The Lunar Eclipse and Nic Natanui

Since ancient times eclipses have been associated with events that are life changing and/or disruptive. The effect of an eclipse is to block light from one of the luminaries: the Sun or the Moon. A solar eclipse occurs at a new or dark Moon when the Moon crosses between the Earth and the Sun, blocking […]

Mundane astrology

“As the name implies , mundane astrology studies the mundane world. This branches studies subjects such as civilizations, human trends, politics, economics, wars, social movements, etc. – essentially, all of the phenomena affecting humanity  as a collective. On the other hand this branch of astrology is also concerned with natural phenomena, such as earthquakes, storms, […]

Astrology as a symbolic language

Some astrologers have referred to astrology as a symbolic language. While all human languages are symbolic this description implies that astrology symbols refer to abstract notions and somehow their use shows a disconnect from real life.

Eighth house confusions

Not intimacy or sex Followers of the flawed ABC system of astrology who associate Scorpio with the 8th house and suggest that the 8th house therefore represents intimacy. This is not correct. The 8th house is not naturally associated with Scorpio (or Pluto). The 8th house does not represent intimacy. Neither does the 8th house represent […]

Buying and selling property

The people The querent (the person asking the question) is represented by the first house and Lord 1 (Lord 1 is an abbreviation for the lord or ruler of the first house). The opposite house, the seventh house and Lord 7, represents the other party. The people’s money The querent’s money or financial worth is […]

Malefic and benefic – the real meaning

Initial reactions If you find yourself reacting to the words ‘malefic’ and ‘benefic’ there is a good chance that nobody has taken to the time to explain to you what they really mean. Many people immediately associate these words with bad and good, something very judgmental and moralistic. While this association is very understandable it can […]