Astrology, Fate and free will

In astrology fate and free will is a contentious debate that is often presented as a simplistic ‘either-or’ option.

Option 1: We have a predestined with no real capacity to make independent choices, and everything, including our delusion that we have free will, is predetermined.

Option 2: We have free will and are completely responsible for everything that happens to us. We are free to be anything we want. An example is The Secret Law of Attraction published in 2006.

Issues of responsibility and guilt are viewed differently with each option.

Variation on Option 2: We are partly responsible for what happens to us within the parameters of our environment, inherited biology and natural disposition. In others words, within certain limits which are ‘fated’, we have options. This is my favorite.

Another variation: Free will can only come into play when we overcome unconscious entrapment and awaken to our capacity to be completely free. This variation often includes an appeal to various spiritual or religious practices. There are other variations.

Same continuum?

But is the either-or option just too simplistic? Could both fate and free will be part of the same continuum? Instead of being opposites, is one simply the flip side of the other?

For example, in natal astrology the ascendant represents qualities presented to others, and the descendant represents qualities attracted from others. Change one and the other changes in response. It’s a dynamic relationship that changes in an individual’s life, usually subtly, over time.

Likewise, with fate and free will. For example, suppose an individual’s ‘destiny’ is to become a world-famous athlete, but succumbs to social pressure and becomes entrapped by drugs; a choice with consequences that influences ‘destiny’. If the desire was resisted destiny would have been realized. Maybe later in life the addiction is overcome, and some success is achieved as an older athlete.
In this and many real-life examples the destiny/free-will continuum is in a state of flux, gets stretched in different ways.

Choices with consequences

If consulted, an astrologer would have presented choices to this individual, choices with consequences. The horary astrologer is especially equipped for this task, as there’s no need to wade through the many layers of the natal and derived charts.

Free-will choices alter destiny, which in turn alters the range of choices. It’s a dynamic continuum.

The world of desire

The destiny/free will discussion goes to the desire nature of this physical world where we are confronted with desire every step of the way. The desire to sleep, get up, be active, seek revenge, seek peace, be productive, survive, have a drink, be spiritual, be businesslike, escape, go for bike ride and so on endlessly.  And uless we satisfy our desire to eat we die. It’s never ending.

Our response to every desire has consequences. Most responses are unconscious reactions, the stuff of fate. It’s the conscious reactions that contribute to free will. And it’s here that the astrologer can assist with decisions and their likely consequences.


My personal view is that within the parameters of our environment, inherited biology and natural disposition, we have some choice. Coming transits are a good example. I use the term transits loosely to include other predictive methods.

For example, a business man consults an astrologer who sees that Saturn will soon make an important aspect with the natal Sun. The astrologer advises the client to take advantage of Saturn‘s energy now by consolidating business interests, reducing expenditure etc.. If the client ignores the astrologer and embarks on expensive business expansion;  the consequences are likely to be negative. Likewise with an impending Uranus transit the client might take advantage of the incoming energy by innovating, looking at different options, consulting people with radically different viewpoints.

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