Horary: Answering questions with multiple choices

Multiple choice questions

One of the difficulties experienced by horary astrology students is how to answer questions involving multiple choices. For example, the querent wants to make a choice between two or more properties, business deals, purchases, marriage or relationship partners, travel destinations, or similar multiple-choice questions.

The method described below for choosing between multiple options was sourced from Book of Astronomy by Guido Bonatti 1491 (page 551), Translated by Benjamin N Dykes, The Cazimi Press, 2007.

3 options

If there is a choice between three options then use the the three triplicity lords of the quesited’s house to represent the three options.

Triplicity rulers Triplicity rulers

For example, in a question about choosing between three potential partners use the triplicity lords of the seventh house. If Libra was on the cusp of the seventh house in a day chart, then use Saturn Mercury and Jupiter, in that order, to represent the three potential partners.

Choose whichever of these planets aspects the ascendant ruler. In this case if Libra is the sign on the seventh house cusp, then Aries must be on the first house cusp. Therefore the querent is represented by Mars.  If more than one planet aspects Mars, then choose the planet that is closest or first aspects Mars. If they are equally close, then either will do.

What’s important

A bodily conjunction between Mars and one of these three planets is more important than an aspect. And dignity is also relevant. If more than one of these planets aspects Mars and there is little difference is distance, then choose the one with the most dignity.

In general terms choose the planet which is most closely aligned with the ascendant ruler, best disposed and most fortunate. Sometimes you will need to use your discretion to weigh up the balance between competing options.

4 options

If there are four options to choose from, use the ruler of the house to represent the first option, and the triplicity rulers to represent the other three.

5 options

If there are five options to choose from, use the ascendant ruler of the house which represents the quesited to represent the first option, the exalted ruler to represent the second option, and the triplicity rulers to represent the other three options. If the sign on the cusp of the quesited’s house does not have an exalted ruler, then use the planet whose bound covers the degree of cusp.

Lunar aspects

Also consider the planet from which the Moon last separated and the one to which it next applies, as this will show whether to stay with the present situation or choose a different option.

Let the chart talk to you

Sometimes the chart speaks clearly to the question by placing a planet in a prominent position, such as the Midheaven. If this planet in some way clearly describes one option there is no need to consider alternatives.

For example, a client was needing to choose between four career options. One involved graphic art and presentation, the other three concerned administration. Venus in Pisces on the Midheaven clearly indicated that a career in the arts was an excellent choice.


Answering a question with multiple options can appear very difficult at first. As with other horary questions it is best to keep the method simple. A knowledge of the triplicity rulers is very helpful as is a general knowledge of horary principles.

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