ASTRO-PALMISTRY Webinar Recording: The Life Line & the Sun

ASTRO-PALMISTRY Webinar Recording: The Life Line & the Sun


This webinar was recorded on 13 Feb 2024. Approx 90 mins in length

Price: $25 AUD




Peter Burns Biography

Peter studied chirology (palmistry) under Andrew Verity it 1981 and saw clients in Ballarat before moving to perth Western Australia  in 1985. Peter studied astrology with Gail Kelly and received his Astrology Diploma (FAA) in 1997.

Peter Burns was president of the Victorian Astrology Association 2006-2008; national editor of the Federation of Australian Astrologers Journal 2000-2015; guest speaker on ABC radio in Western Australia and 3RRR in Melbourne; published The Palmistry Textbook in 2011, has lectured in Australia and USA.

Peter is dedicated to integrating the wisdom gained from modern astrology with traditional astrology and establishing a bridge of open-mindedness between the two points of view. Peter is a dedicated astrologer, lecturer, writer, and teacher.

Peter runs online courses in horary astrology and hand analysis.

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