Australian Greens party contention

Again, media headlines draw our attention to the Australian Greens party.

And again, we see that the horoscope supplied by Michele Finey resonates closely with the issues of the day.

Transiting Mars and Saturn, the two malefics, straddle the ascendant of this horoscope, with Mars applying within a degree to Uranus. Uranus, among its other meanings, has a strong association with splitting apart, usually with an element of shock and surprise.

Saturn is slowing as it approaches its station and turns retrograde just before it conjoins the Greens ascendant. Saturn is associated with serious reality checks but its appointment with the ascendant of the Greens chart does not take place until December this year. Normally Saturn to the ascendant is a defining moment when excess baggage is shed.

However Pluto plays an important role in the present upheaval. It is making an exact trine to Jupiter which sits at the Midheaven, and exactly opposes the MarsMercury midpoint. Pluto is generally associated with crisis and its action is to expose toxic material, so it can be eliminated. For these reasons you will often hear the word transformation when astrologers speak of Pluto.

Until mid-May Mars will continue its journey through the first house, highlighting contention and discord. This reflects its natal position in Gemini, from where it aspects its ruler Mercury in Leo. Mars in Gemini fights with words, which is fine when fighting for a just course but can be problematic when internal divisions arise. Mars also closely aspects Jupiter which conjoins the Midheaven, acting like a loudspeaker to broadcast its fighting words.

The media mentions that four Greens local councillors are facing calls for expulsion from fellow members of the bitterly divided Darebin branch in Victoria, the largest Greens local branch in the country, who say those councillors were involved in destabilising the Batman campaign. The association of Mars with internal discord within the Greens party is clear.

The solar transits also throw light on the Mars-Mercury aspect in the natal chart, invigorating the current dissension and associated debates.

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