2022 February Astrology Calendar

The various ephemerides and graphical depictions of celestial phenomena are offered free to the astrological community to use and distribute. My only request is that you credit the source. I have no commercial interest in publishing these graphics and only do so because I enjoy the publishing journey and the final result.

Each monthly calendar includes the element of each planet, lunar phases, retrograde planets and transits. 

Astrology calendar header
Astrology calendar February 2022

What’s new

In the transit column I have added the parallels and contra-parallels. Although not many astrologers use these aspects of declination on a regular basis, they are worthy of consideration. 

The big picture

There are no planets in fire signs, except for the Moon. 

For the first half of the month there are 5 planets in earth signs.


There are number of interesting transits to choose from. The one that interests me is the Jupiter sextile Uranus on the 18th February. The conjunctions of these planets have often been associated with scientific breakthroughs, for example the cloning of Dolly the sheep., the first successful cloning of an animal. It will be interesting to see what events correlate with the minor sextile aspect. 

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