Vale Robert Zoller

Reports are circulating that Robert Zoller passed away on January 24 2020.

Robert Zoller was my first traditional astrology teacher. He was hugely important in bringing an awareness of traditional methods to the modern astrological world.

Along with Robert Hand and Robert Schmidt, Robert Zoller was a contributor to Project Hindsight which was seminal in re-invigoratimg astrology in the contemporary era.

Robert Zoller was versed in Latin, and was a Medieval Scholar and Astrologer. To quote from his web site: Robert Zoller was one of the world’s leading proponents of Western Predictive Astrology, also known as Medieval Astrology.

A graduate of both the Latin Institute of the City University of New York and the Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies of the City College New York. He has studied and taught astrology for near thirty years and produced what are now widely regarded as seminal works on astrology. In 2002, he was awarded the internationally acclaimed Regulus Award for excellence in astrological research and innovation.

It is claimed that he predicted the 9/11 attack on America in the month of September 2001 and that it would be instigated by Muslim radicals.

On the day of his reported death the dark Moon at 4 Aquarius was exactly conjoining his natal Sun, which closely opposed Saturn; and his ascendant ruler Jupiter was in antision conjunction with Venus, the ruler of the eighth house of death.

Vale Robert Zoller

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