Will I get my laptop back?

On the last day of the 2018 UAC Conference in Chicago I was asked about a missing laptop by a concerned attendee. He had left the laptop on the plane and the airline was having trouble locating it. It seems the laptop had been missed by airline staff and was on the plane’s return flight […]

Australian Greens party contention

Again, media headlines draw our attention to the Australian Greens party. And again, we see that the horoscope supplied by Michele Finey resonates closely with the issues of the day. Transiting Mars and Saturn, the two malefics, straddle the ascendant of this horoscope, with Mars applying within a degree to Uranus. Uranus, among its other […]

Astrology, Fate and free will

In astrology fate and free will is a contentious debate that is often presented as a simplistic ‘either-or’ option. Option 1: We have a predestined with no real capacity to make independent choices, and everything, including our delusion that we have free will, is predetermined. Option 2: We have free will and are completely responsible […]

Greens horoscope

The greens get the blues

I previously wrote about the Australian Greens party on 25 September 2013: Prediction: Greens and Pluto where I discussed Pluto’s transit across the ascendant of the Greens horoscope. This coincided in crisis, the resignation of inspirational leader Bob Brown, and the failure of the new leader Christine Milne to inspire. On July 2 2017 I […]

Aries ingress

Aries ingress 2018

Aries Ingress charts – Some general principles To view a brief introduction to Aries Ingress horoscopes and their meaning click here. Australia In the Aries ingress horoscope for Australia the Sun, which is the focus of the chart, is positioned within a degree of the cusp of the third house, and therefore can be considered […]

Mercury retrograde

Mercury retrograde and astrologers’ ethics

I was alerted to a web site this morning warning us of the perils indicated by the coming Mercury retrograde period March 24 – April 16. Apparently it represents a massive energy shift and we need to be prepared. The author says this Mercury retrograde period “…..will represent a trigger that will activate serious emotional […]