GetUp! is described by Wikipedia as an Australian left wing lobby group with funding coming from individuals, organisations, community groups, and trade unions. Its web site states that it does not receive donations from political parties and the majority of donations are less than 0.

Because no exact time is available for this horoscope the Moon‘s range for the entire day is shown. Neither are houses or the Part of Fortune shown as these are dependent on an exact beginning time.

The Leo Sun is congruent with the desire to attract attention, and the Mercury-Neptune opposition reflects its high ideals and left wing leaning. The MarsSaturn square reflects great determination borne out of frustration with the status quo.

The Gemini Moon shows an emphasis on communicating and getting the message out. It is likely that the Moon opposes Pluto, suggesting intensity, persuasiveness and the power to control.

Venus opposite Uranus suggests alliances with rebellious groups or individuals, and sudden breakups due to disillusionment and a clash between high ideals and their practical implementation.

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