Australian Open Women’s Final

Last night’s Australian Open Women’s final between world number 1 Simone Halep and world number 2 Caroline Wozniacki  was a thrill to watch.

TennisThe odds at a number of betting agencies had Woziacki at around $2.20 to win and Haleep around $1.60.

Below is the horoscope for the beginning of the final plus the planet positions for the 2 contestants. Their time of birth is unknown.

Wozniacki had transiting Jupiter trine her natal Sun at the beginning of the tournament. It was just separating, suggesting that she came into the tournament with a very positive attitude.
By the time of the final transiting Jupiter was within a degree of trining her natal Jupiter.

The Moon in Gemini was also making a trine by sign to her Aquarian Moon.

Natally Wozniacki has her Sun conjunct Jupiter with Jupiter is exalted in Cancer which is one important indicator of success.

Halep had no Jupiter aspects and her Moon in Taurus received no assistance from the transiting Moon in Gemini.

Those who saw this in advance would have more than doubled their money.



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