The solar foundation of the horoscope

The HousesThe following is taken from page 54 of Deborah Houlding’s The Houses- Temples of the Sky; 1988 Ascella Publications. Printed in Great Britain.

“Without doubt then, human perception of the Sun‘s relationship with the Earth, and the corresponding cyles of dark and light, day and night, and summer and winter, underpin our whole approach to interpreting planets by location (in the houses of the horoscope). The evidence appears indisputable when considering how the Sun‘s daily motion around the Earth gives rise to the fundamental meanings of the astrological ‘angles’.”

I have hundreds of books on astrology. I’ve been collecting them for about 35 years. But there’s no-one in my opinion, who explains the meanings of the houses, their essence, and the origin of their meanings. more clearly than Deborah Houlding. She stands out from the crowd. If you haven’t read this book I would strongly encourage you to do so, whether you are a traditional or modern astrologer, or whatever system you follow.

Wherther or not you agree with what she says, at the very least you will be able to have an informed discussion on the subject.

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