Trump withdraws from Syria

Trump’s withdrawal of US troops from Syria coincides with transiting Saturn opposing his natal Mercury. Saturn is the planet which represents pull-back, as well as associated meanings such as retreat, close-down, and denial.

In a general sense Saturn is associated with bad news, especially when it makes a connection with Mercury, and there’s been no lack of bad news for Trump over the past few weeks. 

The example of Trump’s withdrawal from Syria also demonstrates an important lesson for dealing with approaching transits, which is basically to be pro-active with the energy represented by the planet. 

Saturn transits generally are associated with depressive or not so good events. They are also associated with the consequences of past actions, sometimes called ‘karma’.  While these consequences are unavoidable there is still room to direct Saturn’s energy towards some goal or outcome. 

One of Trump’s stated election promises was to withdraw US personnel from the Middle East, and this is what he is attempting. Btw I am not making any political commentary here. I am just focusing on astrological correlations with what has been reported in the news to make a point about how to deal with transits. 

People often see themselves as the victim of transits, as though transits are something that just happens to them. However the energies of the planets can be directed, or pushed in a certain direction by conscious choice. Not to suggest that we have control over the planets, just that it is often possible to exercise free will, even if only in a limited manner.

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