Saturn goes direct with the help of the Sun

the Sun Over the last couple of days Saturn, which has appeared to be moving backwards for some time, slowed and came to a standstill.

3-step pattern

This was the last in a 3-step pattern that began in late June when the Sun trined Saturn; then the Sun opposed Saturn in late August from Virgo; and again trined Saturn in late October; this time from Scorpio. This 3-step pattern happens every year; although the signs vary according to Saturn’s position. 

It turns out that such changes in direction are quite predictable. The visible planets outside of the earth’s orbit include Mars Jupiter and Saturn, and then further out there’s Uranus Neptune and Pluto.


In case you’re new to astrology: Just to bring you up-to-speed in terminology, planets outside Earth’s orbit are called “the superior planets”. And changes in planet direction are called “stations.“ Planets either “station retrograde”, where they appear to stop and start moving in a backwards direction; or they “station direct”, where they appear to stop and start moving in a forwards direction.

Solar power

The big surprise is that planet stations are controlled by the Sun. It’s as though the Sun is in charge and calls the shots. From our perspective on Earth the Sun appears to move much faster than the superior planets, which are outside earth’s orbit. The Sun only takes a year to orbit the 12 zodiac signs. Compare that to Jupiter: 12 years; Saturn: 29 years; and Uranus: 84 years. In a little over 12 months the Sun catches with each of the superior planets. The exception is Mars because it moves much quicker.

Respect the glorious king

When the Sun approaches within 120° approx of any superior planet, that planet must stop, turn away and retreat in retrograde motion. The planets act like the subjects of a king and must stop and retreat when meeting the king.  And the next time the Sun makes the same trine aspect the planet must stop and is permitted to move forward (stations direct) as the Sun moves on.

These 120° aspects from the Sun to the superior planets take place twice a year. Mars is the exception because it moves quicker than the other superior planets and the Sun takes longer to catch up. Once a year all the planets from Jupiter out to Pluto appear to stop and turn retrograde. The Sun is like a great commander who demands respect and directs the motions of the planets. The planets are drawn to the Sun and the Sun has them going around in circles, each reflecting the Sun’s light and glory in their own way.

The Sun has a different nature

The nature of the Sun is very different to that of the Moon and planets. It ceaselessly (from our human perspective) pumps out light and warmth. Its cycles are 100% reliable. It never fails to rise every morning. Its colossal size and blinding rays overwhelm any everything in our solar system. It creates the aspects, contributes to the meaning of the houses, and assigns the rulerships of the planets.

But the big clue as to why the Sun is so different to anything else in our solar system is that it has no dark side. In the context of the most ancient of battles, that between the forces of light and darkness, it is this clue which takes us in a different direction. I will expand on this on future posts.

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