Neptune in the fourth house suggests confusion and deception. Although the Sun is in the fourth house, it is in a different sign to the one on the fourth house cusp, reducing its influence.

One plus for the Democrats is that Mars, which represents its supporters and assets, is very strong in Capricorn.

The public

The mood of the people is represented by the Moon in Aquarius. The Moon is governed by a powerful Saturn, on the cusp of entering Aquarius, where it is no longer in the sign of the Moon’s detriment. The Moon’s next aspect is a square to a strong Venus in Taurus, which represents the gov’t’s supporters. Perhaps public sentiment shifts to the Republicans.

Trump’s horoscope

It is interesting that Mars Jupiter and Saturn all oppose Trump’s Saturn Venus conjunction, and also trine his Midheaven. I am not offering a full analysis of Trump’s chart here and my intention is to use the Aries Ingress chart as a stand-alone assessment.

Aries Ingress assessment

On balance this interpretation of the Aries Ingress chart suggests that the Republications will retain office with Trump as president.


3 thoughts on “Who will be President after the 2020 election?”

  1. Gabrielle Yoder

    I’d love to see an update on this and further looking into Trump and Biden and how they are affected by this election. You seem to be a true mundane astrologer without agenda and that’s refreshing.

    1. thank you Gabrielle
      Yes agendas can be quite a burden.
      I have handed over this project to Mark Cullen who was already compiling a list of those making predictions.
      Unfortunately, whatever technique is used, there’s a 50/50 chance of getting it right, so we’ll never know from this example which techniques is most effective.
      And even if someone gets the correct answer, a single correct outcome does not validate a technique.
      But it’s all interesting nevertheless. Just that there’s so much ego and bias to contend with.
      kind regards Peter Burns

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