The horoscope for Peter Dutton shows the Sun Jupiter and Venus in Scorpio.


At the time of writing he has just thrown his hat into the ring for leadership of the Liberal party, and came up short, and resigned from the ministry. However it is generally reported by the media that another challenge is inevitable, and the fate of the prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, is doomed.

Peter Dutton’s Birth chart

So will Peter Dutton be successful at a second (or third) challenge, and if so, when? I have no accurate birth time for his natal horoscope, so no houses or the Part of Fortune are shown. The Moon sits somewhere between 17-30 Cancer. The Thema Mundi horoscope layout is used so as not to suggest house placements.

Outstanding features

There are a number of outstanding features of this horoscope. One is the Jupiter Sun conjunction, generally an indicator of success and a fortunate life. The Moon trines the Sun by sign, showing that ‘the lights‘ are in harmony, which is another positive indicator. A third important planetary indicator is the Jupiter Saturn opposition, showing an internal struggle about when to expand and when to retreat and consolidate. However strong connections between these two planets have often been observed in the horoscopes of successful business people. Peter Dutton’s worth is reported to exceed 200 million.


At the time of the challenge transiting Jupiter was at the midpoint of his natal benefics, Venus and Jupiter. Pluto was trining natal Saturn and squaring natal Mars. The latter aspect shows the difficult diplomacy at play, while Pluto’s trine to Saturn adds power and control. Transiting Jupiter is generally an indicator of success.

Early September

During the first two weeks of September Jupiter will conjoin Jupiter. This is called the Jupiter return and takes place every twelve years. Depending on the context of one’s life it can indicate a new phase of expansion and optimistic outreach. The Jupiter return period would be an ideal time for Peter Dutton to make a second challenge.

Mid October

Transiting Jupiter conjoins the natal Sun around mid October 2018. This aspect is also considered to be very fortunate. The lead up to this conjunction in mid October is a very positive time for Peter Dutton.

Will he win the leadership vote if he makes another challenge? You bet he will! Unless of course someone with a better horoscope comes along.

Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison (born 13 May 1968) is rumoured to be considering a tilt at the PM’s job, but Pluto is making a square aspect to his natal Saturn, which is an indication of serious and intense challenges; rarely seen as positive. However his natal Sun is at 22 Taurus, receiving a trine from Pluto and soon a sextile from Jupiter. These are both positive indicators to counter-balance the negative Pluto transit to Pluto.

Julie Bishop

Julie Bishop (born 17 July 1956) has the Sun at 24 Cancer trine Saturn at 26 Scorpio. These planets benefit from the same Jupiter aspects that are working for Peter Dutton.  She is also in a positive phase and may somehow benefit from the political machinations going on behind the scenes. At the time of writing she is backing Turnbull so perhaps there are unexpected developments ahead. Alternatively she may seek an escape from politics. Escapism and freedom-seeking are alternative interpretations for Jupiter transits.

Malcolm Turnbull and timing

Malcolm Turnbull (born 24 October 1954) has natal Jupiter at 28 Scorpio, and will be having a Jupiter trine around the end of October / start of November. Often Jupiter aspects are associated with a holiday; having a good time, which in the present circumstances, may be his best option should he lose a leadership challenge. This point also brings us back to Peter Dutton. It is possible that he won’t challenge again and simply go away on a holiday. Possible but not likely. However if he doesn’t challenge before mid October and leaves it to the end of October, Malcolm Turnbull’s positive Jupiter transits at that time might yet see him prevail.

And the winner is…..

Without accurate birth times the astrologer is challenged. However unless something very unusual takes place, it looks like Peter Dutton is about to become the 30th Prime Minister of Australia. However watch for Julie Bishop; she also has excellent transits, as does Scott Morrison. Will the media forecast be correct?




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