Scott Morrison’s Swearing In horoscope

Scott Morrison Sworn-inScott Morrison’s Swearing In horoscope – source: ABC News.

This is the horoscope for when Scott Morrison was sworn in at the Governor General’s Lodge as the 30th prime Minister of Australia.

Jupiter in the ninth house of overseas interests and higher education of this horoscope, ruling the rising sign and the Midheaven, shows an important focus for Morrison as Prime Minister.

The midheaven axis aligns with the powerful fixed star Antares, which isĀ associated with success. It is one of the 4 royal stars, called “the watcher of the east”. Robson (page 137) says that on the Midheaven it shows “Honor, preferment and good fortune.” It also has associations with military success and is regarded as a fearsome competitor.

Although the Moon in this horoscope is on the cusp of the twelfth house, suggesting backroom deals, its close sextile to the Midheaven shows matters brought to light. The Venus Pluto square suggests manipulation and control and power struggles with allies. The Sun Saturn Uranus grand trine shows emphasises the Capricorn conservatism as well as innovative initiatives.

I do not propose here to present an in-depth analysis, only to present the horoscope for those who are interested. Contributions from other astrologers offering interpretations of this and other relevant horoscopes are welcome.

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