The Water Bearer

It is understandable that those new to astrology would think Aquarius is a water sign. After all Aquarius is symbolised by the water bearer! However an important detail often not depicted in images of the water bearer is that the urn is held high, equal or above shoulder height, symbolising the use of reasoning and […]


Relationship astrology

Relationship planet Astrology can reveal relationship events in unusual ways. This morning my partner Alison caught her little finger in the orange juice squeezer. There was blood and pain. Fortunately nothing serious. Although I was in the house I wasn’t there when it happened. This is a very important point because in my horoscope (see […]

NZ Election 2017

NZ Election 2017

One of the oldest, and in my experience most effective ways to predict the outcome of a national political election is to use the horoscope for the ingress of the Sun, set for the nation’s capital. The 2017 ingress chart is explored here to assess whether it accurately predicts the outcome of the NZ Election. The […]

Stellar explosion

Gravitational wave discovery

In news media around the world today momentous gravitational wave discovery has been reported,  which is likely to have enormous repercussions for science over the coming decades. On August 17 09:41 UTC, a collision between two neutron stars, which had been orbiting each other as a binary pair, was observed by the LIGO-Virgo detectors. 1.7 seconds […]

Barnaby Joyce Prediction

With news that Barnaby Joyce may have dual citizenship and therefore may have to step down from parliament I decided to have a look at his horoscope. I have no birth time so I have used the thema mundi chart which is set for noon and shown here without houses and the Moon’s movement through […]