Australia and the June 2020 Solstice Eclipse

Before I look at the June 21 2020 eclipse for Australia it is worthwhile checking the Aries Ingress Horoscope for Australia, set for the capital Canberra.

Australia Aries ingress 2020Aries ingress for Australia

The Sun is placed in the ninth house of international relations and rules the second house of finances. When viewed against the background context of Australia’s position vis à vis the emerging tensions between USA and China, the Sun’s ninth house focus makes sense.

The Moon

The Moon represents the people and the general flow of events. It is positioned on the cusp of the eighth and squares Venus, the planet which rules the fourth house of mining and general produce, and also the eleventh house of allies. Australia is in a fix, caught between loyalty to old allies and the need to sell its iron ore and other goods to China.

Trading partners

The  seventh house of trading partners contains 4 malefics: Mars, Jupiter in detriment, Pluto and Saturn. Our adversaries and trading partners are ruled by Saturn in its own sign, and are therefore very powerful. Compare this to the Ascendant ruler, which represents Australia. This is the Moon in Aquarius conjunct the eighth cusp which is associated with the assets of our adversaries and trading partners. We are beholden to our trading partners and adversaries. We are in ‘their pocket’.

200621 solar eclipse AustraliaJune 21 Annular Solar Eclipse

The June 21 2020 Annular Solar Eclipse horoscope for Australia falls in the  seventh house of trading partners and adversaries, repeating the general theme of the Aries Ingress Horoscope. Again we see Australia in a weak position, represented by the first house ruler Jupiter in the second house of finances in the sign of its fall and retrograde.

The eclipse Moon rules the eighth of death and loss and there is an obvious association with the Covid-19 pandemic and a possible second wave. It is the Moon which eclipses the Sun and therefore is very powerful.

Australia FederationAustralia’s Horoscope

There are a number of horoscopes for Australia. The one I prefer is when the federation was officially celebrated on the 1st January 1901 at a banquet held at the Melbourne Exhibition Building at midnight.

The Midheaven for this horoscope is only 4 degrees off the eclipse point at 4 Cancer. This is only 2 degrees off the rising degree of the Aries Ingess horoscope and 4 degrees from the eclipse point at 0 Cancer. The Midheaven represents the government and its leader. An eclipse generally represents a crisis, or some unexpected event or revelation which brings a sudden change of focus.

Eclipse duration and events

The duration of this annular solar eclipse is comparatively long: about 6 hours. Some say that every hour equals one month in terms of associated events. However I think we can event to see correlations within a month of the eclipse. Already Australia’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has been seeking new trading opportunities with India as a counter-balance with China.


Both the Aries Ingress Horoscope and the June 21 Annular Solar Eclipse horoscope indicate that Australia is going through very challenging times in regard to the need to balance our trading interests and our relationship with our allies. The eclipse suggests that the government will need to take decisive action to reserve Australia’s prosperity.

The 2020 annular Solstice Eclipse and USA

The 2019 Coronavirus Eclipse

In my January 26 2020 article The Coronavirus and Astrology, Part 1 I looked at the 2019 Boxing day eclipse and called it the Coronavirus Eclipse because its appearance echoes the coronavirus and it occurred just as the world was waking up to what was to become a pandemic.

I described an annular solar eclipse as “…when the Moon is further away from the earth than normal and does not completely cover the Sun’s disk. The result is a corona on the outside rim of the Sun’s disk. The main feature of an annular eclipse is the corona, the ‘rim of fire’, that surrounds the blackened disk of the Moon.”

usa plus 200621 eclipseJune 21 2020 Annular Solar Eclipse

On June 21 2020 we have another annular eclipse, this time opposite (within 3 degrees) the same place in the zodiac as the 2019 Boxing Day eclipse.

The 2019 eclipse was opposite USA Jupiter and Venus (Sibly chart). In the 2020 chart the eclipse is conjunct US Venus, ruler of the tenth house and within 4 degrees of Jupiter, the Ascendant ruler.

200621 annular SEEclipse Path

This eclipse begins in the Congo, passes through Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan , Northern India, China, directly through Tibet, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and is also visible in Wuhan and Beijing.

Eclipses are considered to be most potent in areas of visibility. The path of this annular eclipse is visible (cloud permitting) in a number of areas associated with conflict, crisis and tension, including Yemen, Kashmir, Tibet, Wuhan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Any one of these areas in the eclipse path have the potential to be flashpoints in regards to US foreign policy. Hong Kong and Taiwan are obvious candidates.

