The Celestial Dance


A common misunderstanding about astrology is that it just describes an influence of energy.

However the celestial bodies don’t actually influence us (except for the Sun and Moon and Jupiter in a physical sense), although you’d be forgiven for thinking that the planets and stars have an influence given the way many astrologers talk about it.

Rather the celestial bodies describe our make-up. We are in a sense constituted from their admixtures.

Drilling down to the very basics of astrology we find that both our lives and the stars and planets dance to the tune of the same unseen drummer. It’s like we move together on the dance floor. When the planets move and interact, so do people on earth move and interact.

The gift of astrology is that the celestial dance of the planets provides an objective viewpoint of ourselves and the processes which govern our lives. We are like an extension of them and they of us. We move together. 

“As above so below, as below so above” is the basic premise of astrology. Together with the planets and stars we move to the music of this unseen force, referred to by ancient astrologers as ‘the prime mover’. Our rhythms are the same. It’s not a cause and effect situation between the celestial bodies and us, it just looks that way at first glance. What is really happening is that we are simply dancing to the same tune.

Where does the music come from? Something beyond our understanding is the answer. The music’s composer is something beyond the material, something spiritual, something generally associated with divinity; and goes by many names.

While the celestial bodies do not really influence us as such, understanding their nature and watching the way they move relative to each other provides a unique perspective to our lives and the cyclic and predictable processes of change to which we are subjected.

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