US Space Command

The horoscope for the announcement of the establishment of the US Space Command shows a powerful organisation. Mars, the planet of war, conjoins the Sun in Virgo. This is a powerful statement of obvious intent. Also in Virgo are Venus and Mercury. The Moon sits close to Regulus, the fixed star associated with power and […]

Books for Sale

I am selling a collection of second hand books from my collection. They mostly relate to ‘humanistic – psychological’ astrology. many are in mint ‘as new’ condition There are 99 books in total. I am selling as a bulk lot for $1,250 AUD + post. I live near Geelong in Victoria Australia Weight: 64 kilos […]

The Sun orders Jupiter to move forward

The king orders the planets Every year the Sun aspects Jupiter by one trine, and approx 4 months later, by another trine. On each occasion Jupiter must stop in its tracks and change direction. To use the analogy of a king and one of his subjects, when the king (the Sun) approaches one of his […]

Hong Kong Crisis

The horoscope for Hong Kong is based on the time of the handover to China at 00:00 am 1st July (Midnight between June 30 and July 1st 1997. This exact time shows the Sun at 9 degrees of Cancer,the Moon at 19 Taurus, and the rising sign at 3 Aries.  Mars, ruler of the ascendant, […]

The Lunar Eclipse and Nic Natanui

Since ancient times eclipses have been associated with events that are life changing and/or disruptive. The effect of an eclipse is to block light from one of the luminaries: the Sun or the Moon. A solar eclipse occurs at a new or dark Moon when the Moon crosses between the Earth and the Sun, blocking […]

Mundane astrology

“As the name implies , mundane astrology studies the mundane world. This branches studies subjects such as civilizations, human trends, politics, economics, wars, social movements, etc. – essentially, all of the phenomena affecting humanity  as a collective. On the other hand this branch of astrology is also concerned with natural phenomena, such as earthquakes, storms, […]