USA and 200621 eclipse

The eclipse of the Sun

In a very basic sense the Sun represents reason, clarity and truth; while the Moon represents the rise and fall of emotions. In mundane (political) horoscopes the Moon also represents the people.  A groundswell of pent-up feelings is likely to surface.

The bi-wheel shows the eclipse in the  seventh house of open enemies and trading partners.

The ruler of the seventh house is Mercury conjoining the Sun in the USA Sibly horoscope.  Issues concerning trading partners and opposing forces dominate thinking.

Tariffs and oil

The Sun, which is being partially (mostly) eclipsed, rules the ninth house in the USA Sibly horoscope, suggesting a crisis in foreign policy.

The Moon, ruler of the eighth house, represents the resources of trading partners and open enemies,and eclipses the Sun, suggesting issues of supply, tariffs, and perhaps oil.

BLM and wealth disparity

Looking at the eclipse on its own, set for Washington DC, we see Uranus on the Ascendant, pointing to protests, insurrection and rebellion.

In the context of the BLM movement and the recent aspects of the Sun and Mars to the US Ascendant axis, Uranus on the US Ascendant is an obvious warning of potential trouble.

With the Ascendant ruler Venus on the second house cusp of money and finances, wealth disparity is a driver for discontent. In Gemini Venus shows a split, a polarity which will need to be reconciled. Venus is stationing retrograde and we would expect matters to move forward as it begins to move to the US Descendant.

Jupiter and Pluto conjunct the Midheaven

Another stand-out in the eclipse horoscope is Jupiter- Pluto conjoining the Midheaven. These planets are conjunct by longitude and also in parallel aspect, and we would therefore expect that Jupiter is obscuring Pluto’s light, and is the dominant influence. Both are problematic for US leadership and administration. Pluto represents crisis and has the capacity to dredge up and exposé toxic material, while Jupiter in Capricorn is very depressive, especially in a financial sense.


The Sun in mundane astrology symbolises the nation’s leader and it is being eclipsed. Before we rush into dire predictions regarding Trump we must remember that this eclipse applies to leaders the world over and does not especially highlight Trump. Except of course that in the present context he is already under great pressure.

And the Jupiter- Pluto conjunction with the Midheaven points to serious issues. However a contra-indication is the Midheaven ruler Saturn, very powerful in Aquarius, in a different sign to the one on the Midheaven. This suggests that in some way Trump is separate or protected from the crisis represented by the Jupiter- Pluto conjunction.

There is not the space here to do a thorough astrological analysis of Trump’s prospects. There is much to consider including his derived charts such as his solar return horoscope, his profected horoscope, his progressions, solar arcs and transits.


Issues concerning the US are very complex and a comprehensive astrological coverage is not possible in a single article. The Aries ingress horoscope, for example, should also be analysed. I leave that to other commentators.

I will next focus on issues associated with the eclipse for Australia.



USA eclipsed

Following the red hot Sun square Mars aspect which aligned with the USA Ascendant in the Sibly horoscope, is the June 5 2020 lunar eclipse at 15.34 Sagittarius. This lunar eclipse is within 3 degrees of the US Ascendanrt. The USA is ‘eclipsed’.

We are at the beginning of the 2020 mid-year eclipse season. In June – July 2020 there are 3 eclipses which dramatically impact the USA Sibly chart and consequently Donald Trump.

In the previous post I looked at the Sun square Mars aspect and its connection to the Ascendant of the USA Sibly chart. Trump has since spoken of calling out the troops to quell violent protests. It’s been an ugly look for America.

eclipses usaTomorrow’s lunar eclipse, within 3 degrees of the Sibly Ascendant, activates the most powerful point in the nation’s horoscope.

It is of course the Moon which is eclipsed. The Moon represents the people, and they are in strife.

The Sun, shining bright from the seventh house of adversaries and open enemies, is the source of this eclipse. It represent enemies within (racists) and without (China, Iran etc.) .

The Sun’s meaning

The Sun’s essential meaning is associated with truth and clarity (shining  the light of truth), power and leadership, and boundless energy. The Sun in the seventh house gives the perception that enemies within and without have great power and are feared. The nation and its people are eclipsed. Trump has since spoken of calling out the troops to quell violent protests.

