The various ephemerides and graphical depictions of celestial phenomena are offered free to the astrological community to use and distribute. My only request is that you credit the source. I have no commercial interest in publishing these graphics and only do so because I enjoy the publishing journey and the final result.

Below is the 2021 Planet Tracks graphic, now in its 5th year. Further below are shown three Celestial Emphemerides for January 2021: one for the elements, one for the modes, and one for the major dignities.


Planet Tracks 2021

January 2021 Celestial Ephemeris

Colour coded for the elements + retrograde motion

This Element Ephemeris shows planet positions for each day in zodiacal longitude, 0 hours GMT, colour coded according to element.
Each of the four elements: fire earth air and water, is composed of a different combination of the four qualities: hot cold dry and moist.

2021 Element Ephemeris




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