The Sun orders Jupiter to move forward

The king orders the planets

Every year the Sun aspects Jupiter by one trine, and approx 4 months later, by another trine. On each occasion Jupiter must stop in its tracks and change direction.

To use the analogy of a king and one of his subjects, when the king (the Sun) approaches one of his subjects (Jupiter), the subject must stop genuflect and reverse direction. It is as though the king has ordered his subject to change direction.

The first trine

The first trine is called a dexter trine. A dexter aspect is one which goes against the order of the zodiac signs, following the apparent diurnal movement of the Sun. On April 11 2019 the Sun in Aries trined Jupiter in Sagittarius. Jupiter was forced to stop (station) and step backwards (retrograde).

The second trine

On August 12 2019 the Sun, now in Leo, will again trine Jupiter. Jupiter will be permitted to stop retreating and move forward. This is a ‘sinister trine’ which goes with the order of the zodiac signs.

Between the trines: the opposition

Between the dexter and sinister trines the Sun opposed a retreating Jupiter on June 10 2019. When the Sun opposes the superior planets they must always retreat. It would not do to be seen moving towards the king in opposition. A superior planet is one which is beyond the orbit of the earth.

The Sun-king as the celestial representative of divinity

The analogy with the Sun as king works well. For millennia the Sun has been regarded as the celestial representative of divinity and of kings. It is after all the biggest and brightest object in our local solar system and supplies light to all the other bodies which they reflect back to us. It orders the movement of the planets, engraves the sky with the zodiac, and assigns to the planets their dignities. 


These trines from the Sun don’t have to be exact, but are generally within 15 degrees, which is the moiety (half the visible orb) of the Sun. They may sometimes ‘cross signs’. The dexter trine in April had a 4 degree orb, and the  sinister trine in August has a 5 degree orb.

The Sun also trines the other the other superior planets (those beyond the earth’s orbit) and dictates their direct and retrograde motions, just as the king directs his subjects.

The truth hides in plain sight

Astrology is based on the principle that the nature of reality is revealed by the celestial bodies. “As above so below“. If this is so then the analogy of the Sun as king has a deep and profound meaning, much more than a playful analogy. Perhaps the dominant role played by the Sun in our solar system describes the nature of reality in ways too easy to overlook. Maybe the truth, hiding in plain sight, is staring us in the face when we look to the skies.

The Sun is king. There can be only one.

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