Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison’s natal horoscope reveals that he is a Taurus Sun sign.

Birth chart details

As I don’t have an accurate time of birth no houses are shown, or a Part of Fortune, and the Moon‘s possible positions are shown within a range of 13 degrees. At noon on his date of birth the Moon was at 0 degrees Sagittarius, and it is equally likely that it could be in Scorpio or Sagittarius.

And because I don’t have an accurate time of birth I have rounded out the degrees of the planets. The chart style is based on the Thema Mundi Cancer rising template chart to avoid any possible association with houses, which would be misleading.

Neither is his rising sign known.

Brief interpretation

The Sun in Taurus shows an earthy pragmatist, determination, and slowness to anger. The solar connections (aspects) with other planets  add much more colour to this description.

  • The Sun-Neptune opposition shows that this earthy realism is moderated by compassion, sensitivity, and idealism.
  • The Sun trine Pluto-Uranus adds intensity and a need to control, as well as a capacity to innovate and reform, and act with surprising alacrity (for a Taurus).
  • The Sun square Jupiter shows potential overreach and an expansionist attitude. However on this last point, the conservative Sun in Taurus is in a fixed and conservative sign, which moderates any tendency to go to extremes.

Two planets in Gemini, Mars and Mercury, add wit and communication skills. Saturn in Aries suggests challenges in managing leadership skills. Mars in Gemini shows the ability to debate and fight with words. Mercury in Gemini shows the ability to absorb information from a variety of sources and the ability to respond quickly to challenges.  Jupiter in Leo, being received by the Sun into its rulership, offers success and luck, with potential downside being overreach.

Altogether this is a fascinating horoscopefor the fortunes of Australia’s 30th Prime Minister.

In future posts I will compare Scott Morrison’s horoscope with horoscopes for Australia.

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