Do the planets call us?

Do the planets call us?

planet speakIn some  Facebook sites I see astrologers providing commentary on  upcoming transits saying that a certain planet is calling us to do such-and-such. For example with the up-coming Venus station direct in Gemini: “After a period of re-evaluation Venus is calling us to move forward in relationships.”

But do the planets really call us to do things? How does this idea fit with the basic premise of astrology: “As above so below, as below so above”?

This underlying principle points to a correspondence between the movements of the planets and events on earth. It does not support the idea that the planets are acting upon us, giving us advice or talking to us in any way. There is no basis for saying that the planets are calling us to do things. Really, the planets are not sending any messages.

Who’s in charge here?

The “As above so below, as below so above” premise indicates that the patterns of the celestial bodies match the patterns of events on earth. Each reflects the other in a natural correspondence. But there’s no cause-and-effect implied which suggets that the planets make things happen to us. That’s much too simplistic. But what it does suggest is that we do dance to the same same rhythm as the planets.

Rather than the simplistic notion that stuff up is making things happen down here, the reality is that we all part of nature, nature in the heavens and nature on earth. And all of nature is moving to the same rhythm. The important question is: What is producing this rhythm? Whatever it is, it is something exceptionally powerful and fundamental to our universe.

Just a harmless phrase?

So is the suggestion that the planets are calling us to do something just a harmless ‘turn of phrase’? Maybe. My sceptical side wonders if it’s a convenient phrase used to bolster the status of the all-so-wise astrologer who just happens to be selling courses, podcasts, or offering readings?

Your personal horoscope

In actual fact unless the transiting lights and planets make a direct connection with your personal horoscope you are unlikely to notice anything. Not everyone has been through a re-evauation of their relationships just as Venus was in retrograde motion. Only those whose personal planets were aligned with transiting Venus. A good astrologer would know this and a good astrologer would not suggest that the Venus transit is calling all of us to do something. Neither would a good astrologer assume that the general public is sophisticated enough to know that their advice applies only to those whose personal horoscope is impacted. Yet apparently we are ALL called to re-evaluate our relationships.

Potentially misleading?

In one sense we could view it as a harmless phrase, maybe a bit of technical jargon, as it’s just a way of describing the effects of transiting planets.
A different view is that this way of speaking is misleading as it is aimed directly at those with little astrological knowledge and is designed to separate them from their hard-earned cash.
To me it seems that at best it’s a careless way of describing celestial patterns, and at worst there’s an element of dishonesty that de-values astrology.


I really think that astrologers should adhere to very high standards of ethical practice. We are in the unique position of being able to interpret the meaning of the lights and planets in the celestial sphere as it resonates with life on earth. Practitioners of no other discipline, aside from priests of various religions, are in a similar position.


USA Sun square Mars

 The current square aspect between the Sun and Mars goes a long way to describing the present inflamatory situation in the USA.

The Sun

Of all the heavenly bodies in our solar system the Sun is the most potent by a very long way. Not only does it give us our light and life, which is not within tthe capacity of any of the other heavenly bodies, but it also underpins the foundations of astrology itself. Examples include the angles of the horoscope, and the fact that it gives the aspects their meaning, it gives us the dignities of the planets, controls the speed and the motions of the planets, and much more.

So when this immense and powerful body aspects (aligns with) Mars, in a stressful manner, we are very likely to witness events on earth which reflect this celestial event.

The Sun is the ultimate power source and has immense influence. Mars represents fire, aggravation, anger, battles and explosive destruction. When one body unites with the other and connects with the power points of a national horoscope we can expect to witness events which correspond to this alignment. Such is the case in the USA at the moment.

USA Sun square Mars 2020USA Sibly horoscope

The Ascendant in the USA Sibly chart is 12 Sagittarius. Mars is currently around 13 Pisces and the Sun is 11 Gemini, both squaring the Ascendant-Descendant axis of the USA Sibly horoscope.

There can be little surprise then at the explosive anger that has been engulfing cities in the USA.

And yes there have been previous transits of the Sun to Mars which have not coincided with such outpourings of anger that we are currently witnessing. The difference is that they were not in such close alignment with with the Ascendant axis of the USA Sibly horoscope. And neither was the background context so conducive to the present expression of anger.

