Bitcoin Horoscope


Bitcoin Horoscope This is the Bitcoin horoscope , set for Japan at the time stated in the  following references:

Some astrological notes

The ascendant ruler is the Sun in Capricorn. Therefore the Sun represents Bitcoin.

The Sun‘s zodiacal position is exactly opposite the Sun in the horoscope for the USA (using the Sibly chart), suggesting that it may oppose US interests.

The Sun first aspects Uranus, suggesting a volatile nature, and then Saturn, which suggests the opposite: a conservative and predictable nature.

The Sun is conjunct the fixed star Ascella. This conjunction is associated with good fortune and lasting happiness. [Robson, p.141.], and is of the nature of Jupiter and Mercury.

Jupiter is debilitated in this horoscope, in it’s detriment.

However Mercury is especially powerful as it sits astride the seventh house cusp. The seventh house represents the people who use Bitcoin.

There are three planets at 29 degrees: the Moon, Venus and Jupiter. Venus, ruler of the eleventh house and the fourth house, is at the midpoint of the Moon and Jupiter.


Researching history for investment evaluation

For the purpose of prediction to assist those considering investing in Bitcoin, the history of Bitcoin is well documented and this chart can be correlated with Bitcoin events. I have not had time to do this research and look forward to hearing from anyone who has time to research this project.
One event worth considering is when SegWit was activated problems on August 24th, 2017, which has been described as a huge day for the Bitcoin and blockchain industry.


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