Reverse the signs for the Southern Hemisphere?

First published September 6 2012 on the Ambrosia Academy of Astrology and Palmistry website by Peter Burns.
When our theories about astrology and the world come up against the hard face of reality and cannot be applied, something needs to change. What needs to change is not reality for it can only be what it is. It is our theories that need adjustment. Try as we might we cannot force reality to conform to our intellectual notions.

signs reversed

The alignment of the seasons with the zodiac

One of these ideas concerns the argument that it is the seasons which determine the alignment of the zodiac signs with our calendar. Ptolemy said so as have others. Aries is associated with Spring and so on. While I have no special argument with this theory, there is a serious problem with the conclusion that the signs should be reversed for the Southern Hemisphere.

Apparently southern hemisphere folk need to bite the bullet!

Should the zodiacal signs be flipped for the southern hemisphere as the tropical zodiac is clearly seasonal? According to one published opinion in the Considerations magazine, “…all those Southern Hemisphere folk who think they are a particular sign should look to their complementary sign….. antipodean astrologers need to bite the bullet and re-evaluate. And …… if those residing in the southern hemisphere cannot accept this concept, then our whole astrological edifice is on “shaky ground.
Actually the ground is quite firm down-under. Astrologers here tend to look to reality to see what actually works. People born on the 1st of April have Aries as their sun-sign, and they behave as we would expect those born under the sign of the ram to behave. They do not behave or have the attributes of someone born under the sign of the scales. Likewise Librans do not show Arian qualities unless of course they have other planets or points in Aries. Each of the other zodiac signs shows the traditional characteristics of their sign. On this there can be no confusion. It is very very clear.

A different reality is confirmed

This reality confirmed by hundreds of Australian, New Zealand, and South African astrologers studying the charts of thousands of clients. Using the opposite sign  for people born in the southern hemisphere does not match the observed facts. The theory that the signs should be reversed because they are associated with the seasons sounds logical. However reality shows there’s a flaw with this reasoning. This does not mean that the tropical zodiac is not related to the seasons. Nor does it invalidate astrology. However it does mean that the reasoning given for reversing the signs in the southern hemisphere is somehow incorrect.

What we do know

What we do know is that when the Sun on its northward journey crosses the equator at the vernal equinox it signals the start of Spring in the northern hemisphere and Autumn (Fall) in the southern hemisphere. It also signals the beginning of Aries in both hemispheres.
Certainly it seems reasonable that the seasonal relevance to tropical astrology which applies so well in the northern hemisphere should also work in the southern hemisphere, where the seasons are opposite those of the north. Seems very logical to me except for one important point: it doesn’t work. It has been suggested that perhaps the earth has a ‘natural season’ which applies equally, from an astrological point of view, to both hemispheres. Maybe.
My own conclusion is there must be a greater truth concerning astrological meaning which is not yet understood.
I don’t think we have discovered everything there is to know about the majesty of the heavens.
Mars in Scorpio

Mars enters Scorpio

Mars in Scorpio As Mars enters Scorpio expect more action. The ingress of Mars into Scorpio from Libra represents an important shift.

The essential dignities indicate that in Libra Mars is hobbled by diplomacy. Its natural urge to take the offensive and express aggressive is restricted in the Venus ruled sign of Libra.

Venus is about enjoying the pleasures of life, being nice and diplomatic with each other, forming bonds and alliances. Venus is often associated with young women, beauty and having fun. Mars in his natural state will have none of this. He wants to get out of there, get rugged and mix it up with his enemies.

Mundane (political) astrology

As Mars enters Scorpio he leaves Venus’ bed and goes to work. In the sign of Scorpio he is very comfortable plotting revenge and working behind the scenes to destroy his enemies. In Aries we see Mars in open attack. In Scorpio he works ‘behind the enemy lines’, undermining and sabotaging. Aries is his ‘day’ sign and Scorpio is his ‘night’ sign.

Where there has been hedging and indecision expect action. We may not hear of it immediately but black ops have more scope for action. In charts of countries or leaders that resonate with Mars in Scorpio expect action.

Horary astrology

horary astrology In horary astrology the ingress of Mars into one of the signs he rules is seen as a very big deal. Moving out of detriment into rulership is a big step up. Whatever Mars represents in the horoscope goes from weakness to power and strength.

In the adjacent chart the question was twofold:

1. Will our internet access be restored?

2. When will the modem arrive?

The background story is that we were switching internet providers and the new provider had switched off access to the internet before they had delivered the modem. We needed the new modem to regain internet access and it was five days overdue.

The third house rules messages, the internet, email and associated equipment. Here it is ruled by Mars at the end of Libra and about to enter Scorpio. In Libra Mars is very weak, reflected by the fact that we had no internet. However Mars is about to enter Scorpio, one of the signs it rules.

So the answer to the first question is yes: internet access will be restored and it will work very well.

The answer to the second question is interesting. When I first saw it I discarded it as being unrealistic. If you would like to comment for attempt an answer to this second question please do so on Facebook and include your astro-logic.



The Water Bearer

class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-205″ src=”×300.png” alt=”The Water Bearer” width=”252″ height=”300″ />It is understandable that those new to astrology would think Aquarius is a water sign. After all Aquarius is symbolised by the water bearer!

However an important detail often not depicted in images of the water bearer is that the urn is held high, equal or above shoulder height, symbolising the use of reasoning and the mind.

And of course it’s not really water that is in the jug, it’s ambrosia, the elixir of life.

And lest we forget the rulership of Aquarius, the figure holding the urn is none other than Saturn himself, relegating and dispensing the life enhancing rivers of scientific knowledge.

As we move into the age of Aquarius the spread of scientific knowledge and its application to the world’s many problems is a source of hope. And if we are to avoid the calamities associated with the chaos into which the world appears to be tumbling, who better than Saturn to provide some order and structure to the many challenges facing us? And although he has his faults, it is also worth remembering that Saturn is exalted in Libra, showing a capacity for fairness, justice and good judgement; qualities which we seem to be a little short on at the moment.

On the subject of glyphs and symbols, Saturn is a he, not a she. Of course I appreciate that in the spirit of addressing and re-balancing the wrongs of gender inequalities there is an urge to represent authority figures in female form. But Saturn is nevertheless a man.

As an air sign Aquarius is warm and moist. Often overlooked in the discussion of the elements is the primary qualities of which they are composed. These are explained (or should be) when we first learn astrology. The warmth shows the outgoing energy of Aquarius and the moisture component shows its connective qualities. Warmth radiates outwards and moisture is the quality which links people together.

A very good way to appreciate the zodiac signs is to consider the primary qualities of their element and combine this with the mode of expression. The elements can be expressed in three ways: cardinal, fixed or mutable. Aquarius is fixed, like Leo (fire) Scorpio (water) and Taurus (earth).

Add the outgoing connective qualities of the air signs to the fixed mode of expression and you have the Aquarian personality, ever eager and persistent to get ideas out there on how to have a better society. The fixed nature of Aquarius means that concepts are considered from every angle , which explains why Aquarians often come up with alternative perspectives.

When the ruling planet is added to this combination of primary qualities and mode of expression a deeper understanding of the sign is possible. Saturn makes perfect sense for Aquarius as the ruling planet as it is able to contain organise and direct these outgoing connective and persistent energies into projects which deliver positive outcomes for society.