Other transits

To analyse this further we can examine the transiting rulers of the Sun and Mars.  For example Mars is ruled by a fallen Jupiter in Capricorn, and in the Sibly chart Jupiter rules the Ascendant. Jupiter’s present condition (in its fall in Capricorn) represents the dire state of the nation. And there are currently many other transits in the process of applying and separating that add to the picture. But the basic aspects, in this case the alignment of the Sun with Mars, clearly describe current events. We don’t need to add other aspects or planets.

Basic astrology

This is an example of minimalistic basic astrology. Sun square Mars. Yes there are many other aspects in play which add meaningful insights. But none so basic as the Sun square Mars. And there are supporters of other charts for the USA, each of which have their own merits. I do not mean to invalidate any of them.

The Sun is fundamental to understanding astrology and how the patterns of the heavenly bodies coincide with events on Earth. By following basic principles and adopting a minimalistic approach we can find deep insights.


Peter Dutton for PM?

The horoscope for Peter Dutton shows the Sun Jupiter and Venus in Scorpio.


At the time of writing he has just thrown his hat into the ring for leadership of the Liberal party, and came up short, and resigned from the ministry. However it is generally reported by the media that another challenge is inevitable, and the fate of the prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, is doomed.

Peter Dutton’s Birth chart

So will Peter Dutton be successful at a second (or third) challenge, and if so, when? I have no accurate birth time for his natal horoscope, so no houses or the Part of Fortune are shown. The Moon sits somewhere between 17-30 Cancer. The Thema Mundi horoscope layout is used so as not to suggest house placements.

Outstanding features

There are a number of outstanding features of this horoscope. One is the Jupiter Sun conjunction, generally an indicator of success and a fortunate life. The Moon trines the Sun by sign, showing that ‘the lights’ are in harmony, which is another positive indicator. A third important planetary indicator is the Jupiter Saturn opposition, showing an internal struggle about when to expand and when to retreat and consolidate. However strong connections between these two planets have often been observed in the horoscopes of successful business people. Peter Dutton’s worth is reported to exceed 200 million.


At the time of the challenge transiting Jupiter was at the midpoint of his natal benefics, Venus and Jupiter. Pluto was trining natal Saturn and squaring natal Mars. The latter aspect shows the difficult diplomacy at play, while Pluto’s trine to Saturn adds power and control. Transiting Jupiter is generally an indicator of success.

Early September

During the first two weeks of September Jupiter will conjoin Jupiter. This is called the Jupiter return and takes place every twelve years. Depending on the context of one’s life it can indicate a new phase of expansion and optimistic outreach. The Jupiter return period would be an ideal time for Peter Dutton to make a second challenge.

Mid October

Transiting Jupiter conjoins the natal Sun around mid October 2018. This aspect is also considered to be very fortunate. The lead up to this conjunction in mid October is a very positive time for Peter Dutton.

Will he win the leadership vote if he makes another challenge? You bet he will! Unless of course someone with a better horoscope comes along.

Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison (born 13 May 1968) is rumoured to be considering a tilt at the PM’s job, but Pluto is making a square aspect to his natal Saturn, which is an indication of serious and intense challenges; rarely seen as positive. However his natal Sun is at 22 Taurus, receiving a trine from Pluto and soon a sextile from Jupiter. These are both positive indicators to counter-balance the negative Pluto transit to Pluto.

Julie Bishop

Julie Bishop (born 17 July 1956) has the Sun at 24 Cancer trine Saturn at 26 Scorpio. These planets benefit from the same Jupiter aspects that are working for Peter Dutton.  She is also in a positive phase and may somehow benefit from the political machinations going on behind the scenes. At the time of writing she is backing Turnbull so perhaps there are unexpected developments ahead. Alternatively she may seek an escape from politics. Escapism and freedom-seeking are alternative interpretations for Jupiter transits.

Malcolm Turnbull and timing

Malcolm Turnbull (born 24 October 1954) has natal Jupiter at 28 Scorpio, and will be having a Jupiter trine around the end of October / start of November. Often Jupiter aspects are associated with a holiday; having a good time, which in the present circumstances, may be his best option should he lose a leadership challenge. This point also brings us back to Peter Dutton. It is possible that he won’t challenge again and simply go away on a holiday. Possible but not likely. However if he doesn’t challenge before mid October and leaves it to the end of October, Malcolm Turnbull’s positive Jupiter transits at that time might yet see him prevail.

And the winner is…..

Without accurate birth times the astrologer is challenged. However unless something very unusual takes place, it looks like Peter Dutton is about to become the 30th Prime Minister of Australia. However watch for Julie Bishop; she also has excellent transits, as does Scott Morrison. Will the media forecast be correct?