Sun square Mars

This backdrop of this eclipse is a nation raging against injustice and bigotry, and gathering support from those opposing abuse of power by the élite. The astrological signature for this eruption is the tranisting Sun square transiting Mars, with the Sun conjoining the Descendant of the Sibly horoscope. As the eclipse hits tomorrow the fires are already raging. The people are not happy.

The  seventh house

In a mundane (political/economic) horoscope the seventh house represents the nation’s adversaries, as well as its trading partners. The complex difficult and contentious issues with China make it the obvious candidate. Iran is another open enemy.

Donald Trump

In Donald Trump’s horoscope the eclipse falls in his fourth house, sextiling his natal Jupiter and opposing natal Uranus. The aspect to Jupiter is likely to be more important as it the more visible planet, and the situation may play into his hands. The opposition to Uranus is represents the shock and surprise element.

In Trump’s progressed horoscope the eclipse squares his Moon, emphasing the emotional challenges the situation has presented him. His progressed Moon rules the ninth house in his progressed chart, pointing to issues abroad.

The eclipse also trines his progressed Mercury-Pluto conjunction, showing his capacity to manipulate the situation.

Will Trump survive?

Trump has Regulus, a powerful fixed star conjunct his Acsendant. It is perhaps the most powerful fixed star and promises power and material success. It will take a lot to bring Trump down.

And Trump was born on an lunar eclipse and is naturally comfortable with the dramatic energy shifts associated with eclipses.

He survived an attempt at impeachment at a time when many astrologers incorrectly predicted his downfall. Their bias colored their judgement. They thought that Pluto opposite his natal Saturn would destroy him. What they didn’t recognise was that Saturn in his chart represents his enemies, not Trump himself.


In the next article I will focus on the second of the mid-year 2020 eclipses,  the solar eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer. This is powerful eclipse has special importance for the US and also for its handling of the pandemic.


Barnaby Joyce Prediction – Updated

Barnaby JoyceLooking back to the previous solar eclipse prediction

Back in August I wrote about Australia Deputy leader Barnaby Joyce’s horoscope and whether it indicated he might have dual citizenship and therefore would need to step down from parliament.

I have no birth time so I used the thema mundi chart set for noon, shown here without houses, with the Moon’s movement on his birthday between 10-23 of Cancer.

The solar eclipse of August 21 2017 aspected his Sun with an orb of 2-3 degrees, the maximum orb allowable, highlighting his natal Sun, arguably one of the most important points in any horoscope.

Solar eclipses are associated with unexpected surprises where hidden lunar forces are released and the situation changes very quickly.

Aries Ingress Australia 2017I checked the Aries ingress of the Sun for Australia and saw that the solar eclipse of August 17 conjoined the 11th cusp. The 10th house represents the government and the Prime Minister (PM). The 11th house, as the derived 2nd house from the 10th house, represents the support for the PM, and as Barnaby Joyce is Australia’s deputy PM, Barnaby is represented by the 11th house.

The 11th house cusp is closely aspected by the Moon, which represents the high court, and Saturn which rules the opposition because it rules the sign opposite to the government’s 10th house.

I said it didn’t not look good for Barnaby Joyce and “it is most likely that Barnaby Joyce will be forced to stand down“.

He was forced to stand down, had to compete in a by-election, and was re-elected. Note his Sun-Mars opposition. he is a fighter. Not that Mars is in great condition in Libra but he knows how to relate to people and anticipate others’ reactions.

The solar eclipse of Feb 2018

Barnaby JoyceFast forward to the present and the partial solar eclipse of February 15-16 again aspects his natal Sun. Again he is serious trouble, this time because of an affair and it’s reflection on his support of traditional family values. His reputation has in a sense been partially eclipsed.

On the morning of the eclipse (Australian time) there was talk of mutiny against his leadership in the news media. Two days prior he needed to correct his record of participation in the Army Reserve. f

On the left is Barnaby Joyce’s horoscope with the Feb 2018 partial solar eclipse added. Again both his natal Sun and Mars are activated.
It is interesting that the Feb 2018 eclipse sits on the fifth house cusp of the 2017 Aries Ingress of the Sun horoscope for Australia. Tanya Plibersek is Labor’s deputy leader, and has entered the debate on Joyce’s affair on a different note, declaring that what he does with his personal life should remain private, but that his use of taxpayer funds in moving Vikki Campion, the staffer he had an affair with, into different jobs, should be made fully transparent.

