Jargon-free astrology for non-astrologers

This site is primarily intended for astrologers and those learning astrology. The purpose is discussion, education and research. However articles here are not jargon-free and often make no sense to non-astrologers unfamiliar with the terminology.

Some of my non-astrologer friends and others who have no understanding of astrology want a quick jargon-free summary of what is being said, particularly if there’s some sort of prediction involved. Actually not all articles are about predicting the future. Many are discussions about how to interpret a horoscope.

However I will do my best to provide a ‘plain English’ summary where possible.

Article summaries (abstracts) are listed in chronological order.

Published March 19 2020: Jupiter conjunct Pluto: Economic Crisis? 

Conjunctions of the planets Jupiter and Pluto correlated with the onset of the Great Depression, he January 1991 Junk Bond Collapse and the 2008.
If these correlations hold true for 2020 is anticipated that the present economic crisis will have 3 peaks: April 5, June 30, and November 13.

Published March 12 2020: Coronavirus and Astrology: Part 4: The end

Correlations with Jupiter suggest that travel and associated restrictions to be lessened by 2021, and lifted by 2022. This is based on the assumption that travel restrictions will only lifted when the coronavirus has been tamed. If this assumption holds true then the crisis will wane beginning 2021 and to fade out in 2022.

Published March 5 2020: Astrology and the Corona Virus Part 3: Saturn

Astrology, which operates on the foundation of “As above so below, as below so above” is validated in that important horoscopes and planet conjunctions associated with the coronavirus all include Saturn as a common denominator. Saturn. It’s association with walls and barriers, rejection, privation, fear and the plague fits the current scenario perfectly.  What’s happening in the real world is reflected in the heavens.

Published March 2 2020: Corona Virus and Astrology Part 2

Explores the correlation with the beginning of the visible path of the annular solar eclipse on Bixing day 2019 with pilgrimmages to Iran’s holy cities and the spread of the coronavirus. Also discussed is the solar eclipse horoscope for Iran.

Published January 26 2020: The Coronavirus and Astrology, Part 1

Explores the remarkable similarity in appearence of the coronavirus and the Boxing day 2019 annular solar eclipse. Also discusses the apparent ’cause-and-effect scenario’, where the celestial bodies appear to make things happen on earth, if you believe the way some astrologers talk. To those new to astrology this way of speaking can be misleading.


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