Astrology Foundation Certificate Course

Astrology Foundation Certificate Course


Astrology Foundation Certificate Course for beginning and intermediate students of astrology.
Covers all the basics including the astrological alphabet, planets signs, and houses.
This course is delivered by zoom webinars together with online study units and short evaluation tests. This is designed as a thorough course for the dedicated student.
The Astrology Foundation Course Certificate is a pre-requisite for the Horary Astrology Diploma Course.

Run by Peter Burns. 40 years’ experience as a consultant, lecturer and teacher; with qualifications in both modern and traditional astrology.



The course covers the basics of astrology from the ground up including:

  • The practice of astrology and ethical considerations
  • What is Astrology?
  • Basic underlying principles.
  • Branches of astrology, cosmology and a brief history of astrology
  • Terminology and the astrological alphabet
  • The lights and the planets
  • The distinction between the visible classical planets and the outer planets
  • The zodiac signs including the ‘primary qualities’ and the elements, the modes of action, the polarities and the interlocking zodiac.
  • The planets in the signs of the zodiac.
  • The houses including the 4 groups of 3 houses and their relationship to the angles.
  • The planets and the signs including the Chaldean order of the planets through the signs.

The end goal

The goal is to provide the student with practical working principles and techniques which are used in the 4 branches of astrology, including horary and natal astrology. These principles and techniques are applied in the Astrology Diploma Course to interpret horoscopes and provide answers to clients seeking answers to life’s questions.

Modern or traditional?

This course combines the best from traditional and modern astrology. Techniques and principles from both traditional and modern that are not supported by good logic have been stripped away. The goal is to present astrology as an internally congruent system that is both lean and comprehensive. Above all it must be able to address clients’ needs in the simplest and most direct manner.

Branches of astrology

All 4 branches are covered in this course with an emphasis on horary and natal astrology. Methods relating to electional astrology are included when relevant as are references to mundane astrology. Mundane astrology is an advanced topic for further study.

Course delivery

The course is run on an individual mentored model, where each student is privately mentored by Peter Burns, and can join group webinars which are held on a weekly or fortnightly basis as needed. Students can start at any time and take time off when needed. Most students take between 4 – 12 to complete the course, depending on lifestyle considerations.

Approx 70 lessons. Most lessons include a quiz for assessment.

Peter Burns always responds to questions about astrology by email, and individual zoom webinars.
Individual and group webinars are held most weeks, except for holidays and other considerations.
The Astrology Foundation Course Certificate is a pre-requisite for the Astrology Diploma Course.

Your teacher

Peter Burns has approx. 40 years’ experience as a consultant, teacher, lecturer, and author. He spent the 1st 15 years studying modern astrology, the next 15 years studying traditional astrology, and the last 10 years combining the best of both systems.


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