US Space Command

The horoscope for the announcement of the establishment of the US Space Command shows a powerful organisation.

Mars, the planet of war, conjoins the Sun in Virgo. This is a powerful statement of obvious intent. Also in Virgo are Venus and Mercury.

The Moon sits close to Regulus, the fixed star associated with power and worldly success, in the fire sign of Leo.

The eighth house group of Virgo planets makes a trine aspect to the ascendant, as does Uranus from the fourth house. Uranus in myth is associated with the sky god and has strong associations with shock awe and surprise.

The Sun, Mars and Venus are all disposited by Mercury, ruler of the ninth house of space travel. Mercury in Virgo is especially strong.

The Capricorn ascendant represents the organisation and is ruled by Saturn, the planet associated with control and repression, in Capricorn in the first house. This is a powerful Saturn and therefore represents a powerful organisation. Its one blemish is that it is still retrograde, although about to station direct, suggesting some initial inertia.

Saturn is also conjunct Jupiter by antiscion aspect. Jupiter is especially powerful in Sagittarius and operating behind the scenes in the twelfth house. The twelfth house has special associations with hidden subversive activity. Jupiter aspects elusive Neptune which is associated with ‘smoke and mirrors’.

It is interesting that there are no planets in air signs in this horoscope, but then, there’s no air in outer space!

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