Australian Open Women’s Final

Last night’s Australian Open Women’s final between world number 1 Simone Halep and world number 2 Caroline Wozniacki  was a thrill to watch.

TennisThe odds at a number of betting agencies had Woziacki at around $2.20 to win and Haleep around $1.60.

Below is the horoscope for the beginning of the final plus the planet positions for the 2 contestants. Their time of birth is unknown.

Wozniacki had transiting Jupiter trine her natal Sun at the beginning of the tournament. It was just separating, suggesting that she came into the tournament with a very positive attitude.
By the time of the final transiting Jupiter was within a degree of trining her natal Jupiter.

The Moon in Gemini was also making a trine by sign to her Aquarian Moon.

Natally Wozniacki has her Sun conjunct Jupiter with Jupiter is exalted in Cancer which is one important indicator of success.

Halep had no Jupiter aspects and her Moon in Taurus received no assistance from the transiting Moon in Gemini.

Those who saw this in advance would have more than doubled their money.



Astrology calendar

Astrology Calendar December 2017

Astrology calendar

This astrology calendar is in 3 versions. In order: Canberra Australia, Greenwich, England, and Washington USA.

Scroll down to view your preference.

It shows planet ingresses, planet to planet transits, planet stations, Moon phases, VOC (void-of-course) Moon start (VCS) and endings (VCE) and out-of-orb (oob) planets.

1. Canberra Australia

astrology calendar

2. Greenwich England

December 2017 Calendar

3. Washington USA

Astrology calendar

Stellar explosion

Gravitational wave discovery

Neutron Star CollisionIn news media around the world today momentous gravitational wave discovery has been reported,  which is likely to have enormous repercussions for science over the coming decades.

On August 17 09:41 UTC, a collision between two neutron stars, which had been orbiting each other as a binary pair, was observed by the LIGO-Virgo detectors. 1.7 seconds later, a burst of gamma-rays hit the Earth, instantly confirming that merging neutron stars were responsible for the so-called short-duration gamma-ray bursts, solving a 50 year-old mystery. The simultaneous detection of gravitational waves and the reception of light from the collision demonstrates that gravitational waves travel at the speed of light. The discovery also has big implication for our understanding of the role playing by black holes.

LIGO stands for the twin Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory detectors, located in Livingston, Louisiana, and Hanford, Washington, USA. Both measured ripples in the fabric of space-time – gravitational waves – arriving at the Earth from a cataclysmic collision in the distant universe.

The horoscope for this gravitational wave discovery is set for the primary location of observation: Livingston in Louisiana, for the local daylight time of 8.41 am. Telescopes from all around the world, including Australia, cooperated in the discovery. Some news reports quote 9.51 UTC, which is 10 mins difference, for the time of the collision. I will change the time used for this chart if this later time is confirmed.

What stands out with this chart is that the Sun and Mercury are the only planets in the signs they rule. The Sun is the primary representation of light in astrology and also exerts the most gravitational pull of the cosmic bodies used in astrology.

Neutron Star Collision with aspectsMercury, the planet of reasoning, has long been associated with science. It is questionable whether it’s retrograde motion can be considered as a negative here as the observation of this spectacular collision was recording a past event.

Saturn has also been associated with science, in terms of scientific principles and tests. Here it is very angular on the IC.

The collision occurred between a pair of binary stars, and the 10th house angular Moon is in the double-bodied sign of Gemini.

Aspects relationships are also interesting (see the diagram below). The Sun, which is the primary representation of light, is linked to two aspectal formations. The first involves a trine to Uranus, the planet associated with sudden surprises and breakthroughs, and a sextile with the Moon, the body associated with the reflection of light. This formation is shown in blue.

The Sun also links by trine to Saturn and sextile to Jupiter (shown in green). It is interesting that the creation of gold and other rare metals by the collision of the has been mentioned in a number of media reports. Gold is related to the Sun in astrology and the Sun in this horoscope is in the sign of its rulership and link two important aspect patterns.

The announcement of this gravitational wave discovery on October 17 occurs within a few weeks prior to the last trine aspect between Saturn and Uranus which perfects on 11 November.

Also in this horoscope we see the benefics Venus and Jupiter in mutual reception by square, and Mercury opposing Neptune.

An understanding of receptions is important in the interpretation of these various aspect patterns, although I have not had the time to detail these relationships here. These comments are only early observations and not intended to be comprehensive.