Total Lunar Eclipse

Below is the horoscope for the total lunar eclipse for 31st January 2018 shown for eight capital cities. In alphabetical order they are: Beijing, Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Canberra, London. Moscow, Washington DC and Wellington. For best mundane interpretation compare to the 2017 solar ingress for the relevant capital city and the country’s ruler and other …

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Total Lunar Eclipse in Australia

The first chart below for the lunar eclipse is set for Canberra, Australia’s capital. Following are the adjusted Ascendant and Midheaven positions for those living in other Australian capital cities are shown below. Adelaide: Ascendant 13.09, Midheaven 27.16 Cancer Darwin: Ascendant: 12.36, Midheaven 4.17 Leo Hobart: Ascendant: 20.22 Scorpio, 28.25 Cancer Melbourne: Ascendant 13.22 Scorpio, …

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Planet Tracks 2018

Planet Tracks provides a visual image of the movements of the planets through the zodiac, including eclipses, retrograde and stationary periods, throughout 2018. This publication follows the previous Planet Tracks 2017. Planet Tracks is useful for understanding which areas of your natal chart will be activated through 2018. To obtain a free JPEG image email …

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Amazon Australia opens

[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=” av-medium-font-size=” av-small-font-size=” av-mini-font-size=” admin_preview_bg=”] I have just seen the news that Amazon finally went live, after some incorrect news about its opening, just after midnight Tuesday December 5th. reports that Amazon Australia went live just after midnight. The chart for this event is set for its Sydney headquarters. The “just …

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Mercury retrograde

Mercury retrograde

As we enter the next Mercury retrograde period we are likely to see posts from astrologers offering apparently wise advice and warnings about mix-ups in communication, delays in transport and the like. But is this really good astrology?

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