The August 2020 Horary Competition Championship Trophy

The Case of the Missing iPad Background story I had been trying to practise a difficult table tennis serve, and decided to video myself attempting the serve to compare with online training videos. I took the iPad downstairs and did some recordings, then placed the iPad on the bonnet of my partner’s car, which was […]

When will the Coronavirus end?

Graphic 1 shows the daily number of reported cases of Covid-19 in Australia until late July, with an overlay showing the period during which Saturn was in Aquarius (using the tropical zodiac). Graphic 2 relates to the US and is taken from which has accumulated data up to July 25, 2020. Graphic 3 relates […]

Australia and the June 2020 Solstice Eclipse

Before I look at the June 21 2020 eclipse for Australia it is worthwhile checking the Aries Ingress Horoscope for Australia, set for the capital Canberra. Aries ingress for Australia The Sun is placed in the ninth house of international relations and rules the second house of finances. When viewed against the background context of […]

The 2020 annular Solstice Eclipse and USA

On June 21 2020 we have another annular eclipse , this time opposite (within 3 degrees) the same place in the zodiac as the 2019 Boxing Day eclipse.

The 2020 annular Solstice Eclipse and China

In my January 26 2020 article The Coronavirus and Astrology, Part 1 I looked at the 2019 Boxing day eclipse and called it the Coronavirus Eclipse because its appearance echoes the coronavirus and it occurred just as the world was waking up to what was to become a pandemic. I described an annular solar eclipse […]

USA and the Mighty Sun

Sun square Mars Violent protests, manifest outrage. The USA and mighty Sun embrace. In my June 1st post: USA Sun square Mars, I discussed the Sun’s conjunction with the Asc axis of the US Sibly horoscope, and the simultaneous Mars square to this axis. The Sun was square Mars. Sun conjunct Mars square Neptune Now […]