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About Us

Ambrosia Academy of Astrology is run by Peter Burns with 42 years experience consulting clients, lecturing in Australia and the US,  and teaching. 

He was the national editor of the Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA) quarterly Journal for 16 years and has studied both modern and traditional systems of astrology. 

Readings & Courses

Readings natal

Astro-Palmistry reading by Peter Burns

Personal reading your horoscope and your hands by Peter Burns. Your horoscope provides important clues into important events in your life. and a timeline for understanding your life development. The lines on your palm and the shape of your hands show add to your life story and the influences that shape your destiny.

Money & Wealth Reading

Does your horoscope show indications of winning the lottery or becoming rich? Peter Burns checks 19 lottery and wealth indicators. He also checks ways to maximise your potential for prosperity and success. This reading is a technical analysis conducted by Zoom.

Astrology Foundation Course

Astrology Foundation Certificate Course

Learn the basics of astrology from an experienced and dedicated teacher. Peter's expertise in clarifying complex ideas and providing a step-by-step guide will lay the correct foundations for your astrological studies.


This unique branch of astrology enables you to answer almost any question without the need for a natal horoscope. Conducted through online lessons and webinars with personal mentoring by Peter Burns.

Client Testimonials

I had an astrology reading with Peter Burns concerning a relationship that I was having problems with. The information that he provided and the advice he offered was quite amazing. That was 8 months ago. I followed most of his suggestions and I am now much happier and have found a new boyfriend who treats me much better. I am so grateful that I saw Peter and would be happy to recommend him to anyone looking for inspiration or assistance.
Susan Maher, Kalgoolie, West Australia, Aug 1991
Last July I had a palmistry reading with Peter Burns at the Fremantle Markets. Actually I was just curious about what he would say. How extraordinary! I don’t really understand how he is able to understand so much about me. I was only there for 20 minutes. He was able to provide insights into my personality that only people who have known me from childhood would know. He makes no claim to being psychic but I am not so sure.
Melanie McDonald, Fremantle. Nov 1992
I would like to thank you Peter for the reading you provided me with last week. Awesome. I am glad that you put everything in writing so that I can check the astrological transits in advance. I guess the biggest benefit of your reading is the perspective it offers, particularly when things are not going so well. I am seriously impressed. Thank you again.
Angelique Ferrero, Williamstown Victoria.
March 2007

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