Locations within the home

The following is especially useful for finding lost objects in the home, which is one of the common uses of horary astrology. It is mainly sourced from John Frawley, who was my teacher, and one of the best astrologers I know.

First house: The front door, foyer, entrance hall, the front veranda if that is used as an entrance.

Second house: The kitchen because of its association with food, or the room next to the entrance hall.

Third house: Connecting passages and hallways, computer room.

Fourth house: The room where the family spends time together, the cellar; grandparent’s room.

Fifth house: The children’s room, games room, play room, rumpus room.

Sixth house: The laundry or utility room, the dog kennel or cattery, or room associated with pets or birds.

Seventh house: The spouse’s room. The bedroom.

Eighth house: The bathroom and toilet.

Ninth house: Upstairs corridor, private retreat, devotional room, any area devoted to ancestor or religious worship or spiritual activity.

Tenth house: The formal lounge room where guests are entertained, home office, attic.

Eleventh house: The guest room. Place where you spend time with friends.

Twelfth house: The garage or storage area, place where ‘stuff is dumped’, junk room.

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