Zodiac glyphs

The word zodiac is derived from the Latin and Greek meaning circle of signs or little animals. The zodiac glyphs have a long history and their appearance has remained relatively constant through the centuries.

Each zodiac sign is said to be represented by an animal. In actual fact seven of the signs are represented by animals: Aries Taurus Cancer Leo Scorpio Capricorn and Pisces; three have human form: Gemini Virgo and Aquarius; one is part human and part animal: Sagittarius; and one representation is inanimate: Libra.

Part 3: Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces


Sagittarius the archer

The Sagittarius glyph the arrow of the archer aimed at the heavens, symbolizing the high goals and ideals of this centaur: half man, half beast.

The high aspirations of the archer are reflected in those with the Sun in Sagittarius or important planets in Sagittarius. The arrow also represents the sending forth of higher knowledge, often associated with university or higher education, philosophy, religion; and also teaching and education in general.


Capricorn the mountain goat

The glyph for Capricorn is a combination of the curling horns of the mountain goat and the tail of the fish.

Like those born under the sign of Capricorn or with important planets in Capricorn, the mountain goat is nimble footed and able to scale the dizzy heights of achievement. An essential component of the mountain goat’s success is its ability to look up and plan its path to the top, and in a similar way Capricorn people are known for their ambition and capacity to plan ahead and be organized.

The meaning of the tail of the fish is much more mysterious and is said to be a metaphor of a long climb from ancient beginnings to the heights of achievement, and the deep transformation that takes place along the journey.


Aquarius the water bearer

In the glyph for Aquarius shows the waters of life. This relates to the image of Saturn holding the urn, from which these waters.  Saturn holds the urn equal to or above shoulder height, symbolizing the use of reasoning and the mind. And of course it’s not really water that is represented flowing from the urn here, it’s ambrosia, the elixir of life.

Saturn is relegating and dispensing the life enhancing rivers of scientific knowledge, the product of reason and the mind. Those whose Sun or other important planets are in Aquarius are well known for their desire to improve society and to network and promote ideas which society and humanity in general.


Pisces the fish

The glyph for Pisces represents two fish swimming in opposite directions, tied together. This symbolizes the opposing tug and pull associated with the desire to live a spiritual life and measure up to high ideals, and the desire to survive and prosper in the material world. These two needs can be experienced as contrary or opposed to each other.

The fish in this image suggest water which represents emotions, and those born under the sign of the fish are known to be sensitive people, and also very intuitive. They have high ideals on the one hand which brings out compassion for those worse off; and a natural understanding of human nature which enables them to prosper in the business world.