Personal Astrology Calendar

Predictive information all in one place

For beginning and experienced astrology students, a calendar that includes all your return charts and transits for the next 12 months.

January front cover

This calendar includes

  • Your personal horoscope on the front cover
  • A brief introductory guide to interpreting solar and lunar returns
  • Your current solar return horoscope 
  • Your next solar return horoscope 
  • A list of transits to your natal chart for the next 12 months
  • Your current lunar return horoscope 
  • Every lunar return horoscope for the next 12 months
  • A month-by-month calendar showing transit-to-transits and transits to your natal planets for every day for the next 12 months

OG JanThe luxury

Most astrologers understand how much time and energy is involved in collating all the solar and lunar return charts, plus the transits as well as compiling this in a format that’s easy and convenient to read. With this calendar all the work is done for you. 

This bespoke calendar is a luxury item for those who would like the exceptional convenience of having everything prepared for them. You get to choose your preferred house system and which planets and other points you would like to have included. Imagine, over breakfast, flipping through the relevant solar and lunar return charts, and checking the calendar for today’s transits?

Sit back and enjoy the luxury of having this beautiful calendar with all the information you need to study and interpret the celestial indicators for the future, all in one place, prepared by a professional astrologer with 40 years experience.

Of course you could spend considerable time and effort doing all this yourself. Or you can simply have it all done for you.

And you have the option of a PDF copy, or a hard copy which is posted to you. Enjoy the luxury.

What you get, page by page

Front page: Your Natal Horoscope
Page 2 (top): An Introductory guide to interpreting Solar and Lunar Return charts
Page 3 (bottom): Your current Solar Return chart
Page 4 (top): Your next Solar Return Chart
Page 5 (bottom): A 12-month list of transits, Mars – Pluto, plus other options selected according to your preference.

Subsequent pages cover each month separately.
: Your Lunar Return chart for that month with tips for interpretation
Bottom: Transit-to-transits plus transits to your natal planets, displayed in calendar format.
Note: Sometimes 2 Lunar Returns occur in the same month, one at the start and the other close to the end of the month. In these cases, extra pages are added to show the extra Lunar Return.

What is the order process?

  1. Order your calendar.
  2. You will be sent a form to enter your birth details and indicate your preferences for planets, house system and other points – fill it out and click the send button.
  3. Next you will receive your calendar in PDF format.
  4. If you have ordered a hard copy check the PDF version thoroughly, and if all is ok, give your approval. 
  5. The hard copy then goes to the printer and is posted to you.

Do I need to know my birth time?

Yes. The solar and lunar return charts are time sensitive. Please keep in mind that the accuracy of these horoscopes depends on the time of birth you provide. A lot of people only have an approximate time of birth. Whatever time you provide will be used as to calculate the return horoscopes.
What date does the calendar start from?

Whatever date you choose. This date could be your birthday, or the beginning of the next month, or the start of the year. It’s totally your choice.
If you are buying as a present for someone else, typically as a Christmas or birthday present, use whatever beginning date you think is appropriate.
Does the calendar include interpretations? 

No. This calendar provides, in one convenient place, all the details of the lunar and solar returns and the transits to your natal chart. It is for you to interpret according to whatever system you follow.
On the second page there is an introductory guide to interpreting solar and lunar return charts. This calendar is intended for intermediate and advanced students. However Peter Burns will be conducting zoom webinars on how to interpret solar and lunar return charts.

How long will it take before I receive my calendar?

Generally there is a 2-3 week waiting list before your calendar design can. begin. Each calendar is personally designed by Peter Burns. The process of creating your personal calendar can take 2-3 days. If you have ordered a hard copy the printing is out-sourced and can take a week. Depending on which part of the world you live the postal delivery may take 2-3 weeks.

Altogether the process will take approximately 2-5 weeks after you place your order, depending on the number of orders ahead of you.

Once you have your calendar you can use it to interpret your personal transits for each month, your current and next solar returns, and your monthly  lunar returns.

How much does it cost?

PDF version: $200 AUD
Hard copy: $260 AUD includes postage and signed on delivery.


PDF version, emailed to you

Hard copy posted to you 

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