Saturn square Saturn

Barnaby Joyce’s horoscope also shows his natal Saturn at 5 Aries, which means transiting Saturn is squaring his natal Saturn. Saturn aspects bring a test and the need to face facts, and are often associated with issues of maturity, failure, the need to face reality, the need to take responsibility for something, and frequently career issues and for older folk, questions about retirement. He is now needing to run two families and is said to need to keep his job to pay for his various expenses. No doubt he will fight hard to resist retirement from public office.

In more recent news it is claimed in the media that a crisis has developed between the governing parties because of comments made by the PM Malcolm Turnbull and the backlash from Barnaby Joyce.

In the horoscope shown on the left for the Feb 15-16 2018 partial solar eclipse for Australia the aggravation for the government is shown by Mars conjunct the Midheaven. The government and its leader Malcolm Turnbull are shown by the tenth house ruler Jupiter, which is square the eclipse at 22 Scorpio. Turnbull is in a difficult position.

The deputy leader, Barnaby Joyce, is shown by the eleventh house ruler which is Saturn in Capricorn. Venus, the planet representing relationships and young women, aspects Saturn by applying sextile within 7 minutes of arc, which is descriptive of the deputy leader’s affair with his staffer.

The eclipse itself falls in the twelfth house of matters hidden, of entrapment, and self-undoing. Neptune, the planet of illusion and deception, is just within the first house, in tight square aspect with Mars on the Midheaven.

The horoscope for the solar eclipse describes the situation in Australia very well and shows government leadership in crisis.

Solar Eclipse February 15 2018

The solar eclipse on February 15 is visible in southern Argentina and covers much of the Antarctic. The path of an eclipse is often associated with notable events. Along the path of the 2017 21 August total solar eclipse natural disasters in the form of hurricanes caused widespread suffering in the USA.

Those with significant planets or points conjunct or square 27 Aquarius are likely to experience important shifts.

Trump 2018 Solar EclipseOne example is Donald Trump. This eclipse is conjunct his Descendant (29.55 Aquarius) and opposite his Mars at 26.47 Leo. He is likely to experience strong opposition over the coming weeks. This is also the same degree as the Moon in the USA Sibley chart, which reinforces its significance. The US Moon conjunct Trump’s descendant shows his close connection with the country, and his natal Mars opposite this point reflects his capacity to ignite the passions of the American people.

This eclipse is at the same degree, 27 Aquarius, as was Uranus at the time of the STS-107 Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. This was also a full Moon in Aquarius. (12-14 degrees).

Interesting that at the time of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster on January 28 1986 Mars was at the same point.

In the news at the time of this solar eclipse comes news of a mass shooting in Florida at a high school

Below are charts for the solar eclipse in Australia, US, China and Europe.

Solar eclipse

Barnaby Joyce Prediction

Barnaby JoyceWith news that Barnaby Joyce may have dual citizenship and therefore may have to step down from parliament I decided to have a look at his horoscope.

I have no birth time so I have used the thema mundi chart which is set for noon and shown here without houses and the Moon’s movement through his birthday is between 10-23 of Cancer.

The solar eclipse of August 21 2017 aspects his Sun with an orb of 2-3 degrees. While this might be considered to be the maximum orb allowable it does highlight his natal Sun, arguably one of the most important points in any horoscope.

Solar eclipses are associated with unexpected surprises where hidden forces are released and the situation changes very quickly. In the context of Barnaby’s position as deputy leader of Australia and the challenger to his right to hold that position this eclipse suggests that his tenure is under serious threat.

Aries Ingress Australia 2017Checking on the Aries ingress of the Sun for Australia we see that the solar eclipse of August 17 conjoins the 11th cusp. The 10th house represents the government and in particular the Prime Minister (PM). The 11th house, as the derived 2nd house from the 10th house, represents the support for the PM. The deputy PM is the PM’s most primary support and is represented by the 11th house.  The 11th house also represents the Liberal and National Party MPs whose votes the PM relies upon to form government.

The 11th house cusp is closely aspected by the Moon and Saturn. Saturn rules the opposition because it rules the sign opposite to the government’s 10th house, and the Moon as 9th house ruler represents the high court.

It does not look good for the government or for Barnaby Joyce. Based on the relationship between the solar eclipse with Barnaby Joyce’s horoscope and the 2017 Aries Ingress horoscope  for Australia it is most likely that Barnaby Joyce will be forced to stand down.