Money and Wealth Lecture

Money and wealth
At the FAA Hybrid Conference 11-13 June 2022 in Glenelg South Australia I’ll be presenting a lecture on Money and Wealth.
Money gets a bad rap in some circles. Apparently, it is not very spiritual. This view is mostly adopted by those with little money. However, by itself money is neither positive nor negative. It’s only our perspective that makes it so.
In this lecture I’ll be looking at some of the astrological indications of money and wealth in the natal chart. What does the natal horoscope say about how you obtain money, how lucky are you? … and similar questions.
We will look at some of the old techniques for evaluating wealth and the prospects of earning a living and see how well these techniques apply to the charts of some wealthy people. I’ll also look at what can we learn from horary astrology techniques, and contributions from modern astrology. I’ll also discuss winning the lottery and present the chart of someone who has won the lottery 3 times.
Also coveressential dignity are some of the old predictive techniques to evaluate times in life when you are more likely to be prosperous; times when you maybe financially challenged, and how to maximise your opportunities.
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