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Following the red hot Sun square Mars aspect which aligned with the USA Ascendant in the Sibly horoscope, is the June 5 2020 lunar eclipse at 15.34 Sagittarius. This lunar eclipse is within 3 degrees of the US Ascendanrt. The USA is ‘eclipsed’.

We are at the beginning of the 2020 mid-year eclipse season. In June – July 2020 there are 3 eclipses which dramatically impact the USA Sibly chart and consequently Donald Trump.

In the previous post I looked at the Sun square Mars aspect and its connection to the Ascendant of the USA Sibly chart. Trump has since spoken of calling out the troops to quell violent protests. It’s been an ugly look for America.

eclipses usaTomorrow’s lunar eclipse, within 3 degrees of the Sibly Ascendant, activates the most powerful point in the nation’s horoscope.

It is of course the Moon which is eclipsed. The Moon represents the people, and they are in strife.

The Sun, shining bright from the seventh house of adversaries and open enemies, is the source of this eclipse. It represent enemies within (racists) and without (China, Iran etc.) .

The Sun’s meaning

The Sun‘s essential meaning is associated with truth and clarity (shining  the light of truth), power and leadership, and boundless energy. The Sun in the seventh house gives the perception that enemies within and without have great power and are feared. The nation and its people are eclipsed. Trump has since spoken of calling out the troops to quell violent protests.

Sun square Mars

This backdrop of this eclipse is a nation raging against injustice and bigotry, and gathering support from those opposing abuse of power by the élite. The astrological signature for this eruption is the tranisting Sun square transiting Mars, with the Sun conjoining the Descendant of the Sibly horoscope. As the eclipse hits tomorrow the fires are already raging. The people are not happy.

The  seventh house

In a mundane (political/economic) horoscope the seventh house represents the nation’s adversaries, as well as its trading partners. The complex difficult and contentious issues with China make it the obvious candidate. Iran is another open enemy.

Donald Trump

In Donald Trump’s horoscope the eclipse falls in his fourth house, sextiling his natal Jupiter and opposing natal Uranus. The aspect to Jupiter is likely to be more important as it the more visible planet, and the situation may play into his hands. The opposition to Uranus is represents the shock and surprise element.

In Trump’s progressed horoscope the eclipse squares his Moon, emphasing the emotional challenges the situation has presented him. His progressed Moon rules the ninth house in his progressed chart, pointing to issues abroad.

The eclipse also trines his progressed Mercury-Pluto conjunction, showing his capacity to manipulate the situation.

Will Trump survive?

Trump has Regulus, a powerful fixed star conjunct his Acsendant. It is perhaps the most powerful fixed star and promises power and material success. It will take a lot to bring Trump down.

And Trump was born on an lunar eclipse and is naturally comfortable with the dramatic energy shifts associated with eclipses.

He survived an attempt at impeachment at a time when many astrologers incorrectly predicted his downfall. Their bias colored their judgement. They thought that Pluto opposite his natal Saturn would destroy him. What they didn’t recognise was that Saturn in his chart represents his enemies, not Trump himself.


In the next article I will focus on the second of the mid-year 2020 eclipses,  the solar eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer. This is powerful eclipse has special importance for the US and also for its handling of the pandemic.


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