Method for Derived Houses

Method for Derived Houses


Derived houses are used to illuminate areas of one’s life that are not immediately obvious from a glance at the birth chart.

Derived houses are used extensively in horary astrology to answer all manner of questions. They are also used in natal astrology to answer inquiries about people and situations.

What is extraordinary is that derived houses is a method of extracting information from the horoscope about people connected with the querent or chart-holder, even though the horoscope is not specifically about them. And what is even more extraordinary is that the method works.

A basic understanding of the sign houses and planets is required in order to understand the contents of this lesson.

The file is delivered in PDF format.

Content includes

– House meanings

– Terminology

РThe importance  of the 1st house

– Derived houses have a special relationship

– Derived houses have a possessive relationship

– How to count the houses

– Questions to test yourself including